FanstRAvaganza — What’s the Big Deal?

FanstRAvaganza part deux is coming and some have asked: how is that different from any other week on the blogs? It’s different in a few ways. Most important is that it overtly promotes community and yet diversity in the RA blogosphere. Also, not everyone who is part of this event blogs about Richard Armitage almost non-stop. There are some who only blog about him occasionally and there are some who are new bloggers. This is a chance for their presence in the RA universe to become known or perhaps a little more known to you. But for me as an almost non-stop RA blogger, this is a chance to engage and highlight fans more than usual. As much as I love watching Richard Armitage and talking about his work, I wouldn’t be here if many of you were not interesting. Talking to a bunch of dullards wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying, and you are far from dullards. So I want to get you involved and highlight you at times during that week as I’m sure some other bloggers will be doing as well.

In that interest, I’m going to tell you the topic I’ve selected for that week and ask for some input. I’m covering his voice work. Not exhaustively but quite a bit, or an attempt to. I would love to hear from you about any subject or work concerning Richard Armitage’s voice that you’re interested in hearing about or even some obscure detail that you would love to learn or hear more about. If I don’t know about it, I’ll try to ferret it out — within reason. And no subject is too small. LOL! I did think about putting up a poll to get your input, but it would be limited to all the subjects I can think of, and much as I sometimes like to think of myself as all-seeing and all-knowing, well, the truth is I’m not. ;-) Plus, whatever you send would be better left as a surprise for the others, so the comments on this post have been disabled.

Yes, I would like for you to contact me directly. People do that all the time, and I really appreciate it. I’ve had some marvelous chats with people who have never commented on my blog. That’s just not their style. I understand. But of course we don’t have to chat, and you can still send me your idea. If you’re hesitant, please know I’ve never divulged information about anyone. Hey, I’m anonymous, so I’m certainly not going to out anyone else. LOL! Just know that I would love to hear from you about any idea. Again, no subject is too small. Contact info is on the upper left sidebar, “CONTACT ME.”

I also don’t care how old or how young you are. Wait. Actually, I do care how young you are. You don’t have to have reached your majority (18 in my parts), but I would like for you to be at least 16, please? I sometimes say choice words here and really don’t want young kids involved in that. My own kids don’t get to read this blog, so I’m not too hepped up about other kids reading it. If you want to fake me out, I guess you could try. I haven’t quite honed my people reading skills to always determine who is a kid simply from online communication. However, I can tell a lot of the time, so be wary if you’re a kid. For those merely a kid at heart, come ahead. :D

Hmmm. A deadline? I’m thinking the last day of February would be good.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Candid shots courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com

[note: Yes, the shirts he’s wearing are very similar but one zips and the other buttons, and yes, the collars are different. Servetus, I’m blaming you for this new found sartorial sensitivity. LOL!]


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