Namor or Nazi?

I had a post ready to go about RA possibly being Namor in Captain America. But it seems after watching the recent footage of the filming of a gunfight in New York (aka Manchester), a man looking and running very much like RA appears to be a baddie, which means it can’t be Namor. I’m reasonably sure of this since reading up on the characters. Also, it doesn’t appear that he can be Namor if he’s just in a shootout (see clip below). I could be completely wrong about this, but after reading a few comic book sites, that’s what I understand.

However, it’s possible that RA is a Nazi henchman named Heinz Kruger. Deadgummit! That means he won’t be in the movie very long if he’s Kruger, and it also means I can’t go to town on the character. If I were more convinced he would play Namor, I would be prepared to go on and on about this character who comes from a fictitious race of people, is the first known comic book anti-hero and bi-polar to boot. Oh, great fodder for this blog! But it’s not to be. (I’m shaking my head as I write this. I hope RA knows he has some really rabid loyal fans out there who will even talk about comic book characters when they CAN’T STAND that stuff. Before now I’ve often imagined guys who were into comic books as the same ones who sat in rooms alone and did things to themselves that I can’t mention on this blog and still keep it “safe for work.”) Making light of a Nazi is not nearly so much fun. But if I had my clever hat on today, maybe I could have come up with a little ditty like “Springtime for Hitler” to describe Kruger. (Thoughts of an Argentine Tango dance in my head. Yeah, I know it doesn’t fit; I would have worked it in somehow.) But I’m not so clever today. Heck, I’m doing well to post this.

When the action starts, check out the man in the light gray suit who runs and jumps into car on the far right of the screen:

If you’re wondering if this is RA, then check out this screencap posted by kadamanja on yesterday’s blog piece:

Screencap courtesy of Cesta (C19)


  1. Yeah, it sure looks like him. I don’t mind him playing a baddie, but darn it, not one with just a smidgen of a part, please!

  2. oh, this is hard for me. I want him to have the kind of experience that leads to the sort of exposure that brings him into film roles (if that’s what he wants), but one of the most tiresome character types of all, I find, is the quasi-Nazi baddie played with an obnoxious German accent. I disliked this even before living in Germany but now that I have so many German friends I also feel sensitive on that score. On the other hand, I also want him to keep working, make connections, do what he wants, etc. So I’ll keep any further cringing to myself. In the end, I’m following his career, so if this is what he wants to do next, I will at least give it a try.

    (Also never been all that interested in comic books or super heroes — but it maybe it will get him some younger and male fans?)

  3. I have another question — if this is supposed to be New York, why does the figure get into the left side of the car?

  4. Wait, that was a stupid question. Sorry.

  5. Well, hopefully he will not have the atrocious German accent I remember from my childhood days of watching WW II movies. I would think it would be more subtle. As I said, I don’t mind him playing a baddie , but please not a cardboard stereotype of a role. And not a blink and he’s gone role, although I realize I have been spoiled seeing him as leading man on TV.

    Now I really do have to get back to work. I almost wonder if it’s worth it to take a vacation when they dump so danged much *&%$ on my shoulders and I’m running really low on sleep? Sorry, exhausted and in a bad mood.

  6. I’m sticking with Namor. Ok I may be wrong, in which case please slap me.

  7. No slapping, Kaprekar! I’m hoping with you.

  8. What doesn’t make sense are the clues RA has given us in various interviews:

    He’s working on something between now and Christmas (long shoot for a small part)?
    He needs to get over his fear of water,since he’ll be working in dark and murky waters in a future role.
    He’s had a cast made of his head and something involving Astral Projection
    He mentioned at least twice the superhero or superhuman qualities people want and He mentioned invisibility and flying (and maybe more, I can’t remember) as the most popular in surveys.

    So, was he just teasing everyone or…what? (I just hope whatever the part, his name isn’t John).

  9. Great recap, Musa. I honestly don’t know what he was doing.

    Putting this link here for possible future reference.

  10. […] Rumors about Mr. Armitage’s potential role in Captain America abound. I find myself basically neutral to slightly skeptical about this as a career step — except maybe as a networking opportunity. However, if Mr. Armitage really wants to play a villain, and speaking of classic works of the English canon that I DO like, I read an intriguing report that Paradise Lost is to be filmed soon. I would LOVE to see Mr. Armitage as Lucifer. I’d definitely cast him. He could also play Mephistopheles in Goethe’s Faust if he wanted to. Could be breathtaking. Quasi-Nazi gangsters with thick fake German accents, eat your hearts out. Nobody’s as evil as the Prince of Darkness. He could also play Faust, that would be fine with me. I’m sure he could learn the German quickly enough. Lots easier than Russian. Somehow I suspect this is going nowhere. But it would be great. So many great titles for blog entires: “Justifying G-d’s Ways To Man: Armitage Theologus” (about the work of dogmatic theology Mr. Armitage will write after taking the role — wouldn’t that be great?) or “Service: Standing, or Waiting?” (about the annoyances of holding still for makeup). […]

  11. @Musa, I totally agree with your points. I don’t get what he’s talking about.

    And is John a really popular name in the UK? I’m seriously asking that question here, or is it just a coinicidence that he’s played a bunch of characters with that name?

  12. I remember some recent discussion about RA’s “beefcake” image and in the light of that a role as Namor who wears speedos at worst and a diving suit with an open vest at best would be the last I wound want for him. I think being in this movie as a first step into movies is not a bad thing as his is really huge and his current action roles on TV qualify him for that. But I don’t want him to stick with the comic book genre for ages but he probably would if he were Namor.

  13. As usual you make an excellent point, Jane.

  14. I do not know if you have seen this as I have not been online much. Sorry if you have seen this.

  15. Ok now that I forced my firewall to open your links, I see that you have.

  16. I need to be slapped because it appears that he is indeed going to be Heinz Kruger.

  17. Well, not by me. Richard Armitage as German villain. I’m sure his performance will talk me into it.

  18. @Avalon,

    Don’t ever assume I know something! So thank you anyway for the link. :D

    @kaprekar, Not be me either. I’m too busy slapping myself. Plus, Jane made a good point, so I’m not that bummed about less screen time.

  19. Great, a Nazi. I am Austrian and I am sick beyond words about all the Nazi BS (in casse you wonder, here we are bombarded 24/7 with stuff about those 7 (!!!!) years on radio and tv. I mean Austria has ore than thousand years of history, as bad as the Nazi era was. I am so not going to watch this. Can’t stand comics anyway.

  20. Forgive the typos. I shouldn’t write when I am upset.

  21. I’ll probably see this movie. I don’t like all comic book flicks but I enjoyed the Spiderman franchise. Yes, it’s too bad if it’s a small role. We won’t know till we know. Now if only we could get ahold of the clips that land up on the cutting room floor. I know a few peeps who would have a field day! Maybe we could make a full-length movie. It ain’t gonna happen but it’s nice to dream. Sounds better than the dream I had the other night of attending a cocktail party hosted by a young Sophia Loren and then going blueberry picking and being attacked by a swarm of bees. Hmm….too much information! ;)

    Back to the topic at hand. I have always said that Richard Armitage is big-screen material. Here’s hoping that this leads to a principal role in a movie “all about love.” :)

  22. Gosh – I have 4 weeks of catching up to do. RA is in captain America? i haven’t managed to read or listen to any of the interviews he has given over the past weeks.
    @Musa – which interview? dark and irky waters? Can I hope he is talking about my favourite hypothesis and wishful thinking RA role?? “… a tall figure stepped from the shadows. He was drenched with water, his black hair hung wet over his face and shoulders, and a fierce light was in his eyes…” Guess the character :)

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