The BAFTAs are coming up tomorrow on the BBC, and RA will be presenting an award again this year. I read Hedgeypig’s BAFTA report from last year, and it sounded like she had a bit of work, but hey, that’s the kind of work I’d like to have. LOL! After I got done with the report, I watched RA’s clips from last year’s BAFTAs again, and I couldn’t resist watching his 2007 interviews and presentation again as well. I’ve uploaded all of these here so we can examine the dog out of them, uh, I mean show them for our viewing pleasure.

A 2007 red carpet interview, which I posted on another blog entry. His interview starts about 2:15:

Here’s another one:

I asked in a previous post if he’s for real, and in those clips, he seems about as real as someone can get in that situation. He actually made a crack about the QVC which was a faux pas, but hey, I agree with him. LOL!

Out he comes for the presentation. The words tall, gangly bloke come to mind even though I think he’s a very graceful person. It’s clear this is not his thing (I sound like that idiot chick on Bill O’Reilly who does the body language assessments):

Skip to 2009

On the red carpet before last year’s ceremony:

Then he’s on for his bit:

Quite a change from 2007. He is much more polished looking. His suit fits great, he has a sharp looking hair cut, and his attitude seems to be, “Bafta shmafta, I’m having a great time!” Just look at that stride and grin. I don’t mean to imply he’s disrespectful. I’m only highlighting the development of his public persona and its increase in confidence.

Truth be told I miss the guy with the ill-fitting suit, long hair and shy grin, but he seems to still be there. I hope RA’s never so slicked up that guy is eclipsed, and I definitely hope he never becomes glib. My gut tells me that won’t happen, and I always go with my gut.

So glad I came in on his career when clips like those are still available. Speaking of which, thank you, ladies at for making those available! I wish I could do something more for you than typing a couple of sentences in my blog.

For the rest of you, if you want your own copy of those clips, then you can get them on this page.

Off to surf the net for a place to maybe watch the BAFTAs. ;-)


  1. There is a distinct difference in self-presentation between the two shows, but I think part of the awkwardness of his appearance in 2007 was the Robin Hood hair. I certainly melted at the genuine smiles and laughs he gives.
    He does scrub up well and I’m expecting no less this year! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for Spooks winning an award!

  2. Ooooooh, I’m so excited to see what kind of tux-look this year brings! :)
    I think he looks WAY better at the ’09 BAFTAs. (Better hair, better fitting tux.) Dang, he cleans up nice! I almost wonder if he can beat last year’s look… I mean, what can he possibly do, besides show up in Gisborne attire WITH guyliner to make me swoon more than last year’s ensemble!?

  3. I always took his awkwardness not only at the BAFTAs 2007 but also in early interviews and most photoshots as a sign that he’s, as you put it, as real as someone can be in that situation. I mean, one would think if he could have put on the masterful “coat” he wore as JT or GoG, he would? Who wants to be awkward at a public appearance? Though maybe some clever PR person told him that is the best way to win his fan’s hearts but I somehow doubt that as fans may find that endearing but casual viewers perhaps not. (I remember listening to an old radio interview when I first became interested in N&S and RA and wasn’t too impressed by all the stuttering and “kind of” and “sort of”. It took me some time to realise that he actually had some interesting things to say and that sounding like that is perfectly normal for someone who is not used to being interviewed).

    He has surely grown in confidence since then but does that automatically make him less real? As he said, confidence comes with experience (at least for those that are not naturally confident). In recent interviews he seemed to be much more at ease, just chatting casually, and that may well be more “real” than the awkwardness of the early interviews, more like he would chat with a mate in real life. With regard to his appearance, I would agree that the Lucas haircut vs. the unruly long Guy hair make a huge difference. It wasn’t his choice to wear his hair like Guy and it looks as if the attempt to tame the Guy hair went slightly wrong.

  4. I haven’t seen all those clips before! *smacks wrist* Thanks for highlighting them to me. I obviously need to visit richardarmitagenet more often.

    Yeah I think the the Guy hair was a contributor to the (sort of) awkwardness in 2007 but, oh my goodness, he still looks mighty fine. Of course last year and this year we are getting Lucas hair *grin*.

  5. @Nat – I would be excited to see him maybe a Harry sweater with glasses! That would make me swoon! LOL

  6. I always appreciate links back to our site so many thanks for sharing. I’m very excited about today’s awards, can’t wait to see pics of RA on the carpet once again and I’ll upload a clip of RA’s appearance on the website after it’s televised tonight.

  7. It’s nice to rewatch those vids, thanks for posting them all together!

    He does look more relaxed in the ’09 vids, especially like the one with the other Richard where the exchange places, IMHO, seems as RA is suddenly much more comfortable ‘believing’ the calls/screams are not directed at him.

    Can’t wait for reports of those who could go to the red carpet, those savy-tech who know how to made clips from his presentation or screencaps for us that live outside UK.

    OML :)

  8. @ jane,


    I don’t believe that polish and “being real” are mutually exclusive at all. But I do think celebrities can sometimes stray into faking it in an attempt to be polished. Really, that can happen to anyone who has to deal with the public in groups. Thankfully, RA doesn’t appear to have done that. I hope he never does, and I think I said above that my gut tells me he won’t.


    Thank you for all you do, and I’m sure I speak for a lot of others: I can hardly wait for the clips. :D


    I actually prefer his look in 2007, but I always was a sucker for long hair.

  9. Is that Joe Armstrong who makes an appearance at the :40 mark in the second video? Him, I like.

    While I’m not terribly fond of mullets, I still think he looks good in the 2007 vids – the hair and ‘burns are all GoG, but the facial expressions provide a nice contrast. I love the face he makes after he says QVC is his guilty pleasure.

  10. I suppose a Harry sweater plus Guyliner would be pushing the envelope!

    I do keep waiting for the “gangly bloke” to trip over his feet. :) But he’s far too well-co-ordinated and elegant in movement for that to happen. Fortunately.

  11. Those clips are fab! I don’t think I’d seen the second one before. Neat question about “guilty pleasures”. — The shopping channel! LOL Love it! He probably was looking at some gadget for his DIY hobbies. (There I go projecting!)
    I just love seeing him as himself, and SMILING. So thrilling!
    I will be checking out Ali’s page tonight to see how he makes out this year. Thanks for posting that reminder! :)

  12. Just watched him presenting tonight, and he looked amazingly extra-gorgeous in my humble opinion! If that is possible!!!!

  13. @grerp,

    You mean the guy whose head we see like a few seconds on the left side of the screen? if that’s who you mean, I think that was RA’s agent, Duncan Millership. I may have this completely wrong. I’m sure someone will jump in and correct me if I do.

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