More Strike Back Love — SPOILERS

Yeah, I guess there are some spoilers.

DelicateBlossom has outdone herself. I love this video, and no, I don’t love every RA video. I don’t dislike any of them. I actually like a lot of them and really appreciate the effort. But I don’t love all of them. I love this one. DB said in her comments that she had fun making it, and it shows.

She nails the feeling of the show. Love the ending!

I also noticed in her comments that she has been sitting on that song for a year. It was worth it.

Oh, and it’s already up at RAfanvids, so I got my HD big format copy, and that kind of definition is spoiling me. LOL!


  1. Wow! I feel like that is a very different kind of RA fan vid than what I’ve seen before. I am not one who goes out looking for vids, so I thank you RA Frenzy for bringing this to my attention.

    Thank you Delicate Blossom for sharing your work. I can’t believe you’ve been waiting to use that song for a year! That just goes to show how much thought you put into your work.

  2. This is amazing! I really like the close-ups of the faces to start with and then all the shots of Porter in action juxtaposed with the lyrics of the song. Porter is the ultimate Alpha male, but we’re also shown his tender moments.

    I only started watching fanvids after I became a Richard admirer and Delicate Blossom’s work is always of the highest quality.

    I’m also happy that so many talented fanvidders are keeping the delicious Porter alive for us in the many vids of him already on Youtube.

  3. I like it, but need to watch it a few more times to judge whether it’s anything special I think :)

    @MillyMe I have only watched fanvids after becoming a Richard admirer too, and in fact for a long time I completely resisted because I kept thinking ‘what’s’s the point? – I’d rather watch the actual show.’ But now I get it! And I have become very enthusiastic about them! My only gripe is that there are so darned many of them that I can’t keep up, either with new ones or old ones! I similarly resisted watching Richard in Robin Hood for a long time as I thought it was anachronistic rubbish. But I now fully appreciate how outstanding Richard was as Guy and I’ve even softened a little towards the show as a whole. And the Guy fanvids are extremely nice too. It also helps and constantly amazes me that there are so many enthusiastic and talented vidders plying their trade for the benefit of other Richard fans. Delicate Blossum is among the best.

  4. @kaprekar – you are so right, RH was anachronistic rubbish, and without Gisborne, I doubt I would have watched more than a couple of eps.

    I keep stepping back from the humour of so many of us dissecting RH from the adult viewpoint, when it was primarily directed to children and teenies. Too funny! But that has been primarily due to the nuanced performance of this actor.

    Actually, almost gave up BBC The Tudors immediately after one glaring (presumably deliberate historical error – still haven’t worked out the dramatic import of it – unecessary, I still think) but decided to go with the fun.

  5. I could say a lot about the fanvids, but I’m saving that for another post. As far as this one is concerned, DB really conveys the mood of the show, and hey, how could I not love that ending with the special effects and of course the jawline. Perfect shot of it. :D

  6. Thanks for bringing my attention to this vid, RA Frenzy. :)
    It is definitely a good one and makes me anxious to see SB, even after all the mixed reviews. SO MUCH RICHARD EYE CANDY!

  7. I want to urge you to write about the fanvids, as I can’t touch the topic. They are like porn to me and once I look at one I can’t stop.

  8. @Natalie,

    It’s definitely one of the best I’ve seen. Probably by next week, I’ll post my top ten. I’m just giving one of the vidders a couple of more days to contact me since her video is no longer on YT. I could load it myself from my stash, but I won’t do that without permission. I don’t quite have the feel for what she would think as I did DB.


    I’m getting to it soon. Oh, and yeah, they are highly addictive, but then it’s not just about RA for me. Yes, I really mean that. LOL!

  9. Ok, when I first watched this Heatra’s song was still an earworm. But this one is working it’s way up there. Btw the new one of Elvira “Boudecia” or some such spelling is a killer for EYE candy, literally!! Consider yourself warned ;)

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