STAT: We Need a Doctor in the House, er, On the Set — SPOILERS

Yes, there are spoilers for Strike Back.

Deadgum! The Strike Back production needed someone to doctor the make-up on some of the actors, and I was nowhere around to volunteer (I’m a quick study).

Did you get a look at some of the beards?

I’m sorry this one is blurry, but if it were any clearer, it would look even more fake. I haven’t been to Afghanistan or Pakistan lately, well, never actually, but I’m having a hard time thinking the beards look like this. Or maybe I’m not well traveled, and really the guys there look like they have black Ferbies on their jaws.

I knew something was wrong when I was distracted from RA. He was looking mighty fine, and I still couldn’t keep from noticing the beards. Oh, the hazards of HD.

Here’s another one, and no, that’s not a scarf around his neck.

A few more so maybe you can become proficient in how a beard should not look. That’s in case you’re ever called on to be a make-up artiste any place within 100 yards of RA. Yeah, I realize these guys aren’t RA, but hey, would you care if he were standing somewhere nearby?

Okay, so this last one is starting to look a little real.

This one is definitely looking real. I had to post it. Love that jawline.

I’ll post the good caps in my next post.

Screencaps courtesy of my stash.


  1. Ha Ha! and thank you.
    I am glad I am not the only one that even with the sublime RA on screen was distracted by thoughts of “what is up with that guys beard?!”.
    I can think of several explanations…
    1) they blew the budget on the explosions and had £10 left to kit out the background artistes.
    2) they thought why bother, Mr Armitage is so beautiful no one will be looking.
    3) the props and make up lorry was detained for that part of the shoot and they had to make do with party/fancy dress shop items that they could source locally in a hurry.
    4) they weren’t actors hired by the production team at all but fans of RA trying their luck to get near him and hoping their disguises would get them within 20 feet to bask in his beauty before being booted off set but as all involved were transfixed by the awesomeness that is RA being John Porter they were not rumbled.

    I think you are right it may be the hazards of HD but I thought Mr A looked particularly stunning so for my attention to wander from his character made me think they must be pretty bad.


  2. Has to be one of those things. ROFLOL!!

    I’m going to settle on #2 and lobby for them getting more help in the make-up department. I’ve never been big fan of make-up, but I might have to change my mind.

  3. Lol – I was too busy admiring RA’s looks to notice the beards!

  4. I had to giggle at those beards, thinking they’re *so* fake!
    Besides looking funny I think beards&actors appearing in the first scenes of the ep made them more noticeable!

  5. I still chuckle every time I look at those caps. I believe a variation of #2 happened. The make-up artists were so overcome by RA’s beauty that it completely fried their brains, and they couldn’t even deal with the others.

  6. LOL! Yeah those beards were pretty bad. I noticed them straight away. Make-up artists can do the most amazing things and create realistic wounds etc, and yet a fake beard still looks like a fake beard.

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