I May Get Serious

….eventually or maybe not. I toyed with again getting on my soapbox about the spoilers for Spooks, but I caved the day before it aired. Yes, I am weak. So very weak, but then I had an enormous temptation, or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to fall off the wagon.

Someone sent me the audio of RA’s interview with David Stephenson. I’m so glad! It was a pleasure to listen. Thank you, friend for sending me that file, and unless David is under a rock about now, he had to know that file would be passed around. It’s profitable life was no more than a day. I just happen to have a great scruple about these things, so I’ll hop over there sometime and buy it for a pound and happily help with overhead. But I hope my friend doesn’t let this talk of scruples keep her or anyone else from sending me things in the future. LOL!

After I was done listening, I read the print article. Wow. What a difference. I realize Mr. Stephenson has only so much space to write, and he must capture what he feels is salient for readers, and I really appreciate the way he writes. Please keep it up! But the casual reader does not get to really appreciate RA’s wonderful sense of humor. You must listen to the audio for that.

Once I got done listening and reading that interview, my appetite was pretty whet, so it was easy to just gorge myself on the rest of the interviews. Some were a rehash with a few extra comments. In particular RA mentions in one of having performed astral projection, and my first thought was he might need some pants that don’t ride up for that. I was going to make hay out of this until I had my second thought — wondering which Avengers fly. Yes, yes, I admit I’m not up on my Avenger characters! But I may have to bone up in light of today’s developments. Look at the last few lines of this interview from a couple of days ago. That tease!


  1. Frenzy,

    I have a confession to make. I make absolutely no attempt to remain spoiler free. I read it all, everything I can get my hands on and watch all the interviews, but I have yet to listen to the audio interview (RL intervening too much) but will happily spend a pound to do so, as it sounds well worth while.

    Having watched Sophia and Max’s recent interview on morning TV, the thought of Richard in yellow tights and a full banana costume tap dancing on stage keeps making me giggle. Someone needs to start asking about that and his out-of-body experiences instead of the tired old chestnut of a subject, the circus. As PJ would say, “Bored now.” He’s done so much more than just sleep with the elephants and throw batons to performers.

  2. Angie, I read the spoilers on almost everything, but I guess I just didn’t want to on Spooks. Glad I did though. Have you read that second interview link?

  3. Also, as a newspaper writer, I know about space crunches and having to pare things down to the salient points, as you say. Stephenson does a fine job, indeed.

  4. Oh, wait, I was assuming you got the out of body from the Sophia and Max interview, which I haven’t watched yet.

  5. Not yet, but I will, Frenz. I’ve been searching for a missing obit and trying to organize a bunch of educational profiles and feeling slightly crazed at the moment.

    I started into the spoilers thing because of Guy. If I had not known in advance what was going to happen to him, honestly, it would have been even more devastating to me.
    Knowing in advance made it a little easier, although I still wept. And now that my milestone birthday rapidly approacheth, I feel a bit like throwing caution to the wind, eating dessert first, and so forth. *grin*

  6. Speaking from experience, it was devastating.

  7. No spoilers in the Sophia and Max interview, especially now that you’ve seen the first ep.
    RA may want to quietly kill Sophia for bringing up his dancing fruit days.

  8. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

  9. I wonder if Sofia was just teasing as she and Richard played together in The Four Alice Bakers in the Birmingham Rep in 1999. There are some really sweet pictures of them dancing a fox-trot.

  10. I love those photos of them dancing together. But this isn’t the first time she has alluded to Richard playing a banana on stage, so I just don’t know . . .

    Truth be told, I just enjoy having that fanciful image in my head of the lovely fellow.


    I listened to the interview tonight after I got home and relaxed and it is indeed wonderful and fully worthy $1.61 in my opinion . Richard seems relaxed and as always, is so articulate and intelligent in his comments, and still that lovely sense of humor shines through. He is –and this is not a dirty word to me–a truly nice man.

    Can’t helping wondering if the part he alluded to between Spooks and Christmas is the role in Captain America? I am still grinning all over myself at Hobbsy’s video footage. He definitely knows who RA is now!! Saw lots of familiar folks had commented at his blog.

    Thinking more and more he is coming over to our shores (well, he will have to for SB) to sniff things out, as he has said. Millyme, we are NOT trying to steal him, just borrow him for a little while and let more of our fellow Americans discover the wonder that is RA. I just want him to be happy, finding good scripts and worthwhile work and doing what he has such a passion and obvious talent for. Hope when the economy finally does improve his RIII project comes to fruition.

  11. It has just struck me I tend to wax rhapsodic when it comes to Richard. Sorry to be such a blabbermouth.

    What that man does to me . . .

  12. I don’t want him to stay over here if he comes. I’m afraid it will corrupt him. But yes, can we have him for a while? :D

  13. Yeah, pretty please to all our Brit friends, we just want to borrow the lovely fellow for a bit, that’s all, and then send him back to hearth and home.

    I agree with you, I worry that Hollyweird could damage him somehow and I would hate that. For lack of a better term, he has such — purity of the spirit– and I would hate to see that tampered with.

    I think of him going to his first red carpet event on the Tube and not thinking that would be considered at all odd. Whereas a Kardashian or Kate minus eight would automatically assume they’d arrive in a limo as befitted their so-called “celebrity.”

  14. I am sure plenty of fans would be available to babysit him and watch over his morals development.

    Hard to see how he’d get to a red carpet event in LA, anyway, via public transporation :)

  15. @RAFrenzy, did you hear the Stephenson interview for free? and if so how? I’d love to hear it too if possible. Also, is it normal for people charge to hear an interview?

  16. I don’t know what is the norm, but Stephenson had it for a pound to help cover the cost of running his site. Yes, I listened for free, but I’ve since purchased it.

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