Untying the Knots — SPOILERS

Yes, spoilers.

dénouement (n) Origin: 1745–55; < F: lit., an untying, equiv. to dénouer to untie, OF desnoer (des- de- + noer to knot < L nōdāre, deriv. of nōdus knot) + -ment -ment

— the final resolution of the intricacies of a plot, as of a drama or novel.

Not quite sure what to think of how Strike Back has left us. It seems that there are lots of loose ends, but really there are lots of loose ends with knots. There’s John Porter’s relationship to the military, and now Hugh is gone and Porter will not divulge that Hugh was the guilty party in the “Bratton extraction.” There’s the relationship with Layla, who knows about Hugh’s guilt and who obviously has a growing admiration for Porter. There’s the relationship with Danni. There’s the relationship with his ex-wife/dead wife, or more accurately, his dispensible wife, and then there’s his daughter.

Of course not to be forgotten is the whole Indiana Jones cum Christ figure thing going on. It all has my head spinning.

Maybe I should not even stop to ponder but just continue to take the ride. I would do that except for one thing that keeps niggling at me. Are the writers of this show good enough to deal with all of this so I will come away saying, “Wow! That was quite something,” or will they screw it up? My gut says the latter. Oh, I hate it when my cynical self rears its ugly head, but it sometimes just takes over and spoils the fun.

But, but wait. The whole question of whether or not he has chest hair can now be put to rest! Ahh. That’s better. Back to my insane self.


  1. I don’t mind spoilers, while absolutely respecting the other perspectives. Whatever I know about a film/book in advance, it does not detract from what I know I will feel at the moments of reading/seeing. It is “in the moment”. But yu are absolutely right to post SPOILER notices, however.

    On a very shallow note, always felt the actor must have chest hair. The face and neck would appear to so indicate. And the natural hair is probably more brown than black. Doesn’t matter.

    Now back to more weighty matters….:)

  2. Gratuitous Christ imagery=obnoxious in my book. Note also the pesky Scotsman sitting on the wall above him like Satan. I was annoyed, because it mostly seemed like a device for getting us to see Mr. Armitage’s chest. I felt like my basest impulses were being exploited, especially because the redemption trajectory of this script plays out on a very different level … perhaps something for another blog post. I too am afraid of what the writers are going to do to mess this up.

    Blessed Pentecost / Shavuot.

  3. I laughed when I realized how the Scotsman was positioned. Sometimes I wonder if writers/directors put stuff like that in to make the audience laugh. It is so lame. Surely they knew that.

  4. You know, the Christ imagery did not strike me at all on watching first time, is it deliberate, I’m not sure.

  5. I am somewhat cynical, so that probably accounts for my take on it.

  6. I am conditioned to look for things like that, but the thing is that western culture is so saturated by Christian imagery and tropes of various kinds that it is more surprising when it doesn’t show up. I feel, though, like it should be the task of creative people to notice it when it appears and ask themselves if they really need it.

  7. This scene definitely gives new meaning to “gilding the lily.”

  8. Well, they needed to live up to the hype of their pre-broadcast publicity campaign, right? Every episode just a little bit bigger and better? I think part of the thing that bugs me is that it contradicts the style of the usual Armitage project, which is ‘less is more.’

  9. Yeah, the Christ on the cross thing was just way too much for me, but I wasn’t astute enough to pick up on the positioning of the Scotsman above his shoulder. good catch! (or maybe I’m just too dumb to pick that one up on may own? LOL!)

  10. Again, reposting here. Don’t know what happened.

    Anyhow, I too thought the Christ on the cross imagery was just too much but must admit I wasn’t astute enough to pick up on the positioning of the Scotsman.

    I think they were looking for ways to showcase RA’s body, afterall the poor man had such a tight exercise and diet regimen, they had to give him the opportunity to show off his hard work, LOL!

  11. oh yeah, one more thing…dead on with the whole “loose ends with knots”, I don’t what the writers were doing. In fact, I don’t think they knew either half the time, LOL!

  12. @Servetus and TM, I think you’re right about the writers. LOL!

    BTW, I really don’t know what happened with the comments. Maybe WordPress hiccupped,

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