Where Was I?

Oh, yeah, talking about the story. Aren’t RA’s characters great?! They really do get me thinking about all sorts of things about myself and others, and for anyone thinking I’m a hypocrite, if you’re thinking about these characters and how RA talks about these characters, how can you not wonder about the person behind them? But again, perhaps it’s just Servetus and I, and of course some German fans, who come to this conclusion. I wish you could see my eyes rolling. Good thing I can touch type.

Let out that breath you’re holding and realize we won’t be too hard on RA, and always remember that this is not serious. At least I’m not serious. If I ever get too serious, I’ll stop. Yes, I’m going to keep throwing a little serious into this fluff — I have to keep in touch with reality somehow. But it will mostly be about me and SO and the little SOs and whoever else is near and dear to me that I care to wax on about. But never forget the beauty of all this is that you don’t have to read any of it. LOL! Damn lol. At one time I looked down on people who used LOL and now I can’t seem to stop using it. I blame it on my poor writing. I have to use the LOL as a crutch to make sure that you know beyond question that I’m not serious. LOL! Sorry, it’s hard to stop once I get started.

A gratuitous pic so this post won’t be a total waste of your time, and I’m making it one of the best so it’s really not a waste of your time:

and since I’m really feeling guilty about this post which is me with hat in hand hoping that someone somewhere won’t be offended (man, that need to be understood is hell), I’ll throw in a video I recently saw for the first time and really love and think you will too (unless you’re squeamish about guns; yeah, I didn’t think that would be a problem):

Screencap courtesy of my stash.


  1. Scared yourself, did you?

    I really play a Satanic influence in your blogging life, and I apologize.

  2. Oh, hell no! I’ve just lived long enough to know that the old saw is true: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure — more actually. LOL! Damn, I’ve got to stop using that.

  3. If you could see my collection of fake fan letters and fake diary entries, you would know I entertain the Devil all the time. :D

  4. I should probably write a post on my blog saying “Servetus will soon return to being troubled and conflicted.” :)

  5. Personally I do avoid LOL unless it seems absolutely necessary, which I find rare.

    I am now avoiding RA though I did use it a lot when I first became interested in him, purely for shorthand really, but now it seems kinda disrespectful so I’m inclined to go with the full name, Mr Armitage, Mr A or preferably his first name only. Maybe that’s too familiar sounding but there we are.

  6. X factor!!! Yeah! Sorry I go straight to the end of that vid, can’t help it..

  7. On the topic of your post, yes I agree that he plays interesting characters, or perhaps he makes them interesting (in some cases – e.g. I think JT would have been interesting whoever played him, which is not to say that Mr A’s performance was anything but outstanding). I should mention I haven’t watched Between the Sheets and have only seen clips of Cold Feet and Ultimate Force and the three ‘whodunnits’. In connection with this I wonder to what extent he got to choose to do them (in other words what else might he have done?). Guy remains for me the most mystifying in terms of why he wanted/accepted the part. Looking at it, in the knowledge of his work on SB and Spooks he seems to stick out like a sore thumb, not because he was not good in it, but because it seems bizarre that an actor of his stature is in it at all. I think perhaps this will be even stranger looking back in a few more years. But I know nothing of the acting business and perhaps it was the best offer at the time (well it must have been!). I think that whilst N&S was a massive break for him and everyone who loved it (and him) wanted to see him in equally challenging roles, in a way he still needed to ‘do some time’ and some hard graft before being able to get roles approaching that of JT again. I hope this makes some sense.

  8. @kaprekar, I agree with a lot of what you wrote — N&S was a sort of quantum leap for him professionally in terms of being seen, but it still wasn’t going to guarantee him that same level of role immediately in other productions and he had to do the intermediate steps anyway — those were the kind of offers he was going to get at least at first. (Although his performance in BTS is pretty sophisticated.) However, I also think that he’d have realized that RH was a relatively highly financed production and that a lot of people would see it, so that it would be worth being in it for those reasons as well.

  9. Of course you put it so much more succinctly that me, servetus. And I agree that it would get exposure. Perhaps the question is more for the producers then – why they chose to cast him.

  10. First of all, thanks for posting my fanvid! Had to comment on that straight away, rather like looking oneself up when getting a new phone book. Does anyone remember phone books anymore? Without them, Perry Mason could not have solved half his cases!

    It’s a mystery why so many of us obsess about one man. We know we can’t have him, and like most, I don’t really want him. I just like to look and listen from afar. Is that so bad? It has been going at least since the world was black and white TVs and probably all the way backwards to the gladiator days!

  11. Phone books, haha. Miss them. bccmee, the simple answer is probably just “charisma”. And I’m with you, why worry? The “mystery” is part of the charisma. And it’s just great fun to try to analyse and explain it.

    He’s a first-rate actor, otherwise we wouldn’t be sticking around (lurking around?) long. And his face/voice/etc. Simply appeals to a large number of us.

    And also, the “fan” blogs provide a community of diverse people, for whom Mr. A is a catalyst for exploration of numerous topics.

  12. […] am a bit uncomfortable with examining RA quite so much when it’s not obviously humorous hence my post of yesterday. I guess that’s the reason I put up that post. Whether any of you were uncomfortable, I was. […]

  13. […] talked about this one before as it’s been one of my favorites since I first saw it almost a year ago. From its finely done […]

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