Tangent — Facebook, I Think I May Really Dislike You

Have you heard the news today that Facebook may eventually own the word ‘face’ when it’s used online in chat rooms or forums? Wow. I’m wondering exactly what that means. Sounds like they will have some sway over how the word ‘face’ will be used. Yep, that’s exactly what that means. And I’m sure they will charge for its use in some instances. Are they crazy to push for this word? They are already intensely disliked by many, and now we can’t even use this word without them involved? They need a good ass chewing. Where’s Mike Masnick when I need him?

This begs for the invention of a word to replace ‘face’ or perhaps an emoticon. Something needs to thwart FB. Yep, we need another word for ‘face,’ or the emoticon might be even better. Then someone could trademark it and become mega rich. LOL!

I wonder if FB will get ‘book’ next.

Off to load up Paint app (yes, my graphics editor is crude).

In the meantime, perhaps we will meet ‘headfront’ to ‘headfront’ one day. Yeah, it’s lame, but it’s all I’ve got right now.

Do I need a picture? Oh yeah.

The perfect picture. That one’s for you, Sue. ;-)

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

And no tag for Richard Armitage on this one. I’m leaving him out of this mess except I like his picture. :D


Note to Facebook staff (or action fans): the picture is a joke, but my disenchantment with Facebook is not.


  1. I saw this on the news this morning and thought it had to be a joke. How can they own the word “face”!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. While I am on Facebook, mainly because our publisher required us to be ( also I have a Twitter account for the same reason and several followers, even though I have never tweeted in my life and may very well never do it) and it has actually come in handy tracking people down I haven’t seen in ages to reconnect, and even getting in touch with people re articles–I am not in love with it. (And for the last time, I don’t want to play Farmersville, people!! I don’t want to “tag” people! If I am going to waste time, it’s going to be discussing/drooling over the fabulous RA, OK??)

    Love the pic. Share the sentiment. It’s getting ridiculous, isn’t it?

  3. It’s Farmville, Angie, it’s Farmville. LOL!

    But obviously we’re agreed — except we have to get you corrupted acclimated to Twitter. It’s a myth that your IQ goes down a few points when you use it. :D

  4. @Musa, I wish it were a joke.

  5. @Angie, You do know I’m teasing you about Farmville? :D I HATE that stuff.

  6. Sorry, Frenz, there is a place in neighboring county named Farrmersville . . . you can tell how seriously I take the idea of playing it, can’t you? *grin*

    Oh, gawd, I feel so bloody corrupted as it is . . . I used to be such a nice, sweet, respectable girl. *sigh* I supposed I will be sucked into this, too. Welcome to the Dark Side!! (maybe Guy will want to start Tweeting in Sloth Fic, who knows? “Just shampooed my hair. Borrowing LW’s mousse . . .”) LOL

  7. I’ve just started on the Sloth fic. Hilarious!

  8. You mean that is for real? I read that news too and thought they never will get that name. You think they might, really ? How very bad.
    But I still can add smileys using a facial expression ;o) and use my own to laugh?

  9. Frenz,

    Glad you are liking Sloth Fic. I really am glad that remark came up at Servetus’ blog because Sloth Fic has become a certified hit for me. I like to think Richard would get a kick out of the concept of his characters hanging out in my den, eating my food, arguing over the remote control and, in Guy’s case, borrowing my eyeliner. *grin* I love playing with the characters this way . . .

    Oh, I knew you were kidding about Farmville. I grew up on a farm, still live in the country on a portion of that farm, have no desire to “play” at farming, I guess. But apparently hordes of women in my age group adore it.

  10. Looks as if my thesaurus, worn out as I write, is going to require usage on FB as well. Social media is great in its way as its linked me as a writer with so many friends and readers across the world, but there’s always been a the slight taint of Big Brother about it.

    All I can come up with, without my thesaurus right now, is visage to visage! Ye Gods!

    Agree entirely with angiekong, hate all Facebook games and apps and will not respond when sent such invites. Re Tagging, the only ones I have ever done and will do no more, are those connected to books and reading. There is a way to block some apps I believe, not sure about tagging.

  11. Big Brother is exactly what popped into my mind, too, @Mesmered, and this just reinforces that for me.
    And if I got to get visage to visage with the Facebook folks, I would tell them a thing or two about getting too big for their britches.

    Linking with like-minded people in the fandom and my newspaper and fan fic readers has been really nice; but otherwise—blocking sounds like a grand idea!

  12. Such hubris. It’s silly The scary part is that anything is possible these days. Once corporations own the language….

  13. Oh, I forgot to say, CDOart, that yes, it’s real, but it’s not conclusive that they own the word yet. The government has given them clearance to lay the groundwork for acquiring the word. I’m not sure what that entails, but it’s not a good sign. They also have sued for the use of the word ‘book.’ All of this was borne out of their suite against a porn site using a variation of their name. But it’s too much.

    @mesmered, There are things I love about FB. Mainly that I can share pictures and video and othe rmedia very quickly with familiy who live very far away.

    @pi, oh certainly hubris at its finest, but then I’m not surprised when they have a guy like Mark Zuckerberg running the place. He is one of the most arrogant and thoughtless people I’ve witnessed in a while. It’s stunning some of the things he’s said about the FB users. We are fair game to him.

  14. I haven’t read the words of your blog posting yet, but I LOVE THAT PICTURE OF JP!!!!

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. I’ve always been one about knowing HOE to use the system. And I thought I knew. With privacy settings high, like (button disabled in sharing information) my name pops up in google cache showing all the things I “like” don’t mind sharing my likes it’s my name being google-able that freaks me out.

  16. Biceps *thud*

  17. […] Although some of you may know this, it still amazes me how cavalier or ignorant or both people are about this site. So I bring this post for those of you who are still enamored of Facebook but don’t quite realize the vulnerability it creates for you. Facebook is everywhere and gives someone the ability to lift all sorts of things about you not the least of which are your personal photos, and it does not matter about your privacy settings. Well, unless you have no friends on Facebook which would defeat the purpose of the site. And I won’t even get into Facebook wanting to trademark the word “f*ce” and how invasive that may be. You can read about that here. […]

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