What’s So Fearsome?

So Richard Armitage has a fearsome army. But we’re a bunch of pussycats, aren’t we?

Whatever has happened, somewhere along the way this Army has begun to be characterized as something powerful. What else am I to make of such descriptions as “slightly terrifying” or “advancing angrily?” Wow. The Army sounds like a threat. Fear not my fellow troops, we are not a threat. We just make damn good copy. :D

The only trick is for us not to succumb to this kind of talk and go into a full-scale defense. Frankly, if my piddly words about Richard Armitage and the words on a few other blogs and forums or some comments here or there have that much power, then damn! we need to start putting up ads and making some MONEY! Yeah, I like the sound of that. ;-)

Bark off the tree: my jaded self has a hard time believing Richard is really that bothered by all of us, and I sense the work of a publicist. Yep, there’s some manipulation going on, and that screams publicist. If anything, we have been a great means of helping Richard get some press. After a while it’s a little hard to believe he’s trying to marginalize the Army when so many articles have “us” mentioned and sometimes featured.

I will reiterate that this has bored me to tears in the past. When I first started reading articles about RA, I wanted to read about him and not a bunch of women like me. I could think of nothing more BORING. No offense to any of you. But as things go on, I think this is funny as hell, and I’m running with it. Just as Richard has. Smart boy.

And if my gut is wrong about all of this, well, that husband who hung the moniker on us is getting a wonderful revenge! I would so love to know about that guy and if he really exists. Truly, I am curious about him and have been since I heard he was the unsuspecting genius who coined the term.

Note to unsuspecting genius:


Too bad you couldn’t make any money on this, or maybe you did. LOL!

One of Richard’s crazy fans