Can You Say Hedonist? — SPOILERS

There are Strike Back spoilers.

Note to self: this may be the post that makes me glad I’m anonymous.

So I watched Episode 3 of Strike Back, and I got to see RA’s ass. I would say peaches, but hey, I’m anonymous, and there’s no point in a euphemism when I’m thinking ass and can say ass. Come to think of it, I would say ass even if I weren’t anonymous.

Terms aside, the reason I might be glad to be anonymous is that some of you might not be happy with me mentioning that I had a thought RA is a bit of a hedonist. Then again acting by its nature is somewhat hedonistic, so what’s the big deal? Hmmm. I don’t know except that I’m wrestling with this idea that he is a reluctant sex symbol, tottie, object. It’s kind of hard to believe that when I’ve gotten to look at him in almost all his glory on two occasions in less than a year. Not that I’m complaining. But since I’m sharing my innermost thoughts about all things RA, I thought I would throw this in as well. Oh, and I want to keep this blog “safe for work,” so I’m not posting the picture. Trust me there’s only a little left to the imagination. I’ll throw in a picture from before and after the scene.

By the way, this is the second program with RA that SO has watched, and it’s going to be interesting to see how or if he ribs me about the scene in question. He probably will since he loves to tease, and he’s good at it.

Just got done watching. Hopefully, he’ll tell me enough about what he thinks that I can post it here, and yes, he’s fine with me posting his review even though he doesn’t get to read the blog.

One thing I will relate is during the prison scene when JP is having a flashback of sex with Danni, SO was nodding his head and saying, “Yeah, that’s one of the things I’d be thinking about if I were stuck in a hell hole of a prison.” What a shock.

Screencaps courtesy of

edit: yes, exhibitionist is a better fit than hedonist, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to use that word at the time of this post. And I don’t feel that way any longer.


  1. Yes, Richard does seem to be made to suffer for his art rather a lot, doesn’t he? I, too, have wondered about this at times. He’s often talked about how he hates taking his top off and yet this happens with increasing regularity. The pressure must be on him from directors and producers and what they perceive as the fanbase’s wishes (I can be shallow, so I count myself in here). Clive Owen talks about only working out when he knows he has to take his shirt off, so an actor is under some pressure to look good.

    That said, there is nothing so genuinely sexy as a man who looks good, but has qualities of heart and mind in place, too. A handsome actor taking his shirt off has never really excited me. RA without his shirt stirs me!

  2. I agree with you. The pressure is probably tremendous, and he either mentions or intimates a lot that he likes to work. Perhaps directors and producers take advantage of that.

    Oh, and I agree the mere act of a handsome actor taking his shirt off is not what excites. That’s not nearly enough.

  3. What’s up with Richard always showing his bare bumsky? He must secretly get a kick out knowing people will swoon. JUST KIDDING! *ducks*

  4. The thing that gives me more concern than “taking off the kit” – that can go with the territory, and I’m far from immune to the visual! – is weight loss (Spooks S7). And pumping up for SB. Absolutely none of my business. But I’m a mom, and I worry….

  5. Very sexy photos!

  6. Oh yeah! Well I do get a kick out of seeing him take his clothes off, though guess I actually spend more time looking at screencaps than watching in slow motion (or whatever!!). He must be under some pressure to get his kit off, but obviously he has boundaries e.g. we’ve not had a full frontal to date have we….erm….sorry where was I?

  7. I’ll tell you how dense I am. A couple of years ago when I first heard him talking about getting his kit off, I, uh, well, I thought something other than taking his clothes off. I wasn’t familiar with that expression, and something about the way he used it in a sentence made it sound like something else. LOL!

  8. We Americans have been misled by “Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag, and smile, smile, smile.” Or have we? Is THAT what they meant by “kit-bag?” If you “packed” that up, well, blimey, you would smile, wouldn’t you? Have those Brits been fooling us with a porno song all these years?

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