How Did I Miss This?

A few days ago I stumbled on a web page that I cannot believe I’ve never seen! It’s on one of Elvira’s sites, and as much as I’ve combed over read her sites, somehow I never saw this, and I would have remembered it! It’s really good, and actually, I’m glad I didn’t see it before I started this blog or I might not have started this blog, and you wouldn’t have had the pleasure of reading my musings, rantings and just general bs*. Wait. Let me rephrase that. “I” would not have had the pleasure of musing, ranting and just generally putting out a bunch of bs. Sadly, most of us look down on bs, but sometimes it feels good. Just sayin’. ;-)

Okay, so here’s what I’m talking about, and just to make it crystal, HCMO=Handsome Cotton Mill Owner:

Red Queen, a treasured member of C19, wrote these whimsical diary entries, which follow her struggles as a North and South addict. Originally posted on C19, republished here with permission.

Diary of an Addict by Red Queen

13 January 2005 12:32

0700: Alarm goes off. First thought of the day definitely not about a handsome cotton mill owner nor what it might be like to kiss said HCMO awake. No indeed: chez Red Queen there is a highly disciplined regime of breakfast eating, teeth cleaning and general getting ready for work.

0830-0930: Journey to work on train. Unfavourable comparisons made between train journeys taken by highly fortunate young women named Margaret and train journeys taken by self. When alighting from train, have a quick peek around platform in case there are any HCMOs lurking. There aren’t. Complete journey to work on foot wondering if investing in frisbee style hat might improve chances of meeting HCMO. Decide not.

0930-1300: oh God – work is here. Spend morning exuding calm efficiency and effortless concentration. Thoughts of HCMO do not break concentration nor do visits to a messageboard cause strange squeaks of delight and/or laughter which have to be concealed from increasingly bemused colleagues.

1300-1400: lunch with friend. Actually manage not to think about HCMO for a while. Although when friend asks why she’s been having difficulty reaching me by telephone in the evening, feign ignorance. Cannot face dear friend’s look of incredulity when she hears scale of problem.

Read the rest here and then click the image again to enlarge.

I don’t know Red Queen, but all I can say is great minds think alike.

Uh, maybe her mind is a little better than mine. LOL!

By the way, Red Queen also wrote a a conversation between Darcy and Thornton, which I love too and had seen a long time ago on someone’ s Facebook page but didn’t realize she wrote it. Clever, clever Red Queen! Yeah, her mind is definitely better than mine. :D

*For those not familiar with the term, bs=nonsense. Yeah, that’s what it means or something like that.

edit: the site no longer exists, so the links have been updated to direct to a cached copy of the pages at Archive.Org. If those links rot as well, I also have screencaps for future use. Also, please note that the page may take a moment to load.


  1. Oooh!!!! Looks great! Thanks for the link. And yes, I am glad too you didn’t notice it earlier, because I love reading your blog with your muses and rants ;)

  2. Isn’t this a riot! I giggled all the way through at Red Queen’s constantly RA-infected thoughts and how lines from North and South keep occurring to her in ordinary conversations, yes, a-ni-mal! I have just rewatched the series, but this makes we want to turn around and watch it again to get another fix of HCMO!

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  4. Hilarious! Probably a good thing I don’t take public transportation anymore :)
    Funny conversation too only sounded to modern
    I moved then to the text conversation .. and was lost. :-)

  5. I had missed that post too. Hilarious!! Love the frisbe hat references and the blond moppet (so cute)! Thanks for the link!

  6. I have actually seen these before. I have spent some time reading the C19 archives and old message threads (is that sad?). Unfortunately Red Queen doesn’t seem to be around these days but she sure does have a way with words. That conversation between Darcy and Thornton is priceless!

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