FanstRAvaganza is Coming

Coming March 14-21 is the second annual FanstRAvaganza, an event where bloggers who are fans of Richard Armitage post for a week on various and sundry goodness concerning RA and his fans. Last year was a lot of fun and had a little something to do with me entering the RA blogosphere. I suspect it had the same effect on several others. Perhaps this year we’ll see an explosion? :D

A big thank you to Nat at Richard Armitage Fan Blog for organizing the event.

This year so far will include the following bloggers:

An RA Viewer’s Perspective

Avalon Medieval


From the Quill Tip


Mesmered’s Blog

Nevermind Mr. Armitage

Phylly’s Faves

Richard Armitage Fan Blog

Spooks Fan Blog

The Framework Blog

The Squeee

and yours truly.

More later. I’m just hoping to cheer you up on this monotonous Saturday in January. :D


  1. I am very much looking forward to this as I missed out on all this merriment last year. I think it’s going to be lots of fun, especially as the RA Drought largely continues. *sigh*

    Oh, and I really like that promo poster. “Hi, I’m Richard!” Great job, Teena! Can’t go wrong with the CBeebies. And the heavenly shade of blue reminds me of his lovely eyes . . .

  2. It was such fun last time! This time it looks even bigger and better with more blogs involved. This is a great way to get to know bloggers and posters from all over the globe and to revel in all things Armitage, especially in this year of his Dwarfdom!

  3. Considered me cheered! While I don’t have a blog of my own I had so much fun last year and it really opened my eyes to this whole other universe of fun, creative and RA-frenzied fans who really do have so much more to say and offer then just their undying devotion to Richard Armitage!
    Looking forward to March!

  4. It’s going to be a lot of fun, I reckon! And to think it’s so much bigger this year as well! :D

  5. Armitageworld just keeps growing and growing! :)

  6. And well it should! The amazing man continues to be such a wellspring of creativity and inspiration for us all . . .

  7. Haven’t done my happy dance here yet!! Woot!! But I HAVE retweeted AND shared on FB!! LOL

  8. Thrilled. 2010 event was where I encountered the blogs and Armitage-people. Can’t think how Natalie, with three little people, is managing to prime this. Gratitude to all the bloggers and creative people who will be involved. Woo Hoo!!

  9. Nat is amazing to me. Would it be revealing too much to say I think of her like a daughter? :D Seriously, I find myself basking in her accomplishments and also very protective of her.

  10. I’m grateful Natalie was willing to start it again — for all kinds of reasons, but mostly because she is such a cool person.

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