They Won’t Know What Hit ‘em

The recent news that Richard Armitage is cast in ‘The Hobbit’ has some speculating about his abilities, and for some he comes up wanting. As a former skeptic of Mr. Armitage, I don’t care what they think. Once they actually watch him in action, all that negative talk will be a thing of the past. Oh, I’m sure there will be a few naysayers. Aren’t there always? But those aside, most will be pleased with his performance. The guy can pull off just about anything. I have yet to see him in drag, but somehow I feel sure he could pull that off too. LOL!

Now where was I?

Oh, yeah, RA was cast in a big budget movie!!! Someone slap me ’cause I think I’m dreaming. But really it makes sense. He’s just that good. Am I biased? Damned right, but it’s my gut that dictates it, and rarely is it wrong. Sounds arrogant I know, but it’s true. You can ask SO, but then I’m keeping SO to myself, and he doesn’t get to read this blog and interact with any of you here. I just get to talk about him. Along with talking about Richard Armitage.

For anyone new who has landed here out of curiosity about Richard’s work, you can see several different clips on my “Who’s Richard Armitage?” page or at RichardArmitageNet.Com, aka the mother lode, or if you’re in a hurry, you can watch a showreel of his work:

Showreels courtesy of Elvira Sweeney and uploaded here with express permission.


  1. that is MY line!! LOL i can’t wait for everyone’s jaw to drop when we get the pressjunkets and all the interviews! There must do Comicon for sure!!

    I AM curious about your gut though…and the things it has predicted Ah well, will never know…

  2. This movie is so big it’s scarey! (Most expensive production on record??). I’m not listening too much to the critics as to most of them he is an unknown. As a member of TORn, I feel the best comments are those from posters who are putting their faith in Peter Jackson in terms of his casting. They are mostly adopting a “wait and see” approach. This must be quite stressful for RA – it’s a huge role and the burden of having to live up to the expectations of PJ, Tolkien fans and worldwide audiences must be immense! I hope he has found a place away from news and internet and can chill out. I guess the production remaining in NZ is an advantage to the actors as it means they are far away from all distractions/comments etc.

    PS: This site was linked on TORn – did you know?? :) :)

  3. Your reel, RAF -gasp! Still reeling! :D

  4. The best comment was from my 19-year-old son who is fond of Peter Jackson’s movies and Tolkien. He said: Richard Armitage as Thorin? He is too tall and too hansome but, if he is as good as he was in Strike Back, he will be an excellent king of dwarves. He is a good actor!” You see? He’s not interested in RA’s handsomeness but he can appreciate his talent!

  5. Somehow I tried to comment here earlier and it didn’t take. Oh well.I’ve been sitting in an office with a psycho killer, two fairies, a lady sheriff, Goose from Top Gun, a giant banana and Elvis. And me, the Gypsy Queen. So it’s been that kind of a day . . .

    For all those for whom RA is still that unknown quantity, I agree, once they see the man in character, working his magic–they will believe. He hasn’t disappointed me yet!

    When the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie came out, the tagline was “You will believe a man can fly.” I would paraphrase that and say,” You will believe a tall, dark and very toothsome 39-year-old man can become a hairy old dwarf. ”

    I do hope he and the other actors will have an opportunity to escape some of the madness and hoopla surrounding the most expensive film production ever made (wow!!(

    As John Porter told Katie. “Trust me. You just have to trust me.”

  6. The proof will be in the pudding, I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long.

  7. Maria, your son has got it right. If an actor is good, he’s good.

    My husband watched Strike Back with me and although he teases me about my affection for RA, he also now knows Richard is, indeed, more than just a pretty face and he respects his abilities as a performer.

    He certainly doesn’t give a hoot what RA looks like. That’s why it’s so ridiculous to me when people say RA gets parts only because of his looks. No, he gets parts because he can ACT. The looks are just the icing on the fabulous cake. Few actors could be so effective as he in such a variety of diverse roles.

    As Servetus says, the proof is definitely in the pudding!

  8. Amen sista, amen.

  9. A year surely is feeling so far away!

    @fitzg, I’m glad you liked that, but I can’t take credit. That one is Elvira’s.

  10. Happy Halloween!

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  12. We are SO in agreement here!!! It’s gonna be fab!!!!

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