Diary of an RA Fan — Part 1 Winter of My Discontent

Entry — a few years ago:

Man, Mimi keeps bugging me about that blasted mini-series.  And it’s a period drama. No thanks.  I’m doing good to like Pride and Prejudice.  My attention span can’t handle a period drama.  I have to follow the language so closely; it’s just too much work, and the people are stilted.  But I have to admit sometimes I feel smarter just pretending to watch.

What can equal P&P?!  Shock of shocks, I adore it and Colin Firth and the proposal scene and the lake scene and of course Lizzie and her father and her silly mother and even Mr. Collins.  I love them all!   About the only thing I don’t like is the ending, but it’s not horrible.  It’s just, well, it doesn’t quite satisfy.  I guess that’s period drama — all that restrained passion that just, well, stays restrained. It doesn’t really matter.  If P&P had a more satisfying ending, it would be an 11.  Thank you, Mimi for turning me onto Colin Firth.

“North and South” just sounds lame, and the only thing worse than period drama is Civil War period drama. Blech. But  Mimi keeps telling me, “It’s English not American! You’re gonna love it!”  Thank God it has nothing to do with that schlock Patrick Swayze was in.  I’d put a bullet in my head before enduring something that awful again, and yeah, I can be a sucker for an English accent.  But then there’s the bland DVD cover.  I hate to be shallow, but the “stars” of this piece look like the same yawners as in all the other period dramas except for P&P.

Phew. Sometime this week I have to break down and watch so Mimi will quit bugging me. I love Mimi but I need to figure out how to watch maybe only an hour so I can say I started but something came up. Oh, I just need to confess I don’t do period drama even if it does make me sound less intelligent.

Diary Part 2 here, or to access all entries, hit “The Diary” tab above.

edit: to be clear, I love many of the books which are used to make period dramas. I’m just not always crazy about their translation to the screen.


  1. Welcome to the RA blogging club, lady! I don’t normally do period dramas either. I only watched N&S initially because I was curious to see the performance that inspired the formation of an army.

  2. You’re serious?!?!? Ergo, the effects of the soothing substance otherwise known aas Richard Armitage! Bland? Yawners?!? Tsk, tsk! Now we know it’s quite the opposite. Welcome on board! :D

  3. Thank you for the welcome. I’m glad to be here and to “commiserate” together. LOL!

  4. welcome. you and I apparently have a similar ailment. looking forward to reading your perspective!

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