Two Months of Insanity?

I have a confession to make. This blog was my bright idea to burn myself out on all things RA. I wanted to have fun while I was doing that and hoped all of you would have fun as well. But I was pretty sure I wouldn’t want to do this after a few weeks and figured when I got into my third month, it would begin to lose its appeal. Usually things begin to bore me pretty quickly, and I detest being bored. I refuse to be bored. But there’s no sign of that for me. That’s one of the things that’s fascinating about RA. He has never bored me. But then he’s not all there is to this.

Thankfully, all of you, the fans, come with him, and you also keep me plugged into this wonderful madness. I know we’ve had fun fangurling for a few days, and hopefully, we’ll all do that again sometime. But if that’s all we ever did, I would have been gone a long time ago, and I sure as hell wouldn’t have started a blog. Maybe all fandoms (hate that word by the way; can we come up with another one?) are as interesting as this one. I’m having a hard time believing that. Do I sound proud?

Earlier I read a comment about aversion therapy on Servetus’ blog and had to chuckle. What started out as a little aversion therapy for me has turned into immersion therapy. How could it be aversion therapy? I was the kid at school who would have rather been beaten with a big stick than write something. Give me a page of math problems any day over writing even a couple of paragraphs. Once I started writing the blog, I knew I would have to keep it up a bit, which of course meant writing. I figured that alone would turn me off. But now I look forward to writing. I can’t wait to get at it, and the ideas just won’t stop. Don’t worry. I’m not going to bore you with everything I’ve written or plan to write. But this exercise has served to really get me writing, which SO has literally begged me to do for years and may come to regret. LOL!

For now I’ve decided this blog is one of the sanest things I’ve ever done.

Richard Armitage attends the Philips British Academy Television Awards (BAFTA) at London Palladium on June 6, 2010 in London, England.

Yeah, I sort of know how you feel, Rich.

Candid shot courtesy of


  1. I’m totally convinced that Richard works as a good luck charm in most of his admirers’ lives. How many women out there has he inspired to try new experiences, be it fanvid, sig, icon-making, fanfic writing, writing blogs or posting?

    I’m really enjoying your blog. Keep right on writing!

    BTW, another lovely picture from the Baftas. I can’t believe how many gorgeous pictures of him were taken!

  2. I’m enjoying your writing too, RAFrenzy. Looking forward as always to your next post :)

  3. Wauw, not a writer? I’ve been enjoying your blog immensely. I wouldn’t assume our fandom (fanworld?) is different or our actor is more special. I have an aversion to prejudice and typecasting. Plenty of special individuals out there once you get to know them. I consider ourselves lucky we found ourselves in good company. It’s thanks to Nat I found all you bloggers, it’s thanks to you bloggers and commenters that we perpetuate our RAluv.
    (I leave the thanx for the vidders for the highly anticipated post:) )
    And it’s thanks to Richard’s Performance that we have this perpetuum imobilee.
    (note performance:in front of the camera and in public)

  4. If Mr. Armitage “fandom” does nothing more, it has inspired creativity within an international community.

    Many thanks to: Richard Armitage; screen-cappers; the musical fan-vid creators; all the bloggers; all the artists; and all those who are reading, and sharing their favourite books; and promoting analysis of roles and the nature of “fandom”.

    What could be bad about this?

  5. I completely understand what you mean RAFrenzy about expecting some of your enthusiasm to dwindle after awhile when it comes to RA, but here I am 1 year after I “discovered” him and if anything my RA love has only increased.

    I am so impressed by all the creative talent that I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy as a result of the RA fandom. I certainly hope that when/if you decide to stop blogging about RA you continue with your creative expressions.

    And must say, I love that candid shot of RA! But I feel like in every shot I’ve seen his bow tie is a bit crooked. Anyone else notice that or are my eyes off?

  6. I think the only place it doesn’t look crooked is in the profile pic I put in another post. But then of course we can’t really see the bow tie in that one.

  7. […] speaks to me from the heart, I started writing this blog as a vent and also in the conviction that if I did it for a little while the impulse would wear off and I could return to thinking about other things. That hasn’t been the case, just as it […]

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