C’mon Strike Back! — SPOILERS

Strike Back. Strike Back. Strike Back. All I need is a Bic lighter.


Do you think Sky will make some more of these? I hope so. No, it’s not that intellectually stimulating and there are plot holes you could drive a truck through, but I don’t care! It reminds me of another show I used to watch called J.A.G. It alternated between shoot ’em up and pure schmaltz most of the time. Much more than this show. But I fell in love with the characters. Love of character can cover a multitude of sins. If I never was quite sure of that, I am after watching Robin Hood. So I would like a chance to love these characters. As much as I like RA, I don’t love his character or the other characters yet like I did Harmon Rabb or Mac or Bud or the one I really loved, Admiral Chegwidden, and certainly don’t love him like I do Guy and his bunch. But I might work myself up to it. ;-) Just need to see more of them.

But I have one piece of advice. Please, please, please don’t have John Porter cry anytime soon. It was bad timing and all wrong in this episode. I love RA’s acting, but that little piece of writing sucked. Porter needs to be taking names and kicking ass 98% of the time. Yes, I still want to see Beta but not like that.

I guess I have more than one piece of advice. Can the daughter angle just be completely done away with if the show continues? That really limits him. and I’d like to see him, uh, unfettered. I’m sure I’m going to catch it for that statement, but hey, do we want the show to continue or not? A single dad on the run all the time in God knows where? Really? There are writers good enough to pull that off? Somehow with this bunch I doubt it.

We need to see him getting out of scrapes

and messing with people’s heads

and, well, this post will have to be two parts otherwise it will take a week to load.

Next part.

Screencaps courtesy of my stash.


  1. On the daughter: agreed. I found that the weakest aspect of this entire series. I thought it was neat in ep. 3 that he wanted to die with his daughter’s name on his lips, but it was written into this episode cheaply and awkwardly. Mr. Armitage did a good job with the lines, but the character doesn’t have enough interiority for us to believe that it is about his daughter. His honor, sure. His daughter? Meh.

  2. Yeah I think the daughter is problematic too. The fact that he goes out into the field again on another dangerous mission after her mother dies, therefore leaving her alone and at risk of loosing another parent…. makes him look bad.

  3. Knowing it was just a bit of actiony fluff, i enjoyed this series well enough. Enjoyed it until the end, i should say (unless there is going to be a series 2, that is), as the ending absolutely sucked. I’ve come to truly hate these lazy, ‘choose your own ending’ conclusions. It’s not neat, or thought-provoking (well, it does work on very very rare occasions)….It’s just weak, lazy writing.

    Hope this wasn’t the end, and we aren’t going to be left hanging from this particular cliff….

  4. Oh, I agree, Michael!

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