Maybe It’s True?

If you have been keeping up, then you may already know that some footage was taken on the Captain America set in Manchester yesterday, and it seems someone who looks like RA was on set. Here are a couple of screencaps from that footage.

If that’s not him, it’s someone who looks just like him.

And if you watch this footage you can see this person moves just like him:

Starts about 29 seconds

Footage courtesy of


Here’s another shot from Hobbsy:

And a big thank you to RichardArmitageNet.Com and a nice woman named Antonella for the heads up!


  1. I just looked at this a few minutes ago and totally squeed! Whether or not he is actually going to be in Captain America, any sighting of him makes me so ridiculously happy (another early birthday present thanks to Antonella and Ali!)
    I have been wondering about the hair–it had changed from the usual Lucas style when he was on his interview rounds . . . thought it could be for an upcoming role, perhaps?

    And yes, if that’s not RA –having perused the pics and watched the vid–I’ll eat the big black hat I am currently wearing (and I would rather not, as it is one of my favorites . . .)

    Of course, the thought another bloke that spectacular possibly roaming around is enough to give one an attack of the vapors *fans self with large black hat*

  2. The build (posterior, thighs, legs), stance, garb, nose, and hair are all about right. Intriguing. If it’s not him it could certainly be his stunt double.

  3. All the indications are there, the height, John Porter leather jacket, the dark floppy hair, the hands-in-pocket stance. I think his recent appearances with the cap were a clue to his next character.

    Great fun for Richard and think of the contacts he’ll make if he’s interested in breaking into American film!

  4. This would be awesome if he is in the film! It certainly looks like RA but I’m not 100% sure either. The fact that the rumor is out that he’ll be in the movie combined with this video makes me more and more likely to believe it’s true!

  5. I went to look for the pic of him outside BBC Radio1 because I still remembered him with the shorter-Lucas hair at the back and it is longer, just like ‘he’ has in the vid. Even the clothes (black jacket, jeans) are the same in both, pic and YT vid, he had just taken off the hat.

    I’m so excited! We are (almost) sure he is in CA, we just need to know wich character.

    OML ;)

  6. Ladies, I would love to think there are two on the planet that look like that, but Angie, I think your hat is safe. That is him!

    I would bet good money on it, and I never bet unless I know I will win. LOL!

  7. Well, whew, glad my hat is safe. *grin* Would hate to waste a perfectly good one!

    The more I look at it, the more certain I am that it is him, indeed. And the more excited I get!!! We’ve been wondering what he might be getting up to next . . .

    And I don’t remember even his stunt doubles in the past looking that much like him. That would be positively uncanny!

    I’ve been speculating about the cap, too, MillyMe . . . wondering if it might have a hidden message. He is a naughty boy sometimes . . .

  8. That has got to be RA! Maybe his latest hairstyle is for the C.A. film?

  9. Perhaps his older brother is his clone, and lives in Manchester? And also wears Lucas jeans and jacket? :)

  10. Should I admit I’ve seen a picture of his brother?

    The picture I saw doesn’t look much like him. Oh, you can tell they have a family resemblance, but nothing like the pictures above.

  11. I’m certain it is him, and willing to bet as well! =D How exciting!!!

  12. BTW, I put several other pics on my photobucket. Some are blurry. I’ll get rid of those later when I upload some pics from the HD version of that video.

  13. I think it would be too much to hope for a man that gorgeous to have a brother who is a clone in face and body and mannerisms . . . that’s got to be him. It’s just got to be.

  14. We love you, Frenz. We honestly–love you.

  15. I love you too, Angie. :D just don’t ask me where I saw the picture. LOL!

  16. Besides, his brother is/should be safely hidden away in down-to-earth Leicestershire noshing on home-made food and certainly not mingling with dodgy thespian types on a film set! One gorgeous actor in the family is quite enough, thank you very much!

  17. Exactly. Besides, that was two years ago, and I wouldn’t know where to look at it now anyway. Hopefully, the family has scrubbed a lot of things from the Net. Sad they have to do that, but I hope they have.

  18. I shot other video and have photos so I will go and double check to see if the guy in the leather is Richard Armitage. I thought he looked like he might be a cast member


    “1′ – in the leather jacket looks like he could be a cast member or stuntman”

    I will take another look at all my footage tonight for you

  19. Thank you Hobbs!

  20. Thank you, Hobbs, you are making my our day! :D

  21. Hobbs, you are a blessing.

    I hope it’s him. I SO want to go see him on the big screen at my favorite local theatre, as opposed to watching him on my computer.

  22. If he really is in a play next year, I’m going.

  23. Quote: If he really is in a play next year, I’m going.

    Field trip!!!

  24. @Servetus, wouldn’t we all! I hope he gets plenty of screen time sans mask! And I can’t help thinking of that snug action man costume! Here’s hoping the costume designer is as inspired as their fellow RH associates!

  25. @bccmee,

    Yes, a field trip for the students at the Institute of Armitage Studies is long overdue!


    Can they get that woman on the set?! She understood something the designer in RH3 did not. Or let me put it this way — if I rewatch Captain America, it won’t be for the scintillating dialogue.

  26. Hobbs, you are my hero. Bless you and may your tribe increase!

    I would love to see him on stage . . . I did cast a rather yearning glance at a Brinks truck when I left the bank earlier . . . oh, to see him in person in period costume and in a sexy comedic romp. Be still my heart.

    I would also love to actually meet up with my fellow RA enthusiasts (look for the mature–in age, not necessarily behavior-wise– blonde American with the soft southern accent, probably wearing a big hat).

    And @servetus, I would also love to be able to see him on the big screen at The Edge instead of just on my computer or TV. I even think I could drag Mr. LadyWriter along now that he has seen him in SB!!

  27. Since I already wrote thousands more words on my desire to see him on stage than the desire really merits, I’ll limit myself to saying that if I can make it to the play he’s in, I will. I was suspicious of the source in which that statement appeared for some reason, though (can’t remember, I’ve read so much in the last few days).

  28. Oh, and I’d love to meet you all IRL, too. Seriously. Seminar at the BL followed by a great Restoration drama production.

  29. Oh, yes, may the house of Hobbs flourish!

    BTW, I now have “permission” to go to England should he be in a play there, but I’m not sure if SO would go with me. Depends on when it is.

  30. @Servetus,

    We cross-posted. On second thought, SO can stay home. LOL! Since I would love to meet all of you, and he would just be in the way. :D

  31. It’s a date, ladies! London, here we come! The theatre won’t know what hit it on that particular night!
    @Servetus and Frenzy, you must be happy with your diligent students in the field of Armitage studies. Would I were as dedicated in my other studies at present *wail*!

  32. it looks like richard armitage but i doubt he is playing union jack bcz on the movie casts full list union jack aka lord montgemry is played by JJ Fields… so maybe richard just dropped by for a meeting or something…

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  34. Hi,

    I have stitched together the very few long shots (zoomed in to 100%) I had of the person in the leather jacket to make a makeshift image – check it over at:

    (ps. can someone change my name from Hobbs to Hobbsy on my comment above please. oops. Also I messed up my link)

  35. Here’s a screengrab I cropped from the video:

  36. Hobbsy,

    I went to your site and commented. Looking at your additional stills zoomed in I have to say without a doubt, it IS Richard.

    And it’s true JJ Fields is listed as the Union Jack character on IMDB, so if he is playing a role, we can assume it is something else.
    Interesting . . . very interesting.

  37. Of course it is him – it looks just like him!

    In the Closer interview last week, there was a mention that his next job involved diving in deep water, so the speculation is that he will be Namor the Sub-mariner.

  38. That’s right, Kaprekar, he did mention deep water . . . he’s on the set of this movie about which there’s been a buzz for a while . . . must go investigate Namor.

  39. @ kaprekar,

    I forgot about that clue! He is such a tease! LOL!


    Have you seen the picture Heather posted? If not, check it out.


    I’m enjoying your indie music blog!

  40. I just went and took a look at Heather’s pic . . . does that description remind you of anyone?? *giggle*

  41. Except for the weight, yeah, it sounds familiar. :D

  42. 5’2″? Will they amputate Mr. Armitage at the knees?

  43. LOL! Look like a 6 to me but maybe it’s not.

  44. I read up on Namor a bit and he apparently has superhuman strength, this angsty underwater prince, so I guess he’s got to have some impressive muscles and muscles weigh more than fat, you know. I do find this amusing in that Richard has that fear of deep water . . . yet he’s played a lifeguard, been water-boarded and almost drowned by Bobbin (leaving us with that utterly captivating image above – – – sigh). Not afraid to face his fears, is he?

  45. I took another look and it is a 6. It’s that blocky typeface that makes it look like it could be a 5.

  46. It looked like a 5 to me when I first saw it, but I compared it to the license # at the bottom.

    I’ve also been reading up on Namor. Interesting stuff. I feel a blog coming on. LOL!

    Did I really just say that reading about a comic book hero is interesting stuff? Ohmygod, what is happening to me? I hope SO never finds out. He really will NEVER let me hear the end of this.

  47. @Hobbs, thanks a zillion for your vids/pics and stitching the shots together!

  48. I find myself doing lots of things I would never have considered interesting or necessary BRA (Before Richard Armitage).

    I did mention to Spouse RA was sighted on the Captain America set which had caused a flurry of interest on the Net. He gave one of those dramatic sighs and said, “It’s like a gaggle of prepubescent girls . . .”

    Funny, I don’t remember feeling that way about a celeb when I WAS a prepubescent girl.

  49. So I gotta ask if BRA is your creation? I ask for a reason other than I just want to know. :D

  50. Frenz,

    To the best of my knowledge, it is an Angie original. I have my life Before and After FMS, which isn’t nearly as much fun to ponder as life BRA and ARA. ( ;

  51. Surely there has got to be an announcement from Marvel soon, one way or the other.

  52. This kind of looks like him what do you think??? maybe?

  53. I hate to say it, but the nose makes it obvious. Yeah, I’d say that’s him.

  54. And the hands.

  55. That’s what I thought too…

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  57. Been lurking long enough. You gals are crackin’ me totally up. To echo the repetitive theme here, I must crazy. I’m commenting at a blog about a comic book personage that may or may not be Mr. RA? Heaven help me. Way too fun reading all the comments. Kinda like reading someone’s diary.

    I will bow out now, but will continue to read your thoughts. Trying to wipe a goofy grin off my face now.

  58. Welcome, Sue!

    Tell me when you can get rid of that grin. I haven’t been able to do it for at least two years. :D

  59. Here’s another one that you might want to keep up with.

  60. You STILL have the grin?! Whoa. I’m doomed! But then it does make others wonder what you’re up to. sigh, my life ARA.

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