Wow. That is All — SPOILERS

More Spoilers for Strike Back.

I thought RA was so fantastic looking in this episode that I didn’t even care about the plot. I mean I completely ignored the plot for my first viewing of this one. Well, that and I could not understand but maybe three words this guy said:

I think Bruce Dern had a fling with someone in Scotland and this was the result.

Then there was Toby Stephens. Toby doing the American thang. He really sounded American. I didn’t hear one bobble, and I even played this show again in slower motion so I could understand the Scottish guy. Toby’s got the American accent down. My only complaint is do we always have to be the bad guys? Can’t the British come up with something more original? Maybe that is original for them. But to many of us here, I think we’re sick of it. [off soapbox]

Thankfully, I was so overcome with RA’s beauty that I didn’t care what the Scottish guy said and wasn’t that interested in Toby or the Americans.

It can’t just be me and some of the rest of you who think that is one fine looking man. Would someone PLEASE give him a great role!! It’s almost too much to think he looks like this AND he’s a great actor too. Oh, I’m a little biased. Yes, I’m biased! But he is a really fine actor and fine looking as well. I don’t think that’s unrealistic at all.

One other thing about the Americans. Why do we always sound dumber than everyone else? Or am I getting a complex about this? LOL!

Oh wait. A closeup.

Okay my fangirling got a little out of hand, but since I’ve gone anonymous, I’m trying to make the most of it.

Episode 6 coming up soon.

Screencaps courtesy of my stash.


  1. Too funny, Rafrenzy! Bruce Dern is in it too? Missed that item.

    Not too worry; U.S. – basihing is sometimes, up here, our national sport (after hockey. :) We do live next to the elephant, after all.:) But whenever I’ve lived in the U.K., I find myself defending you lot against British (mis) conceptions of America. And tryimg to persuade the populace that Canadians don’t live in igloos, whatever….:)

    Colleagues are OK….(on both sides of the Atlantic.)

    And please, please, give that man man a role he can REALLY get his teeth into.

  2. Proof-reading challenged as per above! Now on next trip to England, must persuade the populace that Canadians are not illiterate…:)

  3. Great review, and very funny! I also can’t believe more people don’t know about how amazing he is!
    And that last screencap is “swoontastic”! — to quote Nat!
    I NEED to have it, pretty please and thank you!

  4. I figure they put the Scottish guy in there to force the American audience to buy the DVDs so they can have access to the subtitles. I couldn’t understand much of what he was saying and seriously did not care, because, as you say, Mr. Armitage was more beautiful than ever.

    Interesting point about the anti-Americanism, but it is a fairly standard feature of TV outside of the U.S. It balances out the fact that in a lot of non-U.S. countries major chunks of the TV day are filled with U.S. series, I guess!

  5. We would have been the poorer for lack of access to numerous excellent American and British TV series.

  6. I had trouble understanding Joseph too . I must rewatch episode 5 (haven’t seen Ep 6 yet) to catch what he said. RA was simply too distracting in this – he really has wowed me. I wasn’t sure how he would be in this action role (never thought much about him being a Bond) but he really has excelled in SB and would rival the likes of Hugh Jackman. et al. I hope he does get offered good roles after this!!

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