This is Why You NEED a Twitter Account

The UK version of is interviewing Richard Armitage about Spooks tomorrow, and they are asking for questions via Twitter.


And you can hit reply and ask, but you won’t see “reply” if you don’t have an account.

You just thought you didn’t want a Twitter account. LOL!


Stick Figure Richard has joined us on Twitter! Go here. I’m pumped about this. Check out his “hottie list” and his questions for RA.


  1. Maybe I’m greedy, but I asked *two* questions!

  2. Go for it!

  3. Since we can’t see the questions, what were they? I can’t stand it. I want to know! LOL!

    edit: If you want to see bccmee’s questions, you can look at her account, but I have no idea who all has an account, so you can share your questions here or you can let us in on who you are so we can just go look

    Anyone else want to share their questions?

  4. I’m so techno-moronic. Do you need a particular phone for twittering? OK, that’s how out of step, I am…

  5. @fitzg,

    You do not have to have a phone at all. You just go to and sign up. Another site that’s helpful is You don’t need an account there. You can key in a search term, oh, let’s say Richard Armitage (lol!) and see the most recent tweets on him. You do not have to have a twitter account to read tweets. You just have to have one to reply or make your own tweets.

  6. I saw that too, but all I can think about is : Is Lucas a traitor??? And obviously he won’t answer that lol. Oh and if he received Nat’s letter :P.

  7. Nat is on twitter!!

  8. @OML,

    My one question isn’t very clever, but it’s what I most want to know.

  9. Technology….

  10. Yep, and I love it. Have loved tech stuff all of my life and that’s what I ended up doing for a living.

  11. You can see the questions which were asked by searching for @tvdotcomuk.

  12. This post led to a sigh of relief on my part, as my non-interest in tweeting has been pretty firm, and I only had a twinge for a second when I thought about not being able to suggest a question to ask Mr. Armitage. (That probably has something to do with it being about Spooks, though.). Maybe my CWS is on the low side of stage 2, and not on the high side?

    Occasionally blog posts of mine get tweeted, though, and I’d like to know how to find out who is tweeting them.

  13. Thanks, Kaprekar. Yeah, I know that. I was just teasing, and It was also to help those who are too intimidated to get on Twitter or just don’t want to mess with it.

    @Servetus, there may not be a comprehensive way to do that. You can search on your blog’s name or on a post subject. If you used twitter, you could post your blog entries over there, and then people could retweet those. This makes the aggregate tweets much easier to find since they will start originating from your tweet. I could tell you some more tips, but you can send me an email if you’re interesting. Just know that I’m no expert on Twitter and just figuring out its power myself.

    BTW, you can dynamically post your blog entries to Twitter. That’s what I do on another account I have. It works great. I just like getting on the RAFrenzy Twitter account, so I haven’t set it up to post dynamically.

  14. Uh, I meant to say if you’re interested. :D

  15. @servetus: You can enter into and search for words without needing to be logged in. There a search bar, write the title od the post you know has been tweeted or the name of your blog and the tweets will appear at the right of the person’s name who has tweeted.

    I hope the explanation is understandable, if not tell me and I’ll try again.

    OML :)

  16. @OML,

    It makes sense. The only limitation is that the buffer doesn’t allow for all the tweets someone may have. To get all of their tweets, you have to be logged into an account or go to something like tweetcepts. I could be wrong about that, but I think that’s how it is.

  17. Thanks for all this info about twittering, as I am completely techno incompetent. @ onemorelurker, your questions are exactly the ones I want an answer to :)

  18. @RAFrenzy,

    Yes I know, I was telling servetus how to find a person that tweets any of her posts without having an account for herself. (Of course if she wants to join us on Twitter, your explanations are correct).

    OML :)

  19. @OML,

    I think it’s a great way to find tweets if someone doesn’t want to mess with an account. It’s just limited. That was my only point.

  20. I’m pretty techno incompetent too!! But I’ve managed a Twitter account (actually I have two but I reserve one for work stuff). However I tweet but rarely.

  21. @kaprekar,

    Eh, what was that? Tweet rarely? Uh, yeah, me too. I rarely tweet. :D

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