A, You’re adoRAble

Have you ever met someone whom you liked instantly? You didn’t know much about them, but you had a sense they were good people? Isn’t that a wonderful feeling! Well, I’ve now met a few of those people in the RA Universe, and one in particular is just a sweetheart of a person. Actually, all of them are sweethearts, but one in particular is the focus of this piece. She is so pleasant and such a pleasure to talk with (even if it’s just in cyber space), that I can see why she has so much success getting into and out of places other people just dream about and with people loving her all the while.

There’s only one drawback. She’s not yet a RAbid fan of Richard Armitage like the rest of us. No, she hasn’t wised up on this yet, but with this post, I’m putting her on notice again, that we are going to infect her eventually, and there is nothing to fear. It’s a wonderful addiction, Simone! But today, I think you may be closer than I thought. A website to discuss RA’s work?! Yeah, I think I’m seeing some symptoms. :D I love that you named us the #adorables, but honestly, the name fits you most of all, and if I sound like I’m gushing, I am, but my gut dictates it. I trust it more and more everyday, and I’m so glad, and hey, maybe one day we really will see one of Simon Russell Beale’s plays together.

Oh, and I love the membership cards bccmee made for us even if I lost mine and had to get another one. LOL!

And a big thank you to Twitter for making this possible.

edit: so the website fizzled, but hey, if people don’t try things, they’re not having nearly so much fun. That goes for Twitter as well. If you’re reading this and have never tried Twitter because you’ve read some horror stories about it, or you briefly looked at it and it made no sense, please think again. Almost every form of social media has some horror stories. Goes with the territory, and while I will admit that Twitter can be intimidating in its native mode, i.e., doing Twitter from your Twitter account page, there are some wonderful tools to help with that and which make it more fun. There are also lots of people who are helpful. I like to think some RA fans and I are among those. So what are you waiting for now?


  1. I heartily concur, Simone is adorable. It’s only a matter of time before the fever overcomes her, methinks, and there will be no going back. I’m personally thrilled to be one of the AdoRAbles. *giggle*

  2. Not to make you feel funny, but I associate you with that word too.

  3. Not to butt in but me wonders how nice we would be if we had to share Mr. AdoRAble? LOL So glad how virtually we can do .. ANYTHING!

  4. I honestly don’t mind sharing. SO’s profession dictates that I share him quite a bit, so maybe I’m used to it. LOL!

  5. I really don’t mind sharing, either. I mean, I do actually know RA’s not actually MY spouse or main squeeze, so it’s not like he’s cheating on me LOL It’s more like–come see what a really wonderful human being and fantastic actor I discovered, and, oh yeah–he’s GORGEOUS and drop-dead sexy! You’ll like him, I promise. *grin*

    And my husband sometimes feels a little like Mr Lady Writer as it is, just because I am a sort of big fish in a tiny pond whom a lot of people both know and “know,” and he’s so very good-hearted about it. I must strive to be gracious, too.

    And RAF, thanks for thinking me adorable. I’m flattered. *blushes*

  6. You’re welcome.

    I feel like you about the sharing. I want to share him. He’s too good not to share. I have a hard time not sharing and driving some of my friends crazy trying to get them to watch his stuff.

  7. There are so few people who know who he is around here–I don’t think the local cable system has BBCA yet, so only those who have satellite, as we do, have seen him in RH, which is where I discovered him, of course (oh, you Guy!) So I’ve shared him with my sisters through giving DVDS and audio books, and gave one sister a region-free player (will give the other one the same in the future). I gave Deb Robin Hood S 1 for her birthday as I just KNOW she will enjoy the leather-clad bad boy. RA is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Of course, I do feature him quite often as the background on both my iMac and my laptop at work, which has proven a conversation starter.
    Our former sports editor, now the editor in a neighboring county, remarked to me after the news broke about The Hobbit, “Hey, Ang. I saw where YOUR Richard Armitage was cast as Thorin . . .” LOL
    MIchael, like so many others, was a little sceptical about RA as a casting choice (“Isn’t he kind of young–and tall??”) but I immediately assured him Richard would make him a believer, because he is THAT good. I am always proselytizing whomever will listen.

  8. Hey Frenz! You’ve finally convinced me to join Twitter. I am officially following you. NOW what do I do? I have no idea what to Tweet!

  9. I’ll send you a note.

  10. Thank for the heads up on the blog RAfrenzy.

    ” ‘A website to discuss RA’s work’? ” Yes it looks as it is the beginning, sooner than later she’ll acknowledge it.

    OML :D

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