Forgetting Guy — Spoilers

Last year at this time it was days after Guy’s death, and I could still feel tears welling up in my eyes when I thought of it and would shake my head at the absurdity of grieving the death of a fictional character. Just now I felt them start again. Amazing.

Certainly I’ve read books and watched movies that had tragedy and loss and was profoundly moved by the events to the point I shed tears as I was reading or watching. Sometimes I’ve thought about the events for days or weeks later and in some cases months or years later. But my later thinking has always had more to do with intrigue about the human condition and certainly examining it in a kind of detached way. This wasn’t the case with Guy. With him it was personal and a grieving process, and it stunned me. I’ve had to grieve lots of deaths but never someone who’s not real. Honestly, this made me think I really was going nuts, and so my analytical side stepped up to ask why and try to make sense of it and preserve my dignity.

I’ve had a year to think about it, and I’m not sure I’ve completely made sense of it. But I understand much better what’s happened. I’ll be posting more diary entries about this process, and perhaps I’ll find I have CWS. But if I do, it’s not of Richard Armitage but rather this fantastic character he helped to create.

Now you know the real reason I’m anonymous. LOL!

When I was drafting my first post for this blog, I thought about hitting this subject right up front but knew it would not be as satisfying (at least for me) to go right to the issue I’ve wanted most to address. I really did want to have some fun along the way in my self-analysis. Could I have bored you with all sorts of psychoanalytical terms? Oh yeah, I could have. Believe me I know enough of them after up close and personal acquaintance with some psychiatrists. But you don’t want to hear all of that shit, and I really don’t want to type it.

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. Please don’t worry. I cry over books, films, “fur Elise” and a lot of Mozart. Why not Guy?

    Was re-watching the RH DVDs this week, after much Spooks watching, to refresh the perceptions of Mr. Armitage’s diverse characterisations. Afraid I weep as much over Guy’s attempts to win Marian, as over his death.

  2. I never have ‘missed’ a character before, of course there’s the shows or character you remember maybe with nostalgia and it’d be great to re-see but not this feeling of really missing someone, at least when I think/write/say ‘I miss Guy’ I really mean it, as a real person or more real than just a character from a tv show…

    Thanks God for fanfic, there are awesome fics out there that help a lot but RA in Guy of Gisborne persona is unique.

    OML :)

  3. If I forget thee, oh Gisborne, let my remote control hand wither, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth and never permit another PHWOAR … Sorry, that was vaguely blasphemous but I couldn’t resist.

    it’s such an astounding, rich characterization of a character that was original written like something out of a cheap comic book that it’s hard not to let go of it. You have my sympathies. In my case I am really, really bothered by the scripts, but that’s the historian in me, I think. I’m relieved because it’s the only thing that saves my sanity when I look at the DVDs. Screencaps are dangerous because they minimize the anachronism somewhat.

  4. I feel exactly the same – tears welling up while I am writing this, and I can’t explain it. Guy isn’t even my favourite RA character (Lucas is, maybe now John Porter – ex aequo with Lucas).

  5. Yep, I’m with eveyone else. My heart actually bled for Guy. Especially after learning about his back story in S3 and how mean old Robin and that dumb town screwed up his life!

  6. I miss Gizzy, which must be why I keep rehashing and analyzing every Gisborne-related detail of all 3 seasons of RH.

  7. Oh, and I watched S3 on YT last summer and remember being glued to my computer screen for the finale around this time last year. I can’t believe it’s been a year!

  8. Obviously, I’ve never responded to these comments. I really appreciate all of you. Your thoughtfulness and playfulness makes this so enjoyable.


    I’m not worried, but thank you so much for sharing that.

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