Oh Heck, One More Before I Go

My apologies in advance to Richard Armitage, but I can’t stop chuckling at RA playing a dwarf. No offense to anyone who is a dwarf, but I keep seeing RA as Tim Conway’s Dorf only with a deeper voice and a beard of course.

Again, my apologies, and I’m sure RA will do a wonderful job as he’s done with everything else. I look forward to seeing his Thorin. Man, all of a sudden a year feels like a long time.


  1. Will certainly be interesting to watch a 6’2″ actor compressed into someone a little (much) smaller…. :)

  2. Found some interesting comments about special effects on the Lord of the Rings movies in wikipedia which suggests they may not be quite so mad to cast a tall actor as a dwarf.

    Scroll to Scale section – Size Doubles

  3. Funny stuff! I love Tim Conway, but hadn’t seen this character before.
    Thanks Frenz!

  4. Great find Kaprekar, now it makes a lot of sense! Our tall boy is perfect ;)

    OML :)

  5. Well, someone said that Gimli’s actor is 6’1″, and he shrunk down very well, so there shouldn’t be an issue with someone who’s just an extra 1″ taller than him. :)

  6. […] do something funny. Dare I say that he really did remind me of Dorf? I don’t feel badly about my post now. Oh, you thought I really did feel badly about that post? You haven’t been reading this […]

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