What a Ride! — SPOILERS

There are spoilers, and then there are spoilers galore. This is a post with spoilers galore. You have been warned.

I’m cross eyed after watching Strike Back episodes 3 & 4. That’s not a slam. I usually get cross eyed after I’ve been on a roller coaster. This is even more intense because I usually close my eyes on a roller coaster, but for this I couldn’t look away.

Perhaps every post on Strike Back from here on out will be tagged PHWOAR. What can I say? The dude is sexy, and he’s sexy in just about any form I’ve seen him. Even as the shaggy looking John Standring. This man would look sexy in a burlap bag. But enough of that fangurling, I have serious matters to discuss. Such as his wonderful blood smears and splatters. Servetus mentioned how the camo paint went well with his eyes. I think the blood is a nice contrast. Especially on his upper body and sometimes on his pants, but of course pants are optional (more on that later).

Yeah, you’re right, this picture isn’t from Eps 3 or 4. It’s from Ep2, but will you and I ever get tired of looking at it? I doubt it.

Okay, now I really am going to be serious. Maybe it’s just me, but the one thing I cannot stand in an action flick is trying to inject a conscience where it doesn’t belong. Take this scene (SPOILER AHEAD):

Strike Back is more of a ride than a statement. If this show gets confused about that, it’s going to ruin it. Do we need a sanctimonious nun? Did we need a sanctimonious monk? How about we just let RA do his thing. He can play the killing machine and the conscience of the piece with superb balance. He’s that good in my opinion. It would have been so much more powerful if the Sister had prayed and stopped there. I guess it’s assumed that action flick audiences need the conscience stated, and that’s what I don’t like about action flicks.

But this scene was a wonderful reason to have him stand shirtless for an extended period of time. I just didn’t notice until I was writing this entry. ;-)

Screencap courtesy of my stash.


  1. too true. Every time I’ve watched this scene (being shallow, more often than not for the obvious reason :D) I had to wonder why she slaps a man who she a) has just met , b) has just saved her and her little band of orphans, and c) actually killed ‘only’ 3 or 4 baddies while on her premises, a deed she wasn’t even witness to and therefore wouldn’t know how ‘easy’ it is for him to kill..
    then again, as you said, they needed a reason to get him out of his shirt (thankyouverymuch Sky, but no excuses needed for me – just do it:)), and a reason for her to later apologize to and bless him… awwwh.
    Clichéd the writing certainly is.. but I knew that before I started watching. And avoiding to think about plot-holes, and clichés has so far helped me to actually totally enjoy the episodes (the TV equivalent to popcorn cinema.)
    Nowt wrong with that for a while..

  2. Yeah, I found myself physically irritated by the way moral categories were drawn up in this episode. Why would he be modest and put on his camo shirt when in the exam room with Danni, but not attempt to cover himself when a *nun* appears?

    Also, how could he be shot in that place and not either lose a kidney or be gut shot?

    It’s all about looking at his flesh. Which is MIGHTY fine.

  3. Sorry, I didn’t say anything about moral categories. That is, that whole scene where the nun asks him whether he is good or evil while he’s loading himself up with different guns. Anyone who has seen as much as that character has should realize that it’s not that simple.

  4. jayz.. don’t get me started on ‘medical’ plot-holes…
    and maybe he just wanted show the sister what she was missing :D :D .. which is A LOT!!
    Never mind, brain will be tied&locked up for the last 2 episodes… the rest of shallow me will be having a ball!!!

  5. Since it contains spoilers, I did not read but I will tell you the photo looks great! Sexy!

  6. @servetus Could it be that his ‘modesty’ with Danni was indicate his diagnose later voiced by Layla? Low-self esteem on sexual inadequacy (or something like that)?

    The scenes with the nun, I felt he was a little too exposed in front of her, I actually thought ‘she will need to pray a lot to avoid having not so holy thoughts….’. :P

  7. I have not seen Strikeback yet but I hope it is not a mix of PC baloney mixed with action and because the action is violence the writers or directors feel they need to give us a sermon on the brutality of war. WE know it already.

    And as for the nun slapping John Porter perhaps he should have asked Alan a Dale who ‘has a way with nuns’ LOL! *wink* Might have given JP a few pointers LOL.


    Marie PS: The DVD is not released until June does the DVD include ALL the episodes or just a few?

  8. @Marie,

    I assume it will be all six episodes.

  9. Oh shoot, I really need to go price region-free DVD things. Really tired of being N.A. region here, and having to wait for British series, etc.

  10. TY frenzy

    What I don’t understand is why there is such a LONG wait for Spooks DVD to go on sale when the series has already aired in England? If other countries are too slow in keeping up with programs such as Spooks then that is their fault! I have to wait until near the end of the year to buy Spooks from Amazon UK it is irritating! At least Strikeback will be released to buy on DVD by June but it annoys me that many countires have to wait SO long before we can catch up with the rest of the world..OK rant over lol.



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