This is Hard

What was I saying about not wanting to wait to get at the writing? Well, I hit a bit of a wall. Not a huge one, but enough to slow me down and say to myself, “Hmmm, maybe that storage room downstairs really does need a thorough cleaning.” I’m staying on the job for all of you. See how good I am to you? Remember it’s my nutty behavior that makes a lot of the rest of you look sane. You know in case RA or any of “his people” happen to see our little enclaves of discussion, they can conclude, “Thank God most of those people aren’t like that RAFrenzy nut.” So again, this is really a public service. ;-)

All of that aside, I’m trying to draft this post about my top ten videos. Is it too late to make it my top 20 or 50? Phew! I had no idea this was going to be so difficult or that I would actually feel pressure. Yes, I read the notes from those of you who want me to post my list. Most of these posts I write by the seat of my pants, as it were of course, but this time I couldn’t. Ironically, I figured this would be nothing but fun since I love the videos, and for the most part it is fun. But as SO reminds me sometimes, I tend to make things much harder than they should be. I’m really trying not to do that.

One thing that’s made it so hard is trying to find out how many RA vids there are on YouTube or getting a pretty good idea and then watching the ones I’d missed or trying to watch as many as I could. Oh my gosh! Forget it. There are too many. Can I just tell you that there are loads of them? That you probably will never run out of something to watch? Yes, this is a good problem unless you have an anal streak. Suffice to say I’ve watched quite a few the last couple of weeks that have been on YT for a while, but I had never seen them. This is coming from someone who watches lots of videos. Should I admit I’m that addicted? I’ve already admitted this RA addiction, what’s another one?

As if the sheer number is not daunting enough, I’ve come up with a criteria to explain my selections, which I had never thought about let alone articulated since I just go with my gut most of the time. However, articulating a criteria is a must in the pursuit of not looking like I play favorites and not hurting anyone’s feelings. But hey, I’m not going to get around that anyway. What makes that laughable is who am I to hurt anyone’s feelings with my choices? I’m just one person, and for all anyone knows, I have really lousy taste. In fact, for those vidders I don’t acknowledge, please consider me to have lousy taste. It will not hurt my feelings. Wow. Who knew there was this much passion about fan videos?

So why this post before the post? I guess I really want to be understood. This whole blog is a big digression into being understood even if you and I will never meet. I’ve got a fixation on being understood. Oh yeah, it’s a blessing and a curse, and it bores the dog out of me but hopefully, it won’t bore you. At least not today.

Yes, I really do have a post on the videos. I’m just not ready to post it but felt like I had to post something, and I guess I need to remember that tired old adage (maybe it’s not really tired) that if it’s worth doing, it’s probably going to be hard (or something to that effect). So you hear that, Elvira, I realize that videos take some work to be done right, i.e., at the very least be willing to read a tutorial, and for the rest of you, writing about them takes some work too — if it’s to be done right.

I’m not only going to throw in a gratuitous pic but a video as well. This was a video I had never seen. Shocked me I tell you. That I had never seen it I mean, and yes, I like it or it wouldn’t be embedded here. See what I mean about being understood. Why do you think I haven’t written much until now — I can’t stop. LOL!

Love the expressions Elvira captured.

And the pic:

Screencap courtesy of

Top ten post hopefully coming up next week. Then after that I’ll get my top ten fan fics posted. Already started on it. LOL!


  1. I haven’t been into watching the vids much but this one is fabulous!! It makes me want to head back to see more but as you say, there are positively thousands of RA vids on YouTube! I went in search of one last night as it happens that had moved me years ago. It was a Margaret and John one set to Neil Diamond’s “Hello Again”. (There are two of these in fact, both bring a tear to my eye. I’ll send you the links if you are interested). It took me ages to find it amongst all the others … and that is just the N&S group! For me I have to really ike the soundtrack …. and this is when my age catches up with me as I am ashamed to admit that some of the more recent songs just don’t do it for me. I like the romantic ones. Elvira’s above, is lovely – an intrumental backing … very nice :). OT: How do you get permission to host a vid on the blog – email to the creator? I might post some one day if I’m allowed.

    … and BTW, I have a need to be understood too. :)

  2. It’s my understanding that if a video is available for embed that the permission is implied, and if I’m wrong about that, I hope someone will jump in and correct me.

    BTW, I sent you a note.

  3. Lovely “Bon Voyage” was new to me as well, actually couldn’t resist to go over to YT first and save it in my Spooks playlist. And discovered a few other Spooks ones from Elvira as well. She is great at putting the “eye” shots together. @Mulubinba: Neil Diamond is timeless!! No explaining why one connects to certain music. And yes the N&S vid collection is massive.

    Ok can I say it? RAFrenzy: your killing me..that was the passion I thought this was the post, yes it’s been on my mind..
    Well usually I am polite but hey this is a frenzy blog after all :))

    if I can humbly make a suggestion: it might be worthwhile to make categories for the vids. Cause there are too many. Gizzy, RA mixed, vid/song combo, spooks, giz/Marian AU and -shock-horror-I almost forgot Strike Back. Then again you might not have that many you like ;)


    then again this is your blog and

  4. I’m still relatively a newbie and I’m overwhelmed by the vast selection of fanvids out there, so many of really excellent quality. Does Richard inspire more than most or it this a very common phenomenon?

    The music selection means quite a bit, as I do tend to shy away from the noisier selections. Actually my choice of vid quite often depends on mood. Sometimes I want the comtemplative ones, others the sexier. The characters seem to rotate ,too, depending on mood. I’m amazed at how quickly Strike Back vids were made, satisfying an urge to watch John Porter in all his hunkiness.

    I also appreciate bloggers presenting vids. It makes for a connection between the two worlds, as it were.

  5. @MillyMe it is a sign of the times. People have become techsavy. We are lucky that we have several very talented, high quality vidders (that is how they call themselves) in this fanworld. I’ve become quite fascinated with the technical savyness myself but they are time consuming.
    So no this phenomenon is not limited to Richard or his movies.

  6. Just post ten vids you like, you are right there is no way you can judge the whole lot, even just from your own personal point of view.

    And of course don’t forget Elvira’s rafanvids. There are ones there that are no longer available on YouTube. However they can’t be embedded.

    Maybe there should be an annual awards for RA fanvids? That would be great!!! Except I love loads that were made ages ago.

    I’m looking forward to viewing your choices.

  7. I just couldn’t resist and clicked on the vid you embedded. O.M.G. I can’t wait for your post.

    On being understood / misunderstood: yes. I am totally with you there. Being misunderstood really hurts in this medium for some reason. But you can do it!

  8. thanks so much for highlighting some vids. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to sort through them. The talent in the RA fandom is just amazing!

    I am wondering though, if anyone could point me in the direction of some RA videos. I really enjoy vids that show dialogue incorporated along with the music, almost like the video tells a story using dialogue along with song to do so. I haven’t seen all the vids you’ve posted links to yet, so maybe some of them do that and I just don’t know.

    And thanks to all the RA vidders out there from someone who is completely techno incompetent!

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