There’s a Bicep

Oh yeah, there’s a bicep:

and a tricep as well as a helluv an extensor. Not even going to mention the deltoid, ’cause, well, it’s covered.

There it is again:

And again:

No, I guess that’s a tricep alone. I can handle it. :D

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good bout of blatant objectification. Sue me.

And maybe it’s just me, but I actually like the lack of cuts in his arms. It means the strength there is more naturally his and not a pretty boy getting bulked up in the gym. This strength is much more compelling than the well toned, oiled, pecs bigger than most women’s chests kind of guys. It’s also in part why I wrote this post.

Note: new tag ‘bicep’

Yes, I Am On a Caffeine High

Phew! When the family finally lets me have some coffee, they just leave the house.

Karima just popped up with one of her amazing pics. I’ve already posted this scene today, but you have to see her work. Go ahead and click it to enlarge:

It seems to have a 3-D quality as well as looking like a painting.

Screencaps courtesy of the amazing Karima.

Tangent — Facebook, I Think I May Really Dislike You

Have you heard the news today that Facebook may eventually own the word ‘face’ when it’s used online in chat rooms or forums? Wow. I’m wondering exactly what that means. Sounds like they will have some sway over how the word ‘face’ will be used. Yep, that’s exactly what that means. And I’m sure they will charge for its use in some instances. Are they crazy to push for this word? They are already intensely disliked by many, and now we can’t even use this word without them involved? They need a good ass chewing. Where’s Mike Masnick when I need him?

This begs for the invention of a word to replace ‘face’ or perhaps an emoticon. Something needs to thwart FB. Yep, we need another word for ‘face,’ or the emoticon might be even better. Then someone could trademark it and become mega rich. LOL!

I wonder if FB will get ‘book’ next.

Off to load up Paint app (yes, my graphics editor is crude).

In the meantime, perhaps we will meet ‘headfront’ to ‘headfront’ one day. Yeah, it’s lame, but it’s all I’ve got right now.

Do I need a picture? Oh yeah.

The perfect picture. That one’s for you, Sue. ;-)

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

And no tag for Richard Armitage on this one. I’m leaving him out of this mess except I like his picture. :D


Note to Facebook staff (or action fans): the picture is a joke, but my disenchantment with Facebook is not.

How Does Someone Get This Gig?

Or why did I go to college? When I could have become a make-up artist and been so, so satisfied.

I’m just throwing this one in below ’cause I like it! The bicep might have something to do with it.

See more behind the scenes pictures here.