Is This News? Spoilers I Guess

I ask because this (links below) was talked about in other interviews a while ago, and yes, Digital Spy does reference one of the sources. If you haven’t read the article DS references, you can start here, and you get to read my gushing as well.

Digital Spy article:

Gut Check entry. Then scroll down for the article.

I guess for the most part Digital Spy highlights what is already out there, but there was that one interview with RA in Robin Hood S3. Wow, that was a great one. More on that when I start my dissection of Guy.

Having been warned, now comes the “spoiler” part. Was anyone in doubt that Hermione Norris would not return to Spooks? Seriously, was that a question? Hasn’t she moved on? That was my impression.

As for finding out who Lucas really is, what about Harry? Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Harry were a mole all along and this were the show’s finale? I think it would be great! Or better yet that Lucas thought Harry was a mole for the Russians, so Lucas became a double agent for the Russians, but really Harry is a double agent working for the British or maybe the Chinese? Or maybe Lucas is really working for the Chinese and the Russians and British just think he works for them. Yep, makes my head spin, and I need my head to spin from time to time or things get so dreadfully dull.

Whatever happens, I find the more questions I have about Lucas, the more it leads me to Harry, and in fact in the interview RA did with where they asked the fans for questions, I couldn’t help but ask, “Is Lucas’ past relationship with Harry explored further?” Is anyone else dying to know about that? And of course I want to know about their relationship now! Will this next series be the Harry and Lucas show? And no, I’m not necessarily talking about anything sexual. Does it always have to be sexual to be interesting? (I’ve skimmed too many Spooks fanfics that seem obsessed with that). In my opinion (yes, it’s my opinion that’s why I prefaced my sentence with the hackneyed phrase), it’s almost too easy to attribute motivation to merely something sexual. It can just be fobbed off to “oh, yeah, it was sexual” and then no thoughtful explanation required. But I want to see something cerebral dammit! Plus, I admit a great fondness for Harry. It’s been said repeatedly that he’s the heart of the show, and it’s true. I can’t help but love Harry, and yes, Peter Firth as well. But I don’t think of Peter Firth when I’m watching Harry. Peter is the guy who played Alan Strang. But I digress.

Hopefully, we’ll get a few crumbs in September when the article comes out — at least enough to keep us alive until November. It is going to air in November? Or do I have that wrong? I can’t remember because all these interviews are starting to run together. I may actually have to write some of this down. No, if I have to start writing anything down for this blog, I may have to can it. LOL!

In the meantime, below is one of the first shots of Lucas and might be my favorite picture of him. It doesn’t matter how many times I see it, I’m compelled to ask what’s going on in that head, and I still don’t know! Can’t wait for S9.

Coming up soon a commemoration of Guy.

Screencap courtesy of, and I THANK YOU so much because my DVD drive is acting up, and I couldn’t make my own. Arrrgh!


  1. Gosh, love this cap, this is a favorite moment of mine, too. And I believe that Ms. Norris’s departure from the show and Lucas’s identity crisis, while still spoilers, are no longer really news items? Is there a distinction there?

  2. RAfrenzy; re: your scenarios, well, of course Lucas speaks Mandarin too!

  3. @Servetus,

    Yeah, it’s great!


    Yep, you’re with me. ;-)

  4. He actually looks a lot like Guy in that screencap. More than is usual in Spooks anyway.

    My first encounter with Peter Firth was in The Flipside of Dominick Hyde (1980).

    Seriously starving for Spooks now, but in the meantime I have just ordered a few treats following an unexpected windfall.

  5. Anything you can tell us about?

    As for ordering treats, I had to order my second copy of Spooks 7. I’ve loaned it out a couple of times and it stays gone for awhile.

  6. That screen cap is a stunner! He looks like RA as Gisborne in the DVD extras. (No guyliner). LOL
    I already miss Ros! I am going to have to buy season 6 and possibly 5 of Spooks!

  7. I ordered the Big Finish RH audio books, The Vicar of Dibley and Moving On. I’ve seen Dibley but it’s so good I just have to own a copy. :) I’m saving buying RH and Spooks DVDs till the prices come down, and because I’m pacing myself, and because the way it is in our house they will be impossible to watch anyway. I think I’ll get most value out of the audiobooks though.

  8. I broke down and got the Spooks dvd but holding out for RH as long as I can get that from my library. Big Finish RH audiobooks are a treat. Not sure about moving on yet. I’ve only watched it on youtube. It’s all about the pacing and because i have a similar situation in terms of watching. LOTN is on its way, yeah! I have listened to all his audiobooks the most, even the first 4 episodes of RH S1.

  9. @kaprekar, wish i could get you an amazon certificate for some “me time”!

  10. @servetus Well it’s not as bad as it used to be 2-3 years ago when my kids were even littler!! At least I get to sleep at night now. But with 2 small children, a full time job and a husband who likes to watch his own regular TV shows (religiously), it’s a wonder I get to see anything I like! If it wasn’t for my iPhone I would go crazy. The battles I have had to watch Robin Hood repeats on Saturday mornings are beyond belief!!! I sometimes have had my son literally climbing up my back and onto my shoulders the whole way through! Plus numerous requests for food, stories, treats, playing etc. So the prospect of trying to find the time to watch DVD box sets with 8 or 10 hours of content scares me!! But I’d really like to see the extras!!!!

  11. @servetus But I do count myself lucky that I can watch most of the shows that he is in on first broadcast on TV in the UK, whereas you girls in the US have to work much harder to see them. ;) Luckily my husband is as big a Spooks fan as I am and it has always been compulsory viewing in our house. But he shakes his head when I watch Robin Hood!! But then I tolerate him watching Doctor Who, Heroes, Stargate, Chuck, Caprica, Star Trek, Two and a Half Men, Family Guy, Flash Forward, Fringe, etc. Doctor Who is his favourite and I think that helps him to sometimes understand why I need my Robin Hood time because the kids are just as annoying when he wants to watch that! Actually I love Doctor Who too, but don’t tell him that!!!

  12. What gets me, is when I finally have me-time and get to watch what I want, half an hour later I’m in dreamland! I have seen just about the beginning of RA’s work twice as much as the end :) My kids sound a little older and the right age for the RH audiobooks. With our 4th of July holiday weekend and the subsequent 3 1/2h drive to the in-laws I’ve started my undercover operation. Dropping hints the likes off: “hey guys, it’s been awhile since we listened to RH in the car?” Of course the request had to come from them for it to work. My OH doesn’t know there is another Richard Armitage except for the other one that comes up on google. The wrong party too btw.
    @Kaprekar count yourself lucky you can share Spooks!

  13. Like the idea of addicting the kids in order to increase the effectivity of the pressure group, iz4spunk.

    kaprekar, I’m definitely jealous of the “seeing everything when it airs” possibilities. I think your only hope may be following iz4spunk’s strategy. Get the kids watching “your” shows. :) On the other hand, you may through the necessary self-rationing be able to prolong Armitage syndrome for more than a decade. :)

  14. @Kaprekar,

    Oh, I have been where you’re at. It does get better.


    Definitely using, er, helping the kids appreciate the same shows you do is great. ;-) I can give you first hand knowledge that this works — especially if you have a girl child. :D

  15. @RAFrenzy, I’m totally with you about the “who is Lucas really” storyline. Every scenario that I come up with leads me back to Harry. I think it would be fantastic if they explored that relationship more and told the audience more of what it was like before Lucas got captured. Maybe back then Harry wasn’t even running Mi5, who knows?

    @Phylly3–Yep! Our Lucas looks like our beloved Guy when we first met him. Maybe that helped to endear him to me, IDK.

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