Another Ripple In the Pond

I’ve likened the words of Richard Armitage to pebbles going into a pond where we all ripple appropriately, and I’ve said more than once how much fun it is being a ripple in the RA universe. Hope the erudite among you will forgive me the mixing of those metaphors. With the recent hand wringing over RA’s grammatical homicide of the apostrophe (I won’t even go into his faux pas with double negatives), I feel compelled to ask for that concession.

Where was I?

Yeah, feeling the pond.

Being a ripple is never so keenly felt as when I float around on Twitter. Earlier, Sinjoor tweeted a link to a YouTube video, and I will admit I don’t always go over to look, but I did today. So glad I did, because I got to “meet” Allison, who I predict is going to make quite a splash among us fans. She has some guts, and hey, if RA sees her singing, who knows? He might call her. ;-) I adore your initiative Allison, and the song is a hoot!

Note: I wrote this piece earlier today and was going to post it on New Year’s, New Years’, New Years Eve, NYE (take your pick), but I wanted to speak to Allison first. So I sent her a note, and then I went off to do other things. It finally dawned on me a little while later that she put the video up to get a reaction, and there was no need to ask her permission to use it. Yes, sometimes I’m very, very slow on the uptake. So Allison, here I am reacting. :D

Oh, I just noticed right before I posted this that Skully already had it up. Aren’t we good little ripples? LOL!


  1. Yes. It really is a hoot! I saw it favourited on Elvira Sweeney’s Youtube page. So I shared it on Facebook. It is very funny and I love how she is obviously enjoying herself while singing it. I wonder who filmed it? They must have been having a blast!

  2. I’m surprised it took so long to get out. LOL!

  3. I bumped into this the other day but didn’t really view it, thanks to Phyllis who reminded me! I plan on learning it for when we DO get together over a campfire … We must do a sing-a-long and quote our limericks!!

  4. Fantastic!

  5. Wonderful!!! Thank you for posting.

  6. Isn’t it great?! This vid deserves lots of ripples :)

  7. Coooool!

  8. I watched it the other day and I thought it was wonderful, but she has some guts to publish it! Brilliant!

  9. Wow….She is brave, and quite hilarious. Wonder if RA will ever see this?

  10. Ya never know. :D

  11. HAHAHA! Love it. I like how she’s smiling and laughing while singing it! :)

  12. She’s my new hero for 2011! :D

    Happy new year, RAFrenzy! Hope you have a wonderful 2011!

  13. oh, I so hope RA sees this and contacts her! If there ever was a fan who deserved to be recognized in some way by RA it’s this woman. She put her face out there, didn’t hide behind some pseudonym (like me, hee! hee!) , and went beyond writing him a letter, or making a vid with clips of his work. She basically wrote him a love song with humor and seems not to take herself too seriously while doing it, something I think RA would appreciate.

    Hope she gets a resonse from him!!!

  14. Isn’t she adorable? Okay, I’ve used adorable twice in one week, something is going on! Seriously, I love Allison! And after reading a bit on her, I like her even more. Wouldn’t it be a scream if RA did acknowledge this? I hope he does. I doubt he has time, but it would be cool if he did.

  15. Adorable in this case is definitely appropriate :)

    Where did you read about Allison? does she have a site?

  16. I’ll tell you on Tuesday. :D

  17. Or Thursday. ;-)

  18. Wow. You Americans are unbelievable.

    I’ve only found this entry today and the similar one on me+richardarmitage.

    Now, I’m going in guns blazing.

    Anyone can make a mistake but……

    the American habit of saying “on/at New Years” is oh so wrong – you must know that, in this case, “New Years” (however you care to puntuate it) is used as an adjective, ie. a discribing word. Therefore you need a noun after it! You can’t just say “New Years” but you can say “on New Year’s Eve”, “on New Year’s Day”, at a New Year’s Eve party”.

    “Compared to” is grammatically incorrect, too. It should be “compared with”.

    etc., etc.

    As an Australian, I write English the way the English do but I forgive Americans for the fact that they spell incorrectly (favorite” in lieu of “favourite”, etc.) and can’t seem to get English slng/curse words right (eg. “pissed off” is really angry or upset. “Pissed” means “drunk”!!!! If you’re going to borrow from the English, do so “word for word”).

    OK… isn’t it silly to “pick on” other people if they use our common language in a different way FROM us ….not “different THAN” as most Americans say!!!!!??????

    Please, please quite taking yourselves so seriously.

    I don’t claim to be perfect and I’m sure that Richard doesn’t either.

    So how about we “live and let live”?

    If you feel inclined to get back at me, just post it on Facebook – I’m a big girl, I can take it.

  19. whoops…sorry made a few typos!

    “discribing” should have been “describing”

    “slng” should “slang”

    and I missed out the odd “..”

    I was in too much of a hurry, wasn’t I? Maybe Richard was, too, when he wrote his email Christmas letter!!

  20. “quite” should have been “quit”



  21. I’m posting this here, too; posted it as a reply on my blog.

    kathryngaul, I think you missed the point of this post and the one that led to it. The first post was to query why this was an issue for me — not to criticize Mr. Armitage, but to ask (a) why I care about punctuation and (b) why we’re so protective of Mr. Armitage. And the point of this post was to poke fun at ourselves — all of us — for our miniscule attention to these things. It looks like from your posts below that you eventually saw what was happening, for which I am grateful.

    As for “getting back” at anyone on facebook — who has the time?

  22. I am sooo sorry. I wrote that in a hurry because I was angry and, like a fool, I hit “post” before I re-read any of my stupid words.

    I regreted my haste, of course, and I did try to delete it but it was too late

    Thank you for replying so nicely. I certainly didn’t deserve it.

  23. Please don’t worry about it anymore. I just wanted to make sure there was no misunderstanding.

  24. Kathyn, it’s all good. :)

  25. […] I ripple, it’s a side effect. It’s not seriousness of purpose in marketing and media […]

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