The Gift That Keeps On Giving

For the last few days, the major newspapers in the U.S. have been carrying stories about a Russian spy ring that the F.B.I. just busted. Be sure to check out the neighbor’s reasoning for why Mrs. Murphy cannot be a spy. LOL! I’m not sure what I think of all of this, but I couldn’t help but think of Spooks and wonder how stories like this affect the writers, and lo and behold, there was an article on it.

The creator of Spooks on the Russian espionage scandal, its nostalgic spycraft and how fact can be less credible than fiction

David Wolstencroft Tuesday 29 June 2010 17.54 BST

The Russian spy ring scandal is full of inspiration for David Wolstencroft, the creator of TV’s Spooks, here with Hermione Norris as Ros Myers and Richard Armitage as Lucas North.

I will say this about the KGB: they are the gift that keeps on giving. Particularly, of course, if like me you’re a writer of espionage fiction. Although at this stage of the unspooling lunacy it’s hard to distinguish fact from parody.

Naturally, the Russian foreign intelligence service is now the SVR, not the KGB. As we all know, the cold war finished years ago. And there is absolutely nothing amusing about real people going to real prison.

However, nostalgia is a heady opiate – and where spies are concerned, I for one cannot get enough. This morning, it felt like someone put on Now That’s What I Call Spycraft and cranked up the volume. Or I was watching Smiley’s People, with a laughtrack.

Read the rest here.

He sounds pretty giddy, and although Lucas doesn’t qualify as a guy from suburbia, Harry might. Should be interesting to see what happens.

The perfect cover?

Up next the gift that really does keep on giving.


  1. OUCH. Just BLAME CANADA, again….: {

    So, I’m busy working on a Spooks ep involving Canadian passports and a Chinese spy ring. Disguised in Montreal Canadiens toques. : \ (might as well make the best of a bad thing…)

  2. Thanks for doing YOUR spywork so all of us regular people are in the loop :)

  3. I found this whole story really rather bizarre. In this day and age?

    In 1990-91 I was a senior in college and my then boyfriend did an exchange year at the Plekhanov Institute in Moscow. We got an exchange student, a woman from that institute, in return. Presumably she had been chosen for her exemplary character, etc. Except that the second she got to the U.S. she did everything she could to stay there. I went over to Moscow in January (this was really involved, it still required a visa and clearance, etc.) with a huge suitcase of stuff for her family and boyfriend, and a letter for the boyfriend. I handed it all over and the stupid boyfriend opened the letter right there. She was breaking off with him. Talk about awkward. Now I wonder if maybe she was setting herself up to be a spy in deep cover? :)

  4. thanks for posting the article by the creator of Spooks! It is crazy how similar this story is to their own show.

    I echo Iz4spunk’s thanks to you :)

    @servetus, what a crazy story! As ridiculous as it sounds, who knows? that exchange student may have been in deep cover after all, LOL!

  5. You are welcome!

    I laughed when I read that story. But then, I’m not sure how true it is. Something is going on, but I hope it’s not quite as bad as it sounds.

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