Yorkshire Wench

NOTE: if you’re looking for Yorkshire Wench’s videos, they are no longer accessible online. Go here for more information.

Man, that name conjures all sorts of things. Of course John Thornton and his proximity to Yorkshire, and as a good little RA fan I know RA has ties to Yorkshire as well, and not only due to his interest in Richard III. Then there is my own experience with the place. I was simply overwhelmed by Yorkshire and really bummed I didn’t get to spend more time there. I love history and having read about the War of the Roses, I really wanted to see Yorkshire as I got to see Lancashire. Plus, my camera was having a problem when I drove through there, so I didn’t get one picture! Perhaps this means I have to go back to the U.K. and rectify that? Oh yeah, that’s what it means. LOL!

I wanted to embed this wonderful picture of the Yorkshire Dales, but WP is being a bully, so I’ve uploaded it, Do me a favor and click on the photo to see its original, and hey, you should probably vote for this picture on that site as well.

But all of that is not what this post is about. This is about someone who has supplied many RA fans with countless hours of pleasure in viewing videos and screencaps. YorkshireWench was one of the first to make fanvideos of RA’s works, and I have several. They are some of the first RA videos I obtained, and I still have them in online storage and some on my iPod. I think I’ve thanked her for those on LiveJournal on several occasions (but not as RAFrenzy). However, I’m going to thank her again because she’s shutting down her website, and I’m taking the occasion to tell her again how grateful I am for her work, which is really all I know of her except that I think her name is Claire and she’s a Pisces like me.

If you’re new to RA, then you have probably never seen these videos, since they are not on YouTube. Here is the link to her website [link disabled; see edit below] where you can get links to her videos on Vimeo. You will have to get the links on her site since all of these videos are private and therefore will not come up in search results on Vimeo. To access them you will need a password, which is listed on the homepage of her site. You can also download the videos in various formats. I recommend downloading because the quality is so much better than Vimeo.

Some of my favorites:

Any Other Name (Robin Hood)

Requiem for a Dream (Robin Hood)

Upside Down (The Impressionists)

Adagio for Strings (North and South)

What If (North and South)

Enough about that; go take a look, and if you’re offended by some slash, you might not want to look. I’ll tell you plainly that I’m not a fan of slash, but there are plenty of others to like, and I do. Just so you know, “Any Other Name” is one of my all time favorite Guy videos, I just couldn’t upload it or easily link to it for my top ten fanvids.

edit: since I wrote this piece, Yorkshire Wench has shut down her site, but I have obtained links to all of her Richard Armitage videos on Vimeo, which you can find here. If you want links to all of her videos, you can find them here. But if you go directly to Vimeo, the password is butterfly.

By Popular Demand

Okay, so I don’t know who all loves a certain video, but a few do if my email is any indication, and I think I’ve made it clear how much I love it. :D I will say again that its name fits — “Guy-Supermassive….”

Oh, and the shot above is from one of the best parts of the video — when the song’s bridge is playing. LOVE IT! Perfect clip!

I’m excited Elvira, per Joana’s enthusiastic consent, has now put it up on her site RAfanvids, and in several formats. If you’ve had trouble viewing from your phone, perhaps this will help. Check it out.



Thanks to Elvira I’ve uploaded a better copy of the video to YouTube and disabled the older copy.

Forgetting Guy — Spoilers

Last year at this time it was days after Guy’s death, and I could still feel tears welling up in my eyes when I thought of it and would shake my head at the absurdity of grieving the death of a fictional character. Just now I felt them start again. Amazing.

Certainly I’ve read books and watched movies that had tragedy and loss and was profoundly moved by the events to the point I shed tears as I was reading or watching. Sometimes I’ve thought about the events for days or weeks later and in some cases months or years later. But my later thinking has always had more to do with intrigue about the human condition and certainly examining it in a kind of detached way. This wasn’t the case with Guy. With him it was personal and a grieving process, and it stunned me. I’ve had to grieve lots of deaths but never someone who’s not real. Honestly, this made me think I really was going nuts, and so my analytical side stepped up to ask why and try to make sense of it and preserve my dignity.

I’ve had a year to think about it, and I’m not sure I’ve completely made sense of it. But I understand much better what’s happened. I’ll be posting more diary entries about this process, and perhaps I’ll find I have CWS. But if I do, it’s not of Richard Armitage but rather this fantastic character he helped to create.

Now you know the real reason I’m anonymous. LOL!

When I was drafting my first post for this blog, I thought about hitting this subject right up front but knew it would not be as satisfying (at least for me) to go right to the issue I’ve wanted most to address. I really did want to have some fun along the way in my self-analysis. Could I have bored you with all sorts of psychoanalytical terms? Oh yeah, I could have. Believe me I know enough of them after up close and personal acquaintance with some psychiatrists. But you don’t want to hear all of that shit, and I really don’t want to type it.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

I Can’t Stand It

I’ve simply got to talk about some fanfic. Oh, I’ll eventually post my top ten, which changes about every week, but for now I want to direct you to a fic that is for all of us GuyxMarian fans. If you still have a need for their relationship to be resolved (no matter how many writers have resolved it and again and again and again), you’re going to love the fanfic I’m reading. It’s the way I wish Season 3 had gone — at least as the fic is going so far. Just finished reading the latest chapter, and I’m very anxious for the next one. If the author doesn’t finish, I may have to do bodily damage. LOL! That is how hooked I am on this fic.

The only possible catch for you reading it is you have to become a member of C19 if you’re not already. I’m pretty sure the fic isn’t anywhere else. Oh, and I love the name of the piece. It satisfies on so many levels — Grant What I Wish.



I wasn’t paying attention to the chapter titles, but now that I am, I’ll have to go back and reread them to see if the chess terms mentioned play out in the chapter. I play some chess, but I’m certainly no expert about it. I’ll have to get the help of one of the little SOs who happens to be a chess fiend. Good on Kleindog for throwing in another layer of interest!

Diary of an RA Fan — Part 12 Oh, My Poor Guy, and yes, Marian — SPOILERS

See Diary Part 11 here, or to access all entries, hit “The Diary” tab above.

Entry — a couple of years ago shy a couple of months:

I just can’t bring myself to watch Season 2. I know something bad happens, and I don’t want to know what it is.

A few days later:

Even though I’m going to visit my mother for a while, I’m taking the DVDs with me. Somehow I can’t bear to leave them at home. Not sure I’ll have time to watch since I’ve got something pretty grave to deal with. But I’ll try. Still dreading the ending.

A couple of weeks later:

Uh, I’m not sure what to say. I’m dumbfounded. Talk about my head spinning around. I think it fell off at the end.

The last DVD broke when I threw it across the room. There’s now a crack in the middle. Not sure how I’m going to fix that. Do I even want to?!!

What a WASTE OF MY TIME!!! Damn those writers!! They royally messed this up!

It’s amazing how invested in these characters I became. Well, I’m invested in Guy and in Marian because she means so much to Guy. Everyone else is more or less a prop. Oh, I like the actor who plays Robin Hood. He’s a doll, and I am curious what else he’s been in, but his character is no match for the charisma that is Guy. About the only character who can really draw some attention when Guy is around, besides Marian (who gets almost all of Guy’s attention), is the Sheriff. I’ve heard of the actor who plays him, Keith Allen. Don’t remember what he’s been in, but just remember he’s a comedian. He’s hilarious and menacing in this. I love his interaction with Guy even if Guy is a tool.

But all that goes out the window when Marian is in the picture or Guy is thinking about her being in the picture. I thought when I saw North and South that Richard Armitage could never again pull off that kind of intensity about a woman. I was wrong. So wrong. But really, that’s not all this is about. It’s not just about the obsession with Marian. It’s about the obsession with being someone worthy. Guy is desperate for recognition, and it jumps off the screen and grabs me and almost rips my heart from my chest. And Marian. What can I say?

The last time I remember crying like this at a series is when I watched Lassie as a kid. Lassie was always involved in a crisis and somehow got lost or seemed to, and Timmy would call and call for Lassie to come home and that haunting theme song with the whistling would start, and I would sit there sobbing with big tears rolling down my cheeks. Mom would come in and offer to turn it off, and something came from my toes, “NOOOO!” That’s how it’s been with Guy. He’s lost but I can’t look away, and just thinking about him makes me choke up. What the hell is wrong with me? Those writers. If I could get my hands on them. It’s a good thing I can’t. I think Heathcliff was supposed to make me feel this way, but I hated Wuthering Heights. But that was a long time ago. Maybe I need to read it again since I can’t seem to get enough of this torture. No. This is enough.

Oh, I just thought I was hooked on the first season of Robin Hood. So what now? I have to find out what happens to Guy. Is there even going to be a third season? So far I can’t find anything. Someone said something on IMDb, but it’s not definitive. Must find out.

See Diary Part 13 here.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.com