Just to Keep You on Your Toes

I’ve moved some things around. Addict List and Places to Get a Fix now have their own pages (accessible via the tabs across the top of the blog). This allowed CATEGORIES and TAGS to move up on the sidebar so they’re more easily seen. To make sure there is no confusion, just know that CATEGORIES are about broad subjects, i.e., Interviews, Voice work, Fanvids, North and South, Robin Hood, etc., but TAGS can be just about anything — whatever strikes my fancy sometimes but mostly about characters, i.e., John Thornton, Guy of Gisborne, etc. However, some tags can be used so extensively that I eventually need to make them categories, which means this is a work-in-progress. I’m sure this is a lot more than you ever wanted to hear about tags. LOL!

I would love to change some other things, but my WP theme limits me. At some point I may break down and mess with changing the theme, but I haven’t seen a free one that I like. And no way I’m going to do my on style sheet. LOL!

Of course if you have trouble finding something, you can always ask. :D


  1. I’m having the same problem with WordPress free themes. I’d like to change to give me more scope, but nothing fits ‘me’.

    I am in a frenzy keeping up with your glorious tags and categories and shall have to ingest more chocolate to cope! Half finished a new and longer chapter of the Sheriff. Trying to collect images that match the mood.

  2. Thanks for the update on your housekeeping, RAF.
    Happy to report I haven’t had to take demelzabunny to task again at Hunkess’s blog . . . I really think there is a reason why there are so very many blogs, boards, websites devoted to the TDHBEW rather than the Supposed Hero Who Ended Up As Second Best At Best. Glad I discovered yours. ( -:

    Right now I am listening to “The Convenient Marriage” (Oh, that glorious, expressive, delicious voice . . . wooden? one-dimensional? Never!!) while I work on another chapter of “Truce.” Oh, how The Creator does inspire one!

  3. Hey, if you need help with WordPress themes and the like let me know. I’ve been using WP for years and are a bit of a theme junkie. I might be able to find something that suits your needs or tweak a theme for you.

  4. @mesmered,

    I’ve been trolling for free or inexpensive themes elsewhere that might work with WP. Still haven’t found anything I really like enough to hassle with the change. I’m not thrilled about this theme, but I like the colors, and what’s so hilarious about that is I almost never wear red. I’m a white, navy and khaki kind of person. LOL!


    I might take you up on that. :D At some point I need to really bone up on CSS. If I would do that, I could change some things. I just don’t have the time right now. But hey, if you can think of some themes that might be suitable, I’m game. You can tell from this theme that I like the tailored look, but sometimes things are so tailored, that there’s no room to move and then things get cluttered looking. I would love to have a theme with flexible width and one that allows me to alter the background color and the header. Thanks for any help.


    I actually feel sorry for Jonas Armstrong. Seriously, the poor kid was so out of his league my heart went out to him. Plus, I think RA was grossly underestimated in that first series. I know I had doubts he could pull of that kind of intensity again. I figured North and South was a fluke, but oh, was I wrong! And I’m so glad too. LOL!

  5. I’m on it.. expect an email from me soon!

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