Captain America Kicking Into Another Gear

I’m seeing more and more press on the ‘Captain America’ movie, and I’m actually getting excited. Something I thought was impossible — even if Richard Armitage is in it. I am not a comics kind of person (I need to say that 50 times slowly), but then I didn’t think I was a period drama person either. So much for my convictions.

This week the movie is featured in Empire Magazine. I enjoyed looking at the article, but of course this was the most interesting piece:

Ali has the whole article at RichardArmitageNet.Com.


  1. Yep, I am getting pretty excited, too, Frenz, and I don’t think of myself as a big comic book movie fan (although I DID enjoy reading Superman comics as a kid, I confess, and I loved the first Iron Man movie). Richard Armitage has lead me to expand my horizons, that’s for sure.
    I had to check out the magazine article as soon as I clicked onto RAnet this morning and was delighted to not only see Richard’s pic but to read the reference to him reading The Hobbit in his trailer. :D Love seeing mentions of our boy and his projects in the press.
    I have also been to one of the CA sites and the fan boyz largely seem pretty excited about this film, too. I think it’s likely going to be a blockbuster . . .

  2. SO was laughing at me about this movie. I hardly ever watch stuff like this — even if it’s going to be a blockbuster. LOL! But he said, “I assume you’ll be seeing this with or without the rest of us.” Smart guy. :D

    But I have to tell you that the picture is freaking me out some. It is NOT attractive to me because he could almost pass for my dad in that picture. If he had a cleft chin, he would look exactly like him when he was young.

  3. Oh yeah baby, kickin’ into high gear! While I don’t think RA is going to gain a large following by playing a Nazi, it won’t hurt his career either. I’m just delighted that the movie studios are finally recognizing RA’s talent. Someday I’d like to see him in some appealing roles such as a romantic comedy. One of my favorite movies of all time is “About a Boy” and I guess it would be considered a romance but it was so much more. I wanted to *live* that movie! All the characters were so fascinating and complex. That’s my wish for the actor Richard Armitage: well-written projects with fleshed-out characters.

  4. That kind of romance would be great!

  5. I think “Kicking into another gear” could become another catch-phrase like “Armitage Protection Mode!” :D

  6. LOL! Most of us are so anal around here, I’m sure we’ll name the gears as well. I guess our own version of CWS.

  7. Frenz,

    My husband laughs at me ALL the time about pretty much anything connected to RA. He does SOOOO love teasing me. I have to say that’s not the most flattering photo of Richard I have ever seen (please don’t feel I am dissing your father with that comment).

    I am thrilled folks are sitting up and taking notice of Richard’s tremendous talents now, too. Wasn’t “About a Boy” based on a Nick Hornsby novel? I’ve seen it and I liked it a lot. Yes, romantic but NOT a standard, pedestrian rom-com by any means. Your wish is my wish for him–good writing, complex and interesting characters he can sink those lovely teeth into. And he really does need to do something all about love . . . *sigh*

  8. No problem, Angie. Unfortunately, that’s not the only picture that made me have a flashback. I hate it when I see those, but it reminds me that my dad was very, very English in his look. He toured the UK on several occasions, and a couple of those times people kept mistaking him for some retired footballer. My mother got a kick out of the looks on their faces when my dad would respond. He was a Southern boy! :D

  9. Would someone remind me when CA is going to be released? I should know this I’m sure. But I don’t. And thanks for posting this Frenz!

  10. Comes out in July. :)

  11. His role in The Hobbit has certainly elevated his profile. I betya that his role was/is minimal. Now, he’s a big deal and a bigger draw to CA, so everyone can see what the Thorin fuss is about. Yep, they’re banking on RA putting bums in seats for CA.

  12. Yep! Two things jumped out at me immediately: the photo is focused on him and not Chris Evans, and his picture is before the leading lady’s. LOL! This spread more than anything I’ve seen confirms his rise in status.

  13. Oh, yes, Frenz, people are definitely sitting up and taking notice of RA. Just as it should be!!

    I have even wondered if after all the hoopla about The Hobbit came out, if they didn’t possibly pad his role in CA a bit–he spent a fair amount of time filming scenes (of course, I do realize a lot more footage is shot than ever appears in the finished product, but I always try to be optimistic. And he is SO very good . . . I bet he loved being dastardly, too. I remember him saying, “It’s so much fun playing the bad guy” referring to Gisborne.

  14. Frenz,

    Funny how we sometimes don’t fit what people expect us to look like/sound like. My husband is a southern boy who sounds like he could be from the Midwest or possibly Pacific Northwest . . . and he’s always sounded that not, not just since he spent 12 years in the Midwest. Like most people around here who have deep roots, we are both Anglo-Scots-Irish with some Cherokee. He looks like he has some Indian in him; I made a most unlikely looking Indian chief’s wife in the Advanced Reading Class Thanksgiving play one year :D And, of course, according to almost everyone I know in the fandom, I should be a brunette. Go figure.

    Does it just give you a strange feeling to see RA looking so much like your dad? The closest he’s come to looking like my dad was as John Strandring–and he’d need a seed cap, blue Liberty overalls and a farmer’s tan to really pull it off LOL

  15. All I can say is….I’ve never been to a premiere in my life or wanted to for that matter. But…. we could all go and wave signs that say “We love baddies” or “Heinz Rules” or something to that effect. Y’all decide on the logo and I’ll make the signs? ;))

    The great/convenient thing is, I have 4 grandsons who will love this movie so let’s see…if I take one at a time, I can see it at least 4 times with readymade excuses. And then if I can talk hubs into taking me…just sayin’. We all have to make sacrifices in life. It’s tough.

    After the 1 yr old grand left, I went back and read the article CLOSELY and saw the July date. Hard to concentrate w/child in lap w/3 babies and a stroller!

  16. NB,

    I like the way you think. “Gimme a K–Gimme a R–Gimme a U . . .” I could borrow some cheerleader pompoms from the high school, too . . .

    This is the kind of movie Spouse would like to see in the theatre–he’s a big WW II buff. So I am quite sure I can get him to go with me. Maybe I could go borrow someone’s sons, grandsons or nephews for a few extra viewings?? I’d be doing a good deed, of course–

  17. I’ll dragoon my son – he just saw The Green Hornet. And he’s a WWII buff, too!

  18. Actually, I am pretty much a WW II buff myself–I wrote a series of articles on WW II veterans in our area that I found extremely satisfying to do, and also interviewed a dear English rose who served as a Land Girl back in those days and now lives stateside with her husband, who is a member of the Lions with me. Also, my dad was an MP at a German POW camp in Crossville, Tenn. which is where he met the pretty blue-eyed brunette nurse who became my mom . . .

  19. I like movies of any genre (if they are well done), but I must say I don’t remember ever rooting for a Nazi before. I will find it hard not to stick up for the baddie here. For example when I see this picture and notice the boo-boos on my dear one’s face I wonder who dares to hit Mr. Wonderfulness on the FACE! And that Captain America guy better ease up his grip on RA or he will have ME to deal with! The wrath of Phylly is NOT a pretty thing!

  20. As an ex-cheerleader coach, I hang my head in shame. Shoulda thought of the old Gimme a K thingy.

    I’d loan y’all a kid or 2 but it’s a fer piece to any of y’all from here! Could get expensive.

    My daddy was a Marine on the Pacific front. Youngest in his division. Lied about his age and joined at barely 16 right after Pearl Harbor. He talked about it some but I wish he would’ve written it all down! Daddy was 6’6″ w/black hair, blue eyes, fair skin…no RA double, but handsome in a gangly country boy way. See, no matter how hard we try not to (??) we always come back to The Man!

  21. @Phylly3: Personally I have no problems hating the character without hating the actor. I loved to hate Guy & Lucas & Lovelace, much to the dismay of some (but not all) of my online friends.

  22. NB,

    I was too uncoordinated to be a cheerleader, but I was on the pep squad and I can holler and cheer with the best of them! I’ve got spirit, yes I do, I’ve go spirit, how ’bout YOU??

    I love gangly country boys. I think it was really hard for a lot of the men to talk about their experiences. When you think about it, so many on both sides of the war were so young and so untested by life when they got thrown into all that–and still are today.

    I liked hearing my dad’s stories about the German prisoners–how the camp guards taught them to play baseball, and how one of the prisoners saw a magazine Daddy had one day and said a photo in it reminded him of back home. So Daddy tore it out and gave it to him. Some of the POWs ended up coming back to settle there in Tennessee after the war. It is a really beautiful part of the world.

    Anyway, I had the family members of some of those soldiers I wrote about, who later passed away, write me and tell me how much my articles meant to the families. It was a part of their fathers’ life stories that, in some cases, the family members knew little or nothing about.

    Yes, NB~~All roads inevitably lead back to Richard Armitage . . .

  23. Phylly,

    I am like you. I am sure I will convince myself Heinz is just a misunderstood fellow in need of love and proper guidance, poor thing . . . such a softie when it comes to Mr. A and his characters,


    OK, I can comprehend someone hating the characters of Guy (whom I profess I will always love because he reminds me in some ways of my father and I won’t go into details about THAT) and Lovelace (when I wrote my AU fic I should say Lovelace was redeemable and NOT a rapist, I would never condone that) but hating Lucas? Really? That perplexes me. Did you always hate him, or just after he turned out to be a barmy, murdering git with fluid morals (NOT that I buy that load of codswollop)?

  24. Ooooo, Phylly’s true self surfaces!

    And nice save bccmee! The (but not all) was very diplomatic.

    Angie…you really need to tell us what you REALLY think about Lucas/John!

  25. @Angieklong: I really hated Lucas at the end, but I never much liked him to begin with. To be fair, I came aboard the RA train after Spooks 7 so I started watching Spooks in season 8. Lucas was badly written and his character was so contradictory and he was a laughably bad agent who couldn’t shoot straight. Almost everyone under his watch was killed. He would’ve been fired in the real world (I hope) for incompetence. I blame the writing. I’ve said it many times, I thought Lucas was beautiful to look at and I’m one of those people who preferred the stills over the actual video.

  26. Ah, Bccmee, that explains a lot. Spooks 7 introduced us to a damaged hero struggling to regain his place in the world — not so unlike John Porter in some ways–and it was excellent. Top-notch writing and plenty of edge-of-your-seat thrills, too. I eagerly awaited every ep.

    And then–series 8 came along and things started going downhill. The whole Nightingale arc didn’t quite work for me and for the love of Mike, I couldn’t figure out why Lucas would become such a numpty over black-rooted, blurry-lipped Sarah of the Inexcusably Awful Accent (NB, can you guess how I feel about her??) I hoped things would turn around in 9 and they only got worse. Much worse.

    “Laughably bad” actually describes what that show has become for me. The Lucas of Spooks 7 had so much promise and potential as a really interesting and engaging and complex character–and the writers chose to systematically destroy him. I completely lost respect for the show as a result. If I had written a fan fic along the lines of S9, I am pretty sure my beta would have taken me aside and said, “Ang, this–really isn’t working for me . . .” Bad writing, poor casting decisions . . . shoddy, shoddy, shoddy.

    But I agree, Lucas was lovely to look at. Even when they unleashed the odious Bateman on us, Lucas just seemed to get hotter–tighter jeans, tighter shirts. Yummm. Shallow, yes, but it gave me some small consolation.

  27. Whoa, whoa. Let me catch up. Hmm. My dad almost went to Korea; anyone want to guess how tall he was? :D

    And yes, Angie, I’m completely weirded out when I see pictures that look like my dad.
    I tend to think this was drawn to my attention to keep me from fantasizing. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. ;-)

  28. Oh, and when I was in high school, I scorned cheerleaders. :D (ducks)

  29. Frenz,

    I can see where it would be kind of weird for you. I understand weird. I think I’ve had Truce on my mind and John’s fears about his future child too much, because I dreamt last night that I gave birth prematurely to a baby–and four kittens. I was rushing about afterwards with a huge grin on my face, telling everyone, “Hey, I’m 50 and I just had a baby and four kittens!” If this had happened to me in RL, I suspect I wouldn’t be so blithe and bonny about it.

    I told Benny about it this morning on the way into work, and when I was trying to describe what the baby looked like, he said with a perfect deadpan expression, “And it looked like Richard Armitage.” (Actually, I have no idea what he looked like as a baby, but this bald little person looked more like me at birth).

    Re cheerleaders, you have to know the RIGHT ones, Frenz. Just like you have to know the right beauty pageant girls. I roomed with one in college the entire four years and she was really funny and down-to-earth. Think outside the box. :D

    Although if my niece started putting my little great-niece in those glitz pageants I would have to stage an intervention . . . you do NOT spray tan five-year-old girls and weigh them down with masses of fake hair, fake nails, fake teeth, fake eyelashes and troweled-on makeup, teach them cutesy poses, cheesy smiles and the like and then talk about letting their natural beauty and personality show through. Oops, I just got off on a tangent, mea culpa!

  30. Actually, my best friend, whom I mentioned in one of my diary entries, was a cheerleader in high school — head cheerleader in fact. LOL! She’s shown me the error of my thinking. :D Another really close friend (she was my best friend in high school) is a high school chemistry teacher and has been the cheerleader sponsor at that same school for, oh, I have no idea how many years. If someone had told me in high school that she would be doing that, I would have laughed. Heck, she would have laughed. But then if someone had told me I would be doing what I’m doing, I would have laughed even harder.

    As for RA likenesses, I really do think of it as a safeguard. :D And to date I’ve never had a dream or fantasy about the guy and don’t plan to. Man, I sound dull. LOL!

  31. The art teacher at my alma mater is a major cool person (and the niece of my best bud in high school) and she was a cheerleader back in the day and then cheerleader sponsor for years. One of my best French students, who went on to study it as a minor in college and get glowing reviews from her college profs for her foundation in it from high school, was a cheerleader. So I have learned to respect the pom-pom. :D

    It’s interesting how some fans have an extraordinary amount of dreams related to RA/his characters, and others have few or none at all. The few I have had have always been quite comical or rather sweet. A jubilant Harry as the world’s tallest nativity play angel and RA barbecuing on my parents’ back porch and just being so lovely and pleasant. Maybe it’s that I use so much of my vivid imagination in my fanfic and poetry that there’s not much left in the old subconscious.

  32. Pom Pom Respect! Totally understand the lack thereof. I was temporarly insane when I took the job. My family definitely did not laugh!! My 3 sons groaned out loud. When I took the coaching job, the goal was to create a squad of “CHEERLEADERS” Not cutesy little dancers w/skimpy skirts who actually cheered during games. And showed up for games. And practices. Pretty revolutionary stuff! Some still call me and even “friend” me on FB. I guess they didn’t hate me as much as I thought. Enough. I could write a book on that experience. But I will have to say, as a coach, I learned a new attitude about the sport of cheering. Every summer at camp, I realized that those kids had to be athletic or they’d kill themselves doing the stunts. Of course, during most of the stunts, I had my eyes covered. Pretty sure that’s when I started having crazy blood pressure. Duh.

    I had the coordination to be a cheerleader but not the nerve it took to get up on a stage by myself for tryouts in front of the ENTIRE school. Just shoot me NOW. Besides, no chance cause each class picked 1 boy and 1 girl as their cheerleaders. I was in the Drill Team and loved it.

    Dream update: No RA themed ones yet and I have the craziest dream life in the world!! I think it’s a hormornal thing. Really. I’d have off the wall goofy dreams, I mean INTENSE, 2 days before the monthly thing. Like clockwork.

  33. Actually, the granddaughter of one of our dearest friends and neighbors when I was growing up who was also a former student of mine was rehearsing a stunt where she was on top and something went wrong–she fell and broke her back. She recovered amazingly fast; the doctors said the fact she was in such good shape to begin with and her youth aided in the quick recovery, I think you have to have respect for an activity in which you can break your break.

  34. Break your back, rather.

  35. Not sure if this pic tells anything about RA chanced profile? HK is the first enemy CA fights, the first chance to show his new-found superhero powers and an opportunity to engage the audience with an action scene early in the movie. They would probably be bored to death if they had to wait for the second half of the movie. I suppose HK meets his maker soon enough.

    BTW funny that this is the second “HK” RA plays.

  36. What a testament to his ability that his HKs are worlds apart.

    I could be so wrong about this, but when pr is done for a movie, it doesn’t appear the sequence of the movie is taken much into consideration but rather what will get the most attention from readers. I’m not sure exactly how things go down in the UK, but in America, rarely is someone put in that slick a spread if they have little or no name recognition. Not unless the makers of the picture want to promote that person as well as the movie. The fact that he was in this spread at least says something about his status in the UK since The Empire is a UK publication. It remains to be seen if he’ll get this kind of attention in an American publication. I hope he does, but I’m not holding my breath.

  37. I would say the best bet publication-wise to promote RA here in the US will be Entertainment Weekly. They were the first to post an online interview with him quite a while back . . . and he’s been in a couple of articles with photos relating to TH and CA. Of course, time will tell . . .

  38. Hello all!!! I am SOOOOO ready to go watch Captain America now NOWWWWW!!!! How can I possibly wait until July!!!!

    Have to confess I sneaked into a couple of newagents yesterday to have a look at the article Empire mag!!!!! Woo hoo!!!

  39. I agree with all of you that RA will have more play and PR now in the US because of The Hobbit. I’m curious to see if he appears in the CA trailer this Sunday at the Super Bowl. If he does, then we know they think he’ll be a draw for some of the audience.

    I’m not a sports fan and I’m planning to watch the Super Bowl for RA! Who knows, maybe I’ll become a football fan :) Being his fan is very educational :)

  40. I guess I’ll have to to have the Super bowl on too, just to catch the trailer. Not much of a sports watcher (unless we’re playing the U.S. or Russia in hockey :) or downhill or figure skating in the Olympics) But, we have to make sacrifices…

  41. I’m no longer addled, so I think I’m going to wait for someone to upload the thing. I just don’t want to sit through four hours of that — even for Richard Armitage. LOL!

  42. We’ll be at our Community Super Bowl party this evening. I’ve told all males attending to be sure that I’m paying attention during all commercials and that they hereby promise to alert me when all and any Captain America commercials air and will dutifully be quiet during said commercial. All females attending have been briefed on possible RA appearances/flashes and thereby have Egyptian cotton towels on the ready for any excess drool. And just in case, I’m recording the whole thing at home.

    Frenz…several sties and youtube already have info about the Super Bowl commercialls up and I’ll bet they’ll have them up SOOON!!! I did a search on SuperBowl and Cap. America…whoa, you would’nt believe what popped up!!

  43. Yep, there are lots of previews, but none of them that I’ve seen have given a preview of the CA commerical. Darn it! But I’ve alread bookmarked three different sites that are supposedly going to have the clips of the commericals up as soon as they happen. We’ll see which one is first. LOL! I’ll be so busy looking at those sites and won’t have time for the game. :D

  44. And there you have it…a shot of back of head…w/ a tad of profile in the sub? Went fast!

  45. I wasn’t expecting a lot in just 30 seconds so I was thrilled he made it into the cut–you can’t miss that profile! I suspect we will see more of Heinz in the full-length trailer. BTW my husband thinks it’s absolutely hilarious I am so eager to get a glimpse of a dastardly Nazi henchman. Lordie! Fergie’s glitzy outfit for halftime is about to put my eyes out! time for BBQ!!

  46. I know. First time ever I’m rooting for a Nazi anything. Nice to know that you’re at the very least entertaining the Mr. ! As to the halftime show…they DID keep all clothing on. Tell your Mr. Baker of all things wonderful and gooey, there’s a new recipe out there for S’more Bars. Woooo Doggie!! It’s good and it’s rich. Since I didn’t stay long at the party, I’m waiting for the reviews.

  47. That’s true, no wardrobe malfunctions, thank goodness!! Mr. Baker is busy concocting something right now. I shall have to go and investigate shortly. I am hoping it involves some sort of chocolate. *grin*

    Benny said perhaps we could check and see if there is some sort of group discount for therapy for us all . . . the “Barmy Army” that is. LOL! Honestly, I think the man could play the world’s worst serial killer and I would somehow find sympathy for the character and rationalize his actions . . . because it’s Richard in the role. *sigh*

  48. Everyone, if the Profile made it to the ad – thrilled! I did cop out in favour of watching newly-acquired DVDs of MI5 8 and Strike Back…

    Hope everyone’s team won. As if. :(

  49. RA FRenzy has it posted at her blog now, along with a screencap of Richard in the sub.

    Well, it’s been a bit back and forth, although Green Bay is still ahead 28-17–oops, Pittsburgh just scored on a pass! Still more than seven minutes to go in the game.

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