Diary of an RA Fan — Part 12 Oh, My Poor Guy, and yes, Marian — SPOILERS

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Entry — a couple of years ago shy a couple of months:

I just can’t bring myself to watch Season 2. I know something bad happens, and I don’t want to know what it is.

A few days later:

Even though I’m going to visit my mother for a while, I’m taking the DVDs with me. Somehow I can’t bear to leave them at home. Not sure I’ll have time to watch since I’ve got something pretty grave to deal with. But I’ll try. Still dreading the ending.

A couple of weeks later:

Uh, I’m not sure what to say. I’m dumbfounded. Talk about my head spinning around. I think it fell off at the end.

The last DVD broke when I threw it across the room. There’s now a crack in the middle. Not sure how I’m going to fix that. Do I even want to?!!

What a WASTE OF MY TIME!!! Damn those writers!! They royally messed this up!

It’s amazing how invested in these characters I became. Well, I’m invested in Guy and in Marian because she means so much to Guy. Everyone else is more or less a prop. Oh, I like the actor who plays Robin Hood. He’s a doll, and I am curious what else he’s been in, but his character is no match for the charisma that is Guy. About the only character who can really draw some attention when Guy is around, besides Marian (who gets almost all of Guy’s attention), is the Sheriff. I’ve heard of the actor who plays him, Keith Allen. Don’t remember what he’s been in, but just remember he’s a comedian. He’s hilarious and menacing in this. I love his interaction with Guy even if Guy is a tool.

But all that goes out the window when Marian is in the picture or Guy is thinking about her being in the picture. I thought when I saw North and South that Richard Armitage could never again pull off that kind of intensity about a woman. I was wrong. So wrong. But really, that’s not all this is about. It’s not just about the obsession with Marian. It’s about the obsession with being someone worthy. Guy is desperate for recognition, and it jumps off the screen and grabs me and almost rips my heart from my chest. And Marian. What can I say?

The last time I remember crying like this at a series is when I watched Lassie as a kid. Lassie was always involved in a crisis and somehow got lost or seemed to, and Timmy would call and call for Lassie to come home and that haunting theme song with the whistling would start, and I would sit there sobbing with big tears rolling down my cheeks. Mom would come in and offer to turn it off, and something came from my toes, “NOOOO!” That’s how it’s been with Guy. He’s lost but I can’t look away, and just thinking about him makes me choke up. What the hell is wrong with me? Those writers. If I could get my hands on them. It’s a good thing I can’t. I think Heathcliff was supposed to make me feel this way, but I hated Wuthering Heights. But that was a long time ago. Maybe I need to read it again since I can’t seem to get enough of this torture. No. This is enough.

Oh, I just thought I was hooked on the first season of Robin Hood. So what now? I have to find out what happens to Guy. Is there even going to be a third season? So far I can’t find anything. Someone said something on IMDb, but it’s not definitive. Must find out.

See Diary Part 13 here.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.com


  1. There is a third season of RH, and it is out in DVD. As rotten a decision it was to kill Marian, the new team of writers that came on with Series 3 managed to salvage the show to a large extent (the plotting got worlds better, but the dialog took a nose dive) and did some great things with the GoG character. In fact, as one blog put it, “For Series 3, the show might as well been renamed ‘the Gisbournes” because that is where the focus went.” Armitage himself said that the back story they provided the character in series three was so similar to what he had envisioned in creating Guy, they might as well have been reading his character diary.

  2. Welcome, KiplingKat!

    Oh, I own season 3 too. LOL! I think you’re right about the character diary except they missed on one thing. He said in the first series he had no family, and he and Robin also had no knowledge of each other. That frustrated me because it appeared the season 3 writers did not even read the previous scripts.

    Nevertheless, I loved it! Most of it anyway. :D

  3. Oh I loved Lassie too! :)

  4. I really hated Marian and wasn’t sorry to see her get stabbed through her betraying little heart.

    Not that I had a reaction to her, or anything.

    I feel bad about your cracked disk. Did you get a replacement?

  5. Believe it or not I put a piece of cellophane tape over the crack, and it played just fine. I also burned another copy of that DVD just in case the tape didn’t hold. LOL!

    I have a theory about why the writers killed Marian. Maybe someone else has the same theory, but I haven’t seen it anywhere, so I’m going to trot it out at some point soon.

  6. Hmmm. I’ll be interested to hear your theory. I actually felt like Guy’s murder of her was exactly the right move, but I doubt I’ll ever get far enough into blogging about RH to say anything about it. I’m still hung up on defining evil in season 1, and the problem is that I hate episode 3 so much that I become nauseous everytime I try to finish that post …

  7. I think Guy murdering Marian was the right move too. I haven’t had a chance to write that one up yet but hope to soon. I did not share RA’s reservations about it.

  8. Ghastly as it felt for Guy to kill Marian, it had a highly dramatic impact. A wee bit Spooksy, explosively (figuratively speaking) knocking off characters every season.

    Sadly, it was also not unrealistic – a crime passionel.

  9. My OH on watching it felt that it was a desperate attempt to rescue a failing/failed show. They clearly wanted to do something dramatic that would shake things up a lot and must have considered other options.

  10. You’re onto part of my theory. Not the main part but definitely part of it. LOL!

  11. I didn’t like producer’s decision to kill off Marian. I love Guy and Guy loved her, so watching him go through that was horrific and that screencap always makes me :,(. It was just so ugly. I understand Guy murdering Marian kicked off his redemption arc, but surely it could have been done some other manner. How? I have no idea – I’m not storyteller or writer – but I’m sure it could have been done without him killing the woman he loved.

    btw in case anyone’s interested there’s currently a lot of good discussion of Marian and Guy/Marian on this forum here.

  12. I’m at a bit of a disadvantage here because I have only seen the first three episodes of Season 3 so far, but I get the general drift about Guy’s redemption arc. I’ve also read that season 3 might as well have been entitled ‘The Gisbornes’ because that storyline is obviously pretty important in the general scheme of things but I can’t really judge how true that is yet.

    So maybe I am not well enough informed yet, but I do find it hard to believe that they killed M just to kick off Guy’s redemption arc. Surely there must have been more to it than that? What were the consequences of killing her? An angry Robin? A penitent Guy? The opportunity to introduce a replacement female character? An end to the repetitve love triangle? The opportunity to reboot the show? How was the decision related to the knowledge that JA was going to leave? Did RA also want to leave? Did they know that at the end of Season 2 or not?

    Did the writers inadvertently bite off more than they could chew? Or was it all calculated?

    Question, question, lots of questions…

  13. Oh sorry I didn’t mean to imply Guy’s redemption arc was the reason they had Guy kill Marian. They never said that and I think they would have had death threats if they’d mentioned that as the reason! :D TPTB did say they wanted to see how Robin would act without Marian in his life. Officially they cited creative reasons – wanting to shake up the show and shock people. Richard also reiterated the ‘shock’ thing in interviews.

    There’s certainly more to the story but no one has gone on record about it.

    I always thought Guy killing Marian meant that RA was leaving the show at the end of S3 and that meant that Guy would be dead dead dead by the end of it. Richard was offered the role in Spooks while filming S2, so I’m guessing he had already informed them he wouldn’t be returning by then, but who knows they might have know that from the beginning of the show’s run. As far as I can tell he’s never addressed it.

  14. @Cesta,


    No, it’s never officially been addressed, and thankfully, I’m not holding my breath. LOL!

  15. I have often wondered whether Richard’s decision to leave was a result of the decision to kill Marion and we will probably never know the answer. As both Spooks and RH are BBC shows I assume that the Beeb were content that he could do both, at least for a time (as indeed he did). I have also speculated that if Richard hadn’t wanted to leave RH might not have been cancelled. They were gearing up to a fourth season and had appointed a new showrunner I believe so the show must have been on a bit of a knife edge. Or maybe it was just something as boring as the reducing ratings that was the reason. Oh well! I’m still looking forward to seeing the rest of S3 myself as Guy looks particularly hot with that long hair! Thud! Sorry but sometimes I just have to!

  16. Perhaps everyone who has speculated has it right. No secret that the Beeb is cash-strapped. Apparently. The show was on dimishing returns re: viewers. The bean-counters have one perspective. Faithful viewers have another.

    Where would Gisborne have been able to go, dramatically speaking, after (saving the last ep) S3?

    And, yes, I think the producers bit off too much – a show directed to the kids, but trying to keep the parents/adults in. And not quite foreseeing what Mr. Armitage could do with his role. Silly old them. This is just my reading.

    And Guy still haunts me! (Silly old me…) :)

  17. Skully and RAFrenzy, how about a simultaneous post on the three blogs about Guy’s murder of Marian?

  18. I’m game, but the post with my theory is not quite developed yet. It will be in the Diary format.

  19. I just finished watching this episode for the first time last night and wrote down some of my thoughts tonight. I’ll probably think more later, but…

  20. I read your comments last night, and love the picture sequence you put up. I remember distinctly how the sexual symbolism hit me in the face when I first watched this episode even down to the cistern spigot flowing in the background between them. It was that image that began to start niggling in my brain and then developed into a full blown theory.

  21. Glad you could stop by! It was interesting putting the pictorial sequence together because in slow motion and without the dialogue, it looks even more blatantly sexual, I think. Sometimes I wonder if the conscious and subconscious goals of the show were in complete conflict much of the time.

  22. Oh, we will definitely be talking about this some more. LOL! I ‘ll probably post my thoughts sometime this week. They’re not earth shaking, but I haven’t read what I”m thinking anywhere. So I’m curious what others think.

  23. Love idea of a Skully/Raf/servetus joint post! Just a slight bit concerned that, because we are all RA fans and Gisborne-oriented, where would it go?

    Having that said, have trust, because of the independent and different perspectives, and great admiration for these bloggers and where they have taken us, it could be a very interesting experiment. Perhaps invite mulubinba to participate, in what is the blog-term – Blog-master? Blog Mistress?

    Because it could take us further beyond the exploration of “fandom” , which has been excellent here, to further levels of exploring acting, production, writing, and the development of intelligent actors, often to the production/direction/storyline area.

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