The King May Have Been Dethroned

Or maybe a serious coup attempted.

I love this picture:

and I think it is the best picture of RA. King in my mind. I mean who could look at that and not have some reaction to it even if they have never seen him in any roles? Oh, someone dead? Yeah, that’s about it.

But I may have seen the one that can give it serious competition, and I wish someone who has something to do with the “Captain America” movie read my piddly blog. They could see how good RA looks in the picture below. Since the movie is being made by Hollywood, of course looks are the primary consideration. We know RA can act in anything, but does he have the look for a part in that movie? Oh, baby, yes!

A big thanks to Kaprekar for this photo. I was going to just add it to another post, but it deserves its own:

I need a new tag: PHWOAR!2

second edit: and I forgot to mark the jawline tag for this entry! Yes, you can click on that tag and look at all of the lovely profile shots in this blog, or most of them anyway. That’s my public service gene at work, so I just can’t help but think of these things for the edification of all of us. ;-) Thanks, fitzg for reminding me.

By the way, that second picture is an edit of a Robin Hood promo picture found on RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. Pic #1 is lovely – how many chaps can seriously wear Guyliner?! :)

    But I find the profile shots continually striking.

  2. Yes, they are. See my edit above. :D

  3. Another fine Gizzy pic I hadn’t seen before… way swoon-worthy indeed!!!

  4. Major Swoon material! And ditto Nat; can’t recall the second shot either!!! What a fine, fine profile.

  5. Yep, I don’t remember seeing pic #2 before either, but boy oh boy! What a shot!

  6. Dreamy eyes. Snaps and leather. Finding it. Hard to. Focus.

  7. Thanks, but I take no credit for that second luscious photo. Robin who?

  8. Has anyone noticed the girl to Guy’s left and where she seems to be sneaking peeks, but who can honestly blame her?

  9. I was going to say the same MillyMe! Even the girl in the back is appreciating the ‘view’ ;)

    The first pic is one of the best, love the curly hair, guy liner, those blue eyes, not sure if it’s rosie cheeks or sunburn…
    The second is also swoon worthy, the profile, the leather… *sigh*

    OML :P

  10. I’m glad you traced the origin of the photo I snaffled! :)

  11. The second photo down, with the big blue eyes, is such a heartbreaker for me. Yum!

  12. I hear you. The second one down is the one that gave serious competition to the first one.


    You should look at the photos in that album. They’re all really high quality. Good stuff! :D

  13. @Ann Marie,

    Did you mean this picture with the big blue eyes?

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