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Hopefully, RA has turned the proverbial corner with his fame, and journalists will not fall back on the one question that’s bound to get a bit of a visceral reaction from him. Oh, you don’t know what it is? Where have you been for the last five plus years of interviews? It seems some journalists just can’t help asking about his Army. Granted, it’s quite a feat that he raised an Army almost overnight, and the first few years it might have been interesting. Now it’s boring beyond belief. It’s just boring to those of us who follow him so closely? I doubt that.

The guy has so many more interesting things to talk about than some “middle-aged, quite well-educated, Radio 4 listeners,” who some like to send him their pants. Phew, I got bored typing that description. Now I don’t know for sure about all the pants coming his way. Also, I’m not very familiar with Radio 4, refuse to call myself middle-aged, and I haven’t sent my pants to anyone outside my house, so I know this doesn’t apply to me. But still, who wants to hear about it? No offense to any of you middle-aged, quite well-educated, Radio 4 listeners. ;-)

I wonder how long I can wax on about this before you get bored? Oh, you’re bored already? Well, it seems the PR machine for Spooks is revving up so I’m compelled to talk about it. I really do hope journalists have enough going on in their heads that they don’t ask. But thank God the circus question has died.

I’m sure the journalists think we’re all nuts. I don’t care. If I cared, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. Wait. I’m anonymous, so I guess some part of me cares. I think, not sure, but I think that’s a healthy sign. LOL!

I did toy around with the idea of sending Richard some “orders” from the Army (Rogue Branch) where it would have been explained to him that he was not allowed to talk about it. But this post is my confession that I’m chickening out. It just isn’t my style to send something to a celebrity. Maybe it’s my pride. Oh, yeah, it’s my pride.

A fake fan letter will have to rid me of my angst:

Dear Richard,

It’s abundantly clear you have been schooled in manners. I do not remember one instance of you being impolite. You are politeness itself. But I must ask if there’s a possibility you could be rude to journalists who insist on delving into a subject that I believe makes you groan? I find myself hoping to hear that rudeness. Oh, couch it in whatever you like. Last time out was actually pretty funny. I laughed whether anyone else did. But then I don’t place myself squarely in that group you described. Could that have been a slip into a little rudeness? I don’t think so, but it was close. Oh, it was skating really closely.

Frankly, a good shit here or there might help. Perhaps you already say that, and it’s edited to insert your politely crafted manna to the fans. Maybe that wouldn’t work, since too many journalists have the persona of shrikes — impaling their subjects with questions designed to get a reaction that will inspire them to write something clever. Plus, it seems I’m remembering one interview where the shit got through (or maybe I dreamed that). That guy must not have liked you, or he was jealous. Whatever the case, I thought your reply was really honest and a breath of fresh air. No one is that polite all the time. At some point you were bound to get tired of the question. I know the fans are. Well, this fan.

Man, I sound angsty about your replies. But really I’m not angsty about your replies at all. Your replies are not the problem. I don’t care what you say if it makes the reporters stop asking the question.

One of your minions in the Army

P.S. Have you ever laid eyes on the guy who came up with that name?

That felt good. I’m really getting addicted to these fake fan letters. If you haven’t tried one, do it! They are so satisfying without any of the embarrassment you would have if he really read it. Plus, I imagine the wait would be hell.

So what about Nat’s group letter? That’s special like Nat, and should stand alone. I really do hope he gets it, reads it, and most important sees Nat’s work. He would love it!

And because in recent days I’ve been remiss in posting pics, here’s one of my favorites:

Yes, it puts your focus squarely on his beautiful mouth.

Screencap courtesy of my stash.


  1. Don’t blame the husband who came up with the name, it’s a catchy name, but we’re all agreed that it’s been done to death! Time for the journalists to move on to new battlefields. Give us food for thought, stretch our minds, tell us something we don’t know, be curious about the person you’re interviewing and the work he has done and the work that he’s promoting. Surprise the readers! Isn’t that the first rule of journalism?

  2. Amen MillyMe.

    OML ;)

  3. Thanks RAFrenzy for clarifying what “pants” mean to UKers. I heard RA refer to someone throwing pants at him, and I thought “who on earth throws pants at people?” Now I get it, but throwing panties at someone isn’t exactly a step-up on the classy-o-meter, you know?

    As for the journalists, I totally give up on them MillyMe. I hate to say it, but I think true journalists are becoming an extinct species!

  4. I’m sorry but the dark cynic in me thinks this will not be the end of it. It appears the most popular question an interviewer asks of a star, referencing to their fanbase. And then I also feel from an outsider point of view any fan by default belongs to the armitage army. It’s just to catchy of a name, like a trademark, I doubt he’ll ever loose it. And now I’m getting boring too. In any case to put it in Scarlett O’Hara’s words: ” I don’t give a damn!”
    No clue what came over me :)

  5. Oh, I don’t think it will be the end of it either, but I had to get that off my chest. I’m fine now.

    @twinkling moon,

    I don’t even know what journalism is anymore. I thought I knew at one time. But I can remember a few events in 1986 that helped to forever change it to what we know today. Did I just date myself? :D

  6. @iz4spunk. I think it was Rhett Butler who said “I don’t give a damn.”

    I’m having a bit of a change of heart and wondering whether we should actually just embrace the Army and welcome comments about it….

  7. I embrace the Army heartily and love that I’m part of that, but I really don’t want to hear about it in an interview when it’s a boring, cursory examination designed to rib Richard Armitage. I meant it when I said he is politeness itself, yet his latest comments really were humorous to me. But is the Army really a newsworthy aspect of RA? Really? Do people reading the articles on him or listening to the interviews really care about him having an army of admirers? Does that question enhance his image? Maybe it does, and we, his ardent fans, are the only ones really tired of it. Maybe his tacit groan, if you will, is just my imagination.

  8. “Maybe it does, and we, his ardent fans, are the only ones really tired of it. Maybe his tacit groan, if you will, is just my imagination.”
    Never thought it that way. I don’t know anyone who reads his interviews and is not a fan, maybe an average person who knows who he is, decides to read and interview of him and when he gets to ‘the question’ and it’s the first time he reads about it or maybe not being a fan, has read it before, totally forgot about it and so is not bothered by this ‘second time’.

    (Although I find a flaw in this scenario, how is it possible that after a second interview, pic included, you can forget about the man and not leave everything your doing to find out more about him! :P )

    OML :)

  9. @Kaprekar: Gee thanks, it’s been awhile…thanks for putting me straight.
    Well in any case I’m glad you have my back. And I’ll march with you all anyday :)

  10. […] say anything that risks offending him anywhere where he could read it, because it would hurt him. We also have speculated more than once that he hates answering certain questions over and over again…), although his demeanor doesn’t strongly indicate impatience on his part (apart from one […]

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