Who the Hell is Richard Armitage?

[NOTE: I now have a permanent page (“Who is Richard Armitage?”), and it has more video clips.]

This post is for all of you who have recently been introduced to Richard Armitage, the actor, via some poll or celebrity site where he popped up as perhaps the number two or even the number one contender in a contest. But you have never seen him animated and are completely perplexed by his fans’ love. Somewhere, sometime, some of you have uttered that question. I used to ask it myself! Hopefully when you are done with this post, you will begin to understand what his fans see. I’m not going to waste time trotting out his bio. You can read that on IMDb.

I want to gush and draw you the perfect picture of him with my words. To somehow convince you that he deserves the respect his fans give him. But I know it is probably wasted because I’ve been where you are, and no words were going to do it for me. I had seen stills of Richard Armitage before I saw him act, and I was profoundly unmoved and even put off. He just can’t be appreciated from a few pictures. The chameleon quality he brings to his acting helps to make him one of the finest actors, but it sometimes puts him at odds with stills. Seeing him moving and speaking is the key to understanding. If you have never done that, then you don't get it. But you’re in for a treat if you watch him. Not only is he extremely masculine, he is sensitive as well, and the superb mingling of these makes him an utterly beautiful man to behold. As gushy as I am, this post has been very difficult to write. I want to gush a lot more, but I’ll refrain and let him speak for himself.

John Thornton:

Guy of Gisborne:

Harry Kennedy:

Claude Monet:

John Standring, one of my favorite characters:

Lucas North:

Ricky Deeming:

John Porter:


Thorin Oakenshield, his latest portrayal:


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  2. Next someone asks ME that question I know where to send them, or instead of my little email with a few YT links I’ll just link to this post! :)
    Thanks for the service

  3. I am so glad you decided to post this, RAF~

    The man is such a chameleon on screen. He’s like an excellent character actor in the best British tradition, who just happens to inhabit a leading man’s body and bear a leading man’s face (and that voice!!). I agree, the combination of such absolute masculinity with that sensitive side is to die for.

    After having seem him in pretty much everything he’s ever performed in that is available on DVD (other than as “smug man at party” in “This Year’s Love”), my respect for him as a master craftsman is enormous. I’d watch him repeatedly even if he weren’t so damned good to look at.

    And then there is that – the undeniable beauty of that face and physique, the elegance of those hands, those ever-expressive eyes that can speak volumes without words, the way he moves with a sword or a gun or a paintbrush or on horseback . . . well, the man is simply made of AWESOME.

    Top it all off with the fact he comes across as very down-to-earth, humble, polite, with a grand sense of humour and has said he likes a woman who enjoys food and has a naughty side, well – what’s not to love there??

  4. @iz, yeah, this is more public service. ;-) Seriously, I got tired of answering the question and then having to round up clips to view, so I’ve had my stock email draft ready to go on a moment’s notice for quite sometime. LOL! However, I’ve added something to it with the last video clip.


    I love to hear your descriptions of RA. You don’t know this, but a long time ago, I commented on one of your descriptions that I thought perfectly described his effect on me. I won’t reference it since I am still trying to be anonymous. :D

  5. Angie’s descriptions of RA always sends me to a rapturous zone :)
    @RAF You are such a tease!! ;)

  6. Awww, RAF, thank you! Glad I could be of service.

    The man simply makes me wax rhapsodic and poetic, he truly does. My enthusiasm for him is undeniable and very likely undying.

    . I told hubby he’d be coming back to the screen as John Porter late next year, and he teased me, saying, “Well, you’ll have moved on to some other fellow by then.”
    I just shook my head and said, “Nope. Don’t think so . . .”

    Richard is a breed apart. I don’t think I could have dreamed up anything better than that man.

  7. Well said, RA Frenzy. Or should I say “well shown.” You nailed it on the head when you explain that he should be seen in motion to be appreciated. The same thing goes for his individual roles. I never enjoyed stills of RA as Monet until I watched The Impressionists. It impressed me so much I made my first-ever fan video very soon afterward.

    RA’s John Porter role is the only one that brought out the animalistic tendencies in me before I ever saw him in action! However, there’s no way to turn back the clock and determine how I would’ve felt if I was not already familiar with RA’s work.

  8. I hated the stills of The Impressionists, and I was already a fan. LOL! When I finally watched it, oh my, he truly was beautiful in that one. I think his eyes are at best advantage in that piece, and in particular that video clip I posted. Phew!

  9. RAF,

    Richard’s eyes are particularly luminous as Monet, aren’t they? Just as you would imagine a sensitive artist’s eyes would be . . . they glow with light and laughter and a true joie de vivre. I suspect the manky wig and dodgy facial hair on his chin (or was it a squirrel??) put a lot of people off when viewing the stills. Ah, but once you get beyond those . . . and see him performing the role, you’re hooked.

    I first saw it after only seeing him in the more brooding, dramatic roles and what a joy to see those sunny smiles!! As the old Mary Tyler Moore theme song says, “You could turn the world on with your smile . . .”

    He could.

  10. That was a great idea, RAf! And you selected the right scenes from all the works.

    @Angie, I’m so glad you made that reference to ” leading man/character actor”. I was certain it was your description, but couldn’t repeat it anywhere, without going through 300+ comments in order to assign the credit! It is the best description of Mr. A ever. Cheers!

  11. This is a wonderful selection of clips that I am going to bookmark and send to anyone who asks me anything about my RA obsession! Lovely desciption from Angieklong too.
    Thanks so much for posting this!

  12. I’m wondering if I should make this post into a page, so that it’s easily accessible at the top of the blog.

  13. Good thought! I discovered Maria’s today accidentally by clicking on his name: boom a nice HTML intro and below all her related posts in a nice list. Of course for you, it’s ALL RA related :) although you could prioritize?
    I’m wondering if that page would show up when googling Richard Armitage?

  14. Angie’s little ode to Monet reminded me of this clip which has been edited out: His scream of joy at the sun after painting it.

  15. “I’m wondering if I should make this post into a page, so that it’s easily accessible at the top of the blog.”

    Good idea! I should probably do something similar for my Spooks blog.

  16. Thank you, ladies, for the love you’ve shown for my descriptive powers concerning the Luscious One. *grin* You are most kind. But given the amazing subject matter and the fact I craft with words for a living, how could I go wrong?

    Richard is just endlessly inspiring, I think. Look at all the artwork, fan vids, fan fics, blogs and websites that have been created after folks discover him. He stirs me, and in more ways than one, bless his sweet, beautiful, talented heart.

  17. What Angie writes about Richard or his characters is magical. She’s given a lovely description of John Porter on servetus’ blog which can’t be bettered. Not to mention her fan fic Truce!

  18. Great post! Well said!

  19. Thank you,, Millyme, you are too kind to me but don’t ever stop. *grin*

    The Creator is so very special; it is a sheer joy and distinct pleasure to write about both the man himself and the many, varied characters he plays. Mr. and Mrs. Armitage surely have a most wonderful son in Richard Crispin Armitage. They must be so very proud.

  20. Great post – sorry … I’m very late in making a comment. This is a really lovely video montage of some of RA’s works. Thanks :)

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