Don’t We Always Love the Girl Next Door? — SPOILERS

Spoilers I guess.

The breathtaking beauty is fun to watch too, but we want the girl next door to get the guy. It’s about as cliche’ as it gets, but isn’t that who most of us still want to win? Or have I completely misunderstood this audience? I didn’t think so.

Really how can most of us not pull for Layla? We’re set up to pull for her. Danni doesn’t stand a chance against the quiet beauty who’s a patient seeker of truth and fiercely loyal.

Could we ever believe that Layla would not ferret out the truth and then try to see justice done? Yep, I knew it. So since most of us aren’t breathtaking beauties but we are patient seekers of truth who are fiercely loyal or that’s what we hope we are, we certainly relate to Layla. Plus, her big brown eyes look at Porter so beseechingly that I melt when I see them almost as much as when I see his eyes. Of course the keyword there is almost.

Dang! I’d forgotten how much fun it is to be manipulated.

Just in case someone who has the ability to mold this character is reading this, could you have Layla kick some ass too?

For those who want a more heady discussion of Danni and Layla, see Servetus’ blog. At the moment I seem to be stuck on this girl gets guy/guy gets girl scenario.

Screencaps courtesy of Sky1.


  1. I’ was so rooting for Layla, I’m with you, I think the writers were setting us up for JP/Layla and then BAM! I was blindsided by third storyline epi5/6. I think they screwed up and switched directors/writers by the time the third story line came.

    Also, i just read your entire entry and you are too darn funny! I wanted to say all the thoughts you posted but I don’t have a way with words the way you do :) So keep on posting, you rock! It is so refreshing to be able to read your blog and entries on SB. I was on another site and felt like I was a heretic in the religion that is RA fandom for raising the same issues with SB that you have here.

    Hey, I get it’s a tv show and we have to suspend disbelief and all that, but sometimes you gotta say “seriously? for real? come on!”

    And i love your “bruce Dern” line, ROTFLMAO big time on that one!

  2. Wait, I left a comment and don’t see it now. Oh well! just I agree with everything you say. Thanks so much for being lighthearted and putting into words in such a humorous way what I have been thinking. I voiced similar views (not so charmiingly as you, my friend) at another site and felt Iike I was commiting heresy in the world of RA fandom.

    Anyhow, I too was rooting for Layla but epi5/6 went in a different direction and I’m not thriilled with it.

    I’m rooting for Layla all the way! Dump Danni, Porter!

    Love your “bruce dern” line in the other part of your entry, ROTFLMAO on that one, big time!

  3. I was wanting a scenario in which Layla saves Porter’s life and I guess insisting in ep. 6 that Collinson go to Helmand province to beat the Americans there constitutes that. I think that I am completely overidentified with Layla. I am that woman who everyone thinks is a pain because she keeps insisting she’s right. It burns me to see her portrayed as this awful person in episodes 1 and 2 …

  4. I’ve been a Layla girl from the word go. The honey trap set-up with Danni was sleazy and is perhaps a major reason why women viewers are having trouble taking her character seriously. Layla is far more rounded. Johdi May is a marvellous actor, very detailed and intense and has yet to turn in a lazy performance IMO. Layla is far more rounded and has more mileage in her than as eye candy and a self-esteem booster for Porter!

  5. The comments are acting weird. Not sure what caused it, but if anyone wants something removed, let me know.

  6. sorry for my double post earlier. I guess they did go through but I didn’t know it. Anyhow, I feel I have found kindred spirits on this blog full of Layla supporters, Thanks to all of you!

    BTW, does anyone know if Sky has a website where we can post our Layla support?

    And MillyMe, you used the right word “sleazy” totally describes the way the Danni thing was set up

  7. No problem. I still don’t know what happened, but thankfully it’s not still happening. Much as I like all of you and your opinions, I don’t think any us want to see our stuff twice. LOL!

    Good question about Sky. I only see one way of giving Sky your thoughts on the Strike Back home page: then select forums

    Oh wait. There is also a Sky feedback page accessed here:

    I think I’m going to stick with the forums. I”m sure they read them.

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