Got Your Sunshine Award

I’ve received a few awards in my life, but never one that made me smile so much. I’m a bit humbled that anyone would give me an award for all of my nonsense, but I’m glad to know I could make someone smile. It’s wonderful there is something redeeming about being snarky and talking about Richard Armitage incessantly. A big thank you to That Fond Impossibility for the Sunshine Award. I’ll wear it with pride. And we’ll have to keep a close eye on you as I think you might be a candidate for The Addict List.

Now to bestow this on someone. I assume the Sunshine Award is about making people smile, and if I’m wrong, well, the award I’m giving is about smiling. I thought of several bloggers immediately. I understand from somewhere (I’m sorry I don’t remember exactly where) that I can give it to three bloggers. If I’m wrong about that too, well, does it matter? I’m giving it to three bloggers:

Reforming Geek I’ve read this blog for quite a long time. It always makes me smile and yes, I feel a bit of sunshine reading it and for awhile after I’m done. I have never commented over there but will today when I make this “presentation.” It will be interesting when she comes over here to find out who I am and realizes we are a bunch of nuts. But hey, we’re happy nuts, and she might enjoy the wallpaper, and maybe we can get her to watch Vicar of Dibley (see below).

Armitage Fan Blog Of course I have to give this to Nat. If there was ever anyone who deserved the Sunshine Award, it’s her. I don’t even care if she’s already gotten one. She deserves another one! Plus, the anniversary of her blog is upon us, so she REALLY deserves one for making so many of us smile for so long. Thank you, Nat.

and last but not least:

reviewerama I have missed her! So in honor of our Ragtag returning to the blogosphere, I have to give her one. Well that, and I always get a smile when I read her stuff. Still think she should be writing for a living. Welcome back, Ragtag!

Yes, the entire episode is back on YouTube. :D


  1. Ah, thanks for sending sunshine to me!

    You are right. You do have a crazy place here! it looks like fun.

    BTW, I love Vicar of Dibley.


  2. Yea! You love Vicar of Dibley. I knew you were one of us. ;-)

    Believe it or not, I do have a sane side, and I post as a sane person elsewhere. I’ll have to visit your blog as the “real me.”

    Thanks again for all the great stuff you’ve posted.

  3. Congratulations on your prize. You can make it into a refrigerator magnet. ;)

  4. I’m on it! :D

  5. Why thank you, Frenz. :)

  6. You’re welcome!

  7. Why thank you for such a cheerful award!
    Oh you are so outed RAFrenzy. It’s going to take some time to get used to this new nick.

    Shine on!

  8. So the clue I left LIKE A NEON SIGN was enough? :D

  9. Awww, my favourite episode of Vicar of Dibley.

    I have a sane site too. Well, It could be classed as sane, almost…

    Yes, well…


  10. :D I”m beginning to think this is sanity and all that other stuff is crazy.

  11. You are right – everyone else is bonkers! Congratulations (belatedly) on your award!

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