Something Kinda Weird

I can’t stop watching Heather’s video. RA has definitely brought out any latent OCD tendencies I have. LOL! I don’t even want to think about how many times I’ve watched this one.

What’s so compelling about it is Heather has some wonderful close-ups of which some weren’t necessarily close-ups in the show, but she was so kind to make them close-ups for us!

I’ve now captured some of those so I could show the great shots of his eyes. Here are a few:

His eyes are not blue nor are they blue with a little green in them. They’re also not green. His eyes are gray, which have a tendency to look blue or green at times, but really they’re gray. I have thought this for a while, but Heather’s shots in the video make it very clear. I’m familiar with these eyes because my dad had the same eyes. They have a tendency to lighten with age. That’s exactly what happened with my dad and probably will with RA.

But here’s the weird part. A year or so ago I was reading an interview of RA’s, and one of the little SOs was reading over my shoulder, and said, “Ohmygosh! Mom, I finally figured out who Richard Armitage looks like!” I cut my eyes at her and said, “I didn’t know you were even trying to figure that out.” She jumped up and ran into the living room and came back with something that she thrust in my hands. It was a picture of my dad when he was young. I started laughing until I really looked at the picture, and as nuts as it sounds, it’s true that RA favors my family. He has the same color eyes as my dad and grandfather and my uncle, and they’re set the same way. His nose and upper lip are identical to my dad’s. To top it off his head shape and neck are also the same. His body type and size is also like my dad’s. My dad was a great big man who had been tall and gangly when he was younger. But mostly it’s the eyes, nose and upper lip coupled with that head shape that look so much like my dad. He really could pass for one of my relatives, and no, I don’t think of my dad when I look at RA. LOL! As if that weren’t enough, I introduced my mother to the works of RA a couple of months later, and she said the same thing. Oh, she just loves Richard Armitage! All of this effectively cut off any thought of ever fantasizing about him. Thanks, Mom. LOL!

There must be something about those English genes because even though my dad’s family has not lived in England in several centuries, the people where my dad’s family came from look a lot like my dad. Dad visited there on several occasions and had his picture taken with lots of locals. The ones who have his surname by blood look like him. There’s one picture of my dad with a father and son who were younger than him, and it looks like three generations of the same family.

But back to RA. LOL! If all those pictures above weren’t enough, I have a slideshow too. :D


  1. My eye colour is a bit ambiguous too. They’re mostly green but in certain light they look gray. Funny that you mention the similarities between RA and your dad. RA has similar facial features to my grandfather, who passed away many many years ago. He was born in England. It’s nice that you converted for mom, btw! :)

  2. Ergh, I meant to say “your mom” not “for mom”. Brain not working… need more coffee….

  3. The South African sun and the khaki clothing really brought out the intensity in his lovely eyes!

    I’m keeping Richard close. I don’t even share him with my sisters or friends (well just the one!) Selfish, or what, but it leaves me free to indulge in my own special RA-kingdom?

  4. I have not had a fascination for any actor, so I really wasn’t able to keep this one a secret. None of them know about the blog. They know I”m writing one, but they have no clue what it’s about, and I’m not tellin’. LOL!

  5. The genes are a strange thing . My English grandfather had a similar head-shape, long and a bit narrow. Half the family are fair-haired and blue-eyed. They derive from half-English/half-Irish ancestry. The rest are brunette, with dark hazel eyes, deriving from a very English mother. Go figure….

  6. My father’s maternal side of the family are very English as well, so I think that helped preserve those genes. I still think it’s eerie, that after a few centuries of his family being in the U.S., my Dad could go to that area and look like someone who had never left. It reminded me of Alex Haley’s account in going to Africa and being called Kunta Kinte when he entered the village where his family had come from.

  7. “Roots” was a wonderful book and series!

  8. Yes, it was. I got to meet and chat with Alex Haley on two occasions before he died. Neat old guy. I’m so grateful I had that opportunity. If you haven’t read The Autobiography of Malcolm X yet, check it out. Haley collaborated with him to write it.

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