I Can’t Stand It

I’ve simply got to talk about some fanfic. Oh, I’ll eventually post my top ten, which changes about every week, but for now I want to direct you to a fic that is for all of us GuyxMarian fans. If you still have a need for their relationship to be resolved (no matter how many writers have resolved it and again and again and again), you’re going to love the fanfic I’m reading. It’s the way I wish Season 3 had gone — at least as the fic is going so far. Just finished reading the latest chapter, and I’m very anxious for the next one. If the author doesn’t finish, I may have to do bodily damage. LOL! That is how hooked I am on this fic.

The only possible catch for you reading it is you have to become a member of C19 if you’re not already. I’m pretty sure the fic isn’t anywhere else. Oh, and I love the name of the piece. It satisfies on so many levels — Grant What I Wish.



I wasn’t paying attention to the chapter titles, but now that I am, I’ll have to go back and reread them to see if the chess terms mentioned play out in the chapter. I play some chess, but I’m certainly no expert about it. I’ll have to get the help of one of the little SOs who happens to be a chess fiend. Good on Kleindog for throwing in another layer of interest!


  1. I wouldn’t be so excited when checking yesterday C19 for only the second time someone posted the use of an app to access the boards with! Yeah, that means I can read this story on my ipod. That’s where i do most of my reading. I’ve only recently ventured into fanfic world. I read a bit when I was in another fandom, one where they would even have podcasts about it. No podcasts in the RAworld, as far as I know, right?

  2. Thank you for letting more people know about this story. It is awesome.

  3. Is it rated X with all the steamy, graphic love scenes like most fanfics? (I’d prefer to read a rated R or PG-13 one if they exist.)

  4. Nothing yet in this fic that is past PG-13 or even PG. C19 & Proboards doesn’t allow anything beyond that anyway. In one of her N&S fics, the author posted an “edited” “wedding scene” on the board, and you can PM her for the steamier version. (Which was maybe R but I wouldn’t say X!)

  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m reading it now.

  6. @Natalie,

    AnonymyouseToo is right; I think it’s safe to read without being drug through the mud.

    Hope the rest of you are enjoying this story.

  7. Oh yes, thanks for leading the way!

  8. Ah yes started reading this one recently – a really guilty pleasure! :)

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