What’s So Fearsome?

So Richard Armitage has a fearsome army. But we’re a bunch of pussycats, aren’t we?

Whatever has happened, somewhere along the way this Army has begun to be characterized as something powerful. What else am I to make of such descriptions as “slightly terrifying” or “advancing angrily?” Wow. The Army sounds like a threat. Fear not my fellow troops, we are not a threat. We just make damn good copy. :D

The only trick is for us not to succumb to this kind of talk and go into a full-scale defense. Frankly, if my piddly words about Richard Armitage and the words on a few other blogs and forums or some comments here or there have that much power, then damn! we need to start putting up ads and making some MONEY! Yeah, I like the sound of that. ;-)

Bark off the tree: my jaded self has a hard time believing Richard is really that bothered by all of us, and I sense the work of a publicist. Yep, there’s some manipulation going on, and that screams publicist. If anything, we have been a great means of helping Richard get some press. After a while it’s a little hard to believe he’s trying to marginalize the Army when so many articles have “us” mentioned and sometimes featured.

I will reiterate that this has bored me to tears in the past. When I first started reading articles about RA, I wanted to read about him and not a bunch of women like me. I could think of nothing more BORING. No offense to any of you. But as things go on, I think this is funny as hell, and I’m running with it. Just as Richard has. Smart boy.

And if my gut is wrong about all of this, well, that husband who hung the moniker on us is getting a wonderful revenge! I would so love to know about that guy and if he really exists. Truly, I am curious about him and have been since I heard he was the unsuspecting genius who coined the term.

Note to unsuspecting genius:


Too bad you couldn’t make any money on this, or maybe you did. LOL!

One of Richard’s crazy fans


  1. Newspaper Lady agrees with Frenzy. Sense fine Italian hand of Mr. Publicist at work here.

    If it helps the lad become better known, it doesn’t bovver me, mate. *wink*

  2. I agree absolutely, rafrenzy!

  3. He DOES have a publicist (see Imdb.com) and Servetus says something like: “He has his ways of ´winding us up´ “, so that angry mob (LOL) REACTS accordingly with FREE PUBLICITY.

  4. Of course he has a publicist! LOL!

    This is something that some in the fandom need to just have fun with and not sweat over it. Frankly, I love being manipulated like this and reacting with free publicity. :D RA is worth it.

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  6. I clicked on the link for the “slightly terrifying” comment, hoping I wouldn’t be offended… and laughed out loud! I love it. It’s said by some know-it-all giving their opinions on “The Hobbit” casting… slamming RA, saying his range isn’t wide enough but that they’ll “trust Jackson” while mentioning his huge following of “slightly terrifying” fans. If we are that scary, how would they dare snub Richard? :) I can’t wait for them to eat crow once they see him in the film!

  7. I didn’t know he had a publicist. Hmmmm…..

  8. Geez, he has a manager, too….

    How did I miss all this????

  9. Does he have a publicist and manager? I guess that is his agent but I will dispell one myth – the IMDb records are updated by a fan and so is the wikipedia site. The photos on IMDb have to be posted by the agent though. By the selection of photos, you can see they aren’t that active in updating.

    “Army” conjurs up the image of a group that marches in defense of a cause or follows a leader. It is kind of terrifying when looked at from that perspective. I think in the past fans have been tempted to comment in defense of any writing they feel appears to be criticism of RA. I still have bad memories of the Guy vs Robin//RA vs Jonas flame wars that appeared on the boards a few years ago. I remember blogging years ago about RA’s messages wondering if they were “the real thing” and receiving heated responses from some quarters of the fandom. (“How dare I question their authenticity). … as for Charlie – heaps of people got involved in following that project (some investing) prior to RA signing a contract….. There are three unofficial websites, a number of forums and blogs … fair game for the media. Yep, I’m sick of it hearing of the fans in media reports, but until we see some change in behaviour from some quarters, the press will continue. I have to give Kudos to some of the forums who are now running threads to discuss the negative comments in the media with regard to RA’s casting and discouraging fans from writing reacive comments. I was going to blog about this today. I see a maturity developing in the fandom as RA’s career changes and I suspect fans no longer see themselves as having to “defend” him from attack which I think they did in the past (my opinion from 3 years of RA fandom watching). It’s a step in the right direction imo.

  10. Apologies for typos and bad spelling in last post!!

  11. LOL – of course he has a publicist an agent, a manager, and Spooks and Strike Back,and any other program or film he does has a PR machine that gets in gear every time to make sure there’s an audience there to watch it. Wait until the marketing and PR for The Hobbit gets in gear. Richard is an actor not a saint.

    As a fan I do feel supportive of him and his work, as I would for a friend for example. He’s an intelligent man, and from his interviews he seems to be quite open and honest, while trying to keep his personal life private. In every way he comes across as a lovely person. I love his interviews. Not his fault he gets the same questions over and over from the press. But the press also gets info from the PR people that triggers what they’re going to ask of Richard, and he goes along with the game because he’s he’s contractually obligated to sell, sell, sell. Sorry to sound so cynical :)

    I’ve only read his messages to the fans now years after, and of course I don’t feel the thrill everyone felt getting his messages “live”, but I feel that they are genuine. He struggled for many years to make it in the business, and at first you can tell how excited he was to have fans and to share with them. Plus the sense of humor is very much like what you get in his live interviews.

    I’ll stop now.

  12. Totally agree, Musa. Richard is an actor, not a plaster saint, but a flesh-and-blood human being who has worked and struggled so hard for a long time in a tough business.
    He seems well-grounded, has a marvelous sense of humor and for such an attractive and charismatic fellow, doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously.

    (His craft, yes–himself, not so much. And this is how I would like to be myself, so I admire that.) I think he is a truly lovely fellow and the sort of person I would actually like to sit down with and talk about movies, books, music, pop culture . . .

    There are actors whose work I admire but I really couldn’t see myself wanting to sit down and have a cup of coffee with them. Richard–yeah, I could. I like him as a person as well as an actor.

    I do hope at some point that tiresome old chestnut about him running off to join the circus to get his equity card will be retired. Permanently.

    But he is always gracious and charming with the interviewers, even the rather clueless, ham-fisted ones, bless him.

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