RA’s Diary — Pondering Fan Love

RA’s Diary

Entry — sometime during the filming of Strike Back.

It is so hot here in South Africa! I could use a drink — especially after that snake scare. Thankfully, I got another box of insect repellent from a fan. It’s been helpful. I don’t get enough practical gifts, but the fans make some really lovely gestures. It’s humbling. I just wish they would give to people who need more than I do.

If they’re determined to send me something, they need to take note — I like vodka and not underwear! Plus, Mum doesn’t need to see those things.

Hmmm. If they send me enough vodka perhaps I’ll start liking their underwear. There was that one beach picture… maybe vodka isn’t a good idea.

note from RA Addict: YES, this is a fake entry dictated by my control freak, who is not satisfied speaking for myself; it must speak for others too. ;-)


At no time in the writing of this entry did I imagine I was really speaking for Richard Armitage nor did I deceive myself into thinking I really know his thoughts. Therefore, there is no need to involve his agent or publicist in what is supposed to be humorous. Of course I realize tone on the net is not always properly conveyed, and hey, I’m not a writer (I just have lots of crap I want to say), so I’m not taking the chance of being misconstrued. You do know this is supposed to be humorous? LOL! If not or if you are action fans RA picked up during the Strike Back airing, I put in LOL to make that clear.

Have a nice day. :D

Additional note:

I would say I’m inspired by the realfiction from the German fans, but I had already written this fake diary entry and several others before I discovered that wonderful place. As it is, I have to depend on someone to translate for me. Thank you, Servetus. But I just want to say to those German fans, I LOVE YOU! and we are so on the same page.


  1. ROFLOL I doubt he would refer ro himself as RA and I do hope his people tell him about this.

  2. I assume he would use his own initials. ;-)

    Oh, I can’t have “his people” breathing down my neck. :D

    Seriously, I think they would have more of a sense of humor about some things than some of the fans. LOL!

  3. […] Armitage. As Mr. Armitage would say of himself, "I am SO not funny." I am hereby signing my name to her disclaimer. This is a joke and your first clue should be that I'm using the "RA" acronym, which I never use […]

  4. It’s hilarious!

    He might add some thanks to the anonymous gifter, who sent a flask of vdka. And mention that he’s been hallucinating about people called Danni, Katie and Layla….

    And hope that someone might send him an iPod, or i-Whatever, so that he can check on the U.K. in the World Cup….

  5. LOL!!

    Mmm vodka….I wonder if he began to like it after shooting in Russia? ;)

    OML :P

  6. lol

  7. Richard himself is not unfamiliar with this tactic as letters from Spooksperson to the fanbase will attest.

    I think you and servetus should have as much fun as you see fit on your own blogs! In doing so, you provide us readers with plenty of giggles! :D

  8. […] of course, the discovery of Burn-Out yesterday that led to posts by RAFrenzy and me. I link to a comment I made over there, in case I don’t have time to write about this […]

  9. @fitzg and oml,

    check! ;-)


    Why do you think I felt such freedom! I love those! :D

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