Diary of an RA Fan — Part 18 Oh, That’s Nothing

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Entry — Early Fall, 2008:

The Cleopatra debacle put a damper on my obsession with watching Richard Armitage. For a couple of days anyway. But when I don’t know what to watch, I do what I always do — go back to YouTube. One of these days I might get my hands on Between the Sheets, but until then, I guess my Guy of Gisborne obsession will have to be indulged. I was hoping to salve my conscience by staying away from that silly show. But I can’t stay away from Guy fan videos. I can’t stay away from YouTube. The seduction is not only Guy but the shortness of the videos. They’re no more than ten minutes and most of them are three minutes. How bad can that be? 10 minutes x 50? Surely not. 3 minutes x 50? If I’m honest.

All of this makes me afraid to know the number of videos I’ve watched. Dang! if YouTube isn’t so “kind” to count them for me. I can’t stand looking at that number. Maybe there’s an easy way to erase the counter. Is this why I went to college? Is this why I know all the crap I know? So I can reset my counter on YouTube? Ohmygod! I’ve become that consumer I always railed against — the big open mouth. Just shove it in! No! But I can’t stop gorging myself on these videos. They’re too good!! I actually feel myself getting withdrawal when I don’t watch them for a few days and can almost feel my brain being rewired while I watch. When I’m done, I’m in a kind of stupor. Not quite slack jawed but definitely a glaze over my eyes.

But is it really hurting anyone for me to watch them? 10,000+ and counting. What is wrong with me? I mean Guy is a terribly interesting character, and Richard Armitage is definitely sexy, but this is absurd. And I’ve even toyed with doing a video myself. Noooooooo! I must stop this!

Just one more:

[Big time rationalization coming up]

Oh dear Lord, I think I passed out. I have to put this on my Facebook wall!

A little while later:

LOL! I got several comments about the Guy video. From “I want to watch what you’re watching!” to “Who is that?!!!” I love it. But I really loved saying, “Oh, that’s nothing. Wait ’til you hear him talk.” When I hear him speak, it dredges up all kinds of long dead possibilities. But I’ll never tell my friends that. They can figure it out for themselves, and actually I don’t want to talk about it.

For now this is an even better way to get Richard Armitage converts than having them watch Vicar of Dibley although Vicar of Dibley was a better way than North and South. People just don’t want to watch a four hour mini-series, and especially not when it’s a period drama. At least my friends don’t seem to like the idea — even if they do read. As one put it to me, “I’d rather read the book.” But put up a video of Guy in action? Yeah, it’s like a secret weapon even the loftiest mind can’t withstand. Maybe YouTube isn’t so bad.

See Diary Part 19 here.

Video courtesy of JoanaMafalda87. If you like it, give her some love on her YouTube channel. I just hope Joana doesn’t mind my nonsense. :D


  1. I just have to say again “Phwoar”… I avoided Richard in Robin Hood for the longest time, because I thought it was, well, rubbish, but Guy just drew me in eventually…and now…well I just can’t get over how utterly beautiful he is. I am even contemplating buying the DVDs, something that will truly shock my OH, I think. That video kind of sums it all up. Thanks

    PS A Santander advert just came on the telly!!! Now I am a puddle on the floor.

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  3. So glad you said Phwoar! I forgot to add this post to that category, and you do know that it’s properly said, PHWOAR!. LOL!

    And yes, his beauty cannot be denied. Even by my so called intellectual friends.

  4. Please enlighten me on the Cleopatra debacle???

  5. @Sandra,

    I talked about it here.

  6. Wait there is a counter?????? That reminds I’ve been meaning to organize and clean up my playlists. Yep I am contemplating the dvd set purchase. Not liking the trailer they have linked on Amazon with it, puts me right off!
    Funny you should post this because I was contemplating for the first time of posting a fanvid on my facebook.
    The one that has been haunting me and now off for sweet dream tubing.

  7. @RAFrenzy – Whaaat? I missed a diary entry? Doh! Love reading your diary. Thanks RAFrenzy!

  8. Thanks, Sandra. You might have missed it because I had it listed the wrong way on the Diary page. I’ve fixed that.

  9. 3.32mins of Guy’s awesomeness, my heart is beating oh so fast….silly Marian!

    While I was reading you posted that vid on FB, I felt this almost unrestrainable need to do the same :P

    OML :)

  10. Yes, I forgot to say – there is a counter on YouTube – where????

  11. Don´t even know this one! I like a Guy/Sheriff vid w/music Nine Inch Nails ´Don´t bite the hand that feeds you´. It´s called something else, but how? Can´t find it. :( Do you know which one I mean? Thxs!

  12. If some of you don’t know this video, that’s because it’s been gone from YouTube for about a year or so.

    As for Hand That Feeds, I think that’s gone now too, but you can get it from RAfanvids under RH S2.

    RE: the counter, that was a couple of years ago. YT has now disabled that feature.

  13. And in the nick of time since I really don’t want to know how many I’ve watched.

  14. Gisborne must very difficult to ignore, for so many Armitage fans. He continues to haunt; impossible to ignore. This vid is lovely! I wonder if there are any stats on actor fan vids: would Mr. Armitage top the list?

    I actually enjoyed RH for its utter silliness, inconsistency and sometimes incoherence of plot. Just great good fun. And ( apart from, obviously, Guy) the performances of Joe Armstrong and Lucy Griffith, in particular. Sometimes it’s nice to watch actors just having a good time and doing their professional best to overcome the production weaknesses….

  15. Well I can tell why its gone, because that song is now inedibly linked with another fandom. Which is how I got introduced to that song. It’s just been long enough for me to connect it with Guy now. Couldn’t watch it on my iPod through your post or even google reader but first thing yesterday I nabbed the vid!!
    Thank God that counter is gone, but didn’t think it would be able to keep track of how many I watch over the different applications I use even when I sign in to be able to save them to playlists, hence the need for organisation….

    @fitzg: my troop & I also fell for the other characters; Much and Alan etc
    @RAFrenzy: even though she listened to 2 RHbooks in a row on last road trip apparantly the darling daughter roots for RH because he’s the GOOD guy! Imagine my shock! :-)

  16. That was SEXY!

  17. I enjoyed this fanvid very much!! (For obvious reasons!) But I couldn’t quite make out the lyrics. Could you please tell me what is the name of the song, and who performs it?

  18. @phylly3,

    The song is called Supermassive Black Hole. It’s by Muse from their Black Holes and Revelations CD. Find the lyrics here.

  19. I’m glad all of you like this video. I think it’s my favorite Guy vid, and I love Muse. My brother tried to get me turned onto them quite a few years ago, and I ignored what he was saying. He even gave me this CD a couple of years before I saw this video, and I had never listened to it.

    Oh, and I liked this song before it was a big song for another fandom. This will always be Guy’s song to me.

  20. You are so right it IS a Guy song, totally and utterly. Too bad Elvira doesn’t have it available. I bet you were ticked when these other crazies nabbed it as theirs ;) and am I guessing right this was the ONE???

  21. You are so right it IS a Guy song, totally and utterly. Too bad Elvira doesn’t have it available. I bet you were ticked when these other crazies nabbed it as theirs ;) and am I guessing right this was the ONE???

  22. This is the one I was trying to get for my top ten list and couldn’t get it quickly enough. Is that what you mean?

  23. Absolutely. I got a little overexcited waiting for it and didn’t quite felt it being in that list of your 10.
    The power of that song combined with Guy’s nasty sexiness, particularly his snifle and stride at the start makes it so striking. It’s surprising that song hasn’t been used again as it so depicts his penned up heat, euh love. I so wish it would, just so we could get it in high quality from Elvira.

    I’ve explored her other works and have since become less a purist about N&S vids there’s even some interesting AU out there.

  24. Yep, that’s the one! It’s been gone for a while from YT. Probably a year or so, but I was watching this from the time it was on YT about two days. I loved it so much I wanted my own copy. Joana gave me one in January 2009, so I’ve enjoyed it all along. But I didn’t want to put it up without her consent.

    Kick in the head is that my brother had given me this Muse CD for Christmas 2007, but I never listened to it. I ended up buying the album off of iTunes before I realized I already owned it. LOL!

  25. Thanks for the lyrics RAFrenzy! I have become a Muse fan since watching RA fanvids! There are quite a few songs I really love now that I never would have heard without watching those lovely vids!

  26. […] Diary Part 18 here, or to access all entries, hit “The Diary” tab […]

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