Diary of an RA Fan — Part 15 Not by Strength, But by Guile

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Entry — a couple of years ago minus a few months and a couple of days:

I shouldn’t have made it obvious I spent $89 to watch Richard Armitage. Will I ever hear the end of that? Probably not. Oh, well, I’ll just have to be more discreet. I just got sick of watching so much on my computer. There is a lot to be said for watching Richard on the big screen. Well, on my tv’s big screen. But I would love to see him on the big screen. WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO FIGURE OUT WHO HE IS AND PUT HIM IN A GREAT MOVIE ROLE?! Then again, I have mixed emotions about him going to Hollywood. They seldom have anything of the caliber of North and South, and so many good parts are given to mediocre actors — Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Zach Efron. Vomit.

I’m not sure what to watch next. I did see a couple of things listed on Netflix that were not there before. YEA!! So it’s a toss up between Miss Marple and George Gently. Haven’t heard too much about those on IMDb, but I have heard incessantly about the Armitage Army. Something about ovaries exploding. I already feel like an idiot. Do I even want to go to that site? Then again, no one is going to know. I just need to hear what others thought about those shows and maybe someone there will know.

A little while later:

Blast! I have to join the site in order to surf the forum. I’m not ready for that. I guess it will be George Gently since I outgrew Miss Marple awhile ago.

A day or so later (or however long it took Netflix to get a disc to the boonies):

He’s done it again! I love this! I entered Ricky Deeming’s world. He’s a rebel and a schmuck, but he’s got a cause. I love his scathing indictment of society. Wonderfully written scene. Oh, what this guy can do when he has some great writing. Even poor writing he can deal with, but great writing? I may pass out from watching. Why can’t we have more roles like this for Richard?!! And SO ended up watching some of it. He liked it, and he didn’t even recognize Mr. Embouchure. MUHAHAHAHA. I’m not breathing a word.

I didn’t realize that AlisaGB on YouTube had some clips of it. I thought I knew all of her videos since she was so kind to upload so many clips of Robin Hood. Just like Heather, she has been a boon to me in the pursuit of watching Richard Armitage. Thank you Alisa!

[note: if you haven’t seen this episode, there are spoilers in this video]

Alisa has something uploaded called “Between the Sheets.” I may check that out next!

See Diary Part 16 here.


  1. It’s one of my very favorite Richard Armitage scenes and is on my iPod:)

  2. He does such a great job there. I put this in the blog piece in hopes someone, somewhere who has some influence might see it. There’s probably a snowball’s chance in hell of that, but I had to try.

  3. I haven’t watched George Gently yet, and I don’t particularly feel like buying an entire season of Martin Shaw just for one episode. I also have a feeling it was on TV quite recently and I missed it.

  4. @kaprekar,

    I agree. I have never felt the need to buy this one even though I think it’s a great pefformance. It does help that I can watch it on Netflix.

  5. I’m very glad to discover your blog. Like you, I could say: WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO FIGURE OUT WHO HE IS AND PUT HIM IN A GREAT MOVIE ROLE?!

  6. I love the running tally of Armitage expenses. Very funny. (Can you figure out how to make them tax-deductible? Surely you need to watch this stuff for work….)

    “Embouchure” indeed. Full disclosure: I had to look it up (guess my vocabulary’s not THAT good), but it’s a brilliant comment. So, SO is funny, too. You lucky, girl.

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