At It Again

It’s been hard to get back into the RA universe this week. Certainly, it’s not Richard Armitage. No, it could never be due to him. He is utterly fascinating all the time. In fact, that’s the beauty of having him caught on tape — he can be whatever I want him to be anytime, anywhere. But sometimes real life just won’t let me fanatasize incessantly about him. Did I say fantasize? No, I would never do that. At least not while I’m asleep. I want to be awake so I can get the most out of it, but damn, SO and the kids just won’t stop being who they are to let me do it! So I was in a tizzy pondering my abilities for fantasy about RA (yes, when you’re a rabid fan, you think about heady stuff like that) — at the least trying to work up that perpetual glow fans get when they’ve been wowed by himself’s abilities.

What I really needed was a little Armitage fix. I just couldn’t do it to myself since the curse of taking something fun and making it convoluted complex was riding me hard. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do it. I opened my in-box, and there was a little treat waiting. It was almost as if the laws of attraction really do work. Less than a minute later I was back thinking of angst about life and love in an enjoyable way, and before I could think too much, I was loading up various slide shows (oh, sometimes there are some slide shows that my heart can barely handle for the thrill; I force myself to look at them anyway. :D), and well, my fingers were itching to unleash all of my bullshit on you again.

The little treat I received is packed with goodies to find. So despite its length, you make up for it by watching over and over to mine them. Picture me with glazed eyes and a wonderful glow this morning. :D



  1. *giggle* Thanks for posting my vidlet. How many treats did you find so far? ;)

  2. Not sure; I’ll have to count, which means, oh darn! I’ve got to watch the vid again. :D

  3. Brilliant vid. Short, sharp, and GISBORNE to a tee. At his worst.

    Thank you, Frenz and bccmee. Welcome cola to an angsty week (State of the World, and all that; my world is just being dumped with four cats, two being temporary house guests,dog person here, and sorting them out and monitoring world events)

    Your contributions were just the ticket! :)

  4. I noticed you tagged this post “crazy people” but I’m not sure if you’re referring to me or you. ;-)

  5. Great vidlet, Bccmee! Sometimes the best things come in small packages (like fitzg, for example).

    Speaking of ftzg, I hope you fare OK with those extra cats as the Dog Person you are.
    Yes, it has been an angsty week, without a doubt

    . Hoping everyone has a great weekend with some Armitage fixes to enjoy!!

  6. @fitzg: We were posting at the same time. I dearly hope your world looks better soon. All the news does take its toll. And on the home front, perhaps the extra feline guests will be gone soon before you start coughing up furballs!

    @Angieklong: Thanks for your kind words! I have soooo many ideas for vids that I’m glad I keep notebooks. This little one was severely edited down. If I ever decided to make another GoGle vidlet, I could whip one up with the leavings from the cutting room floor.

  7. @Bccmee,
    Waste not, want not! Nice to know you have those leavings you can work with, as it would be a sin to waste any GoGle goodness. *wink*

    Good idea about the notebooks, too. RA provides an endless source of inspiration, doesn’t he? *sigh*

  8. i just got this treat from bccmee and opened it before coming here. It is one of the most creative ideas I’ve EVER seen in this fandom (and that’s saying something!). So clever, so original..I am still chuckling over GoGL ..(hee hee anger management)

    This was a home run! Thanks so much!

  9. Heartily agree! Why do you think I have the glazed look? :D

  10. @Angieklong: Indeed he does! I’m amazed at what ideas pour into my head after discovering the joys of RA related activities. It’s like I’m channeling someone or something. I guess that’s called a muse … never had much use for one before.

    @Ann Marie: Wow, thanks again for all your support and encouragement! Maybe soon I’ll find the focus to finish a vid I’ve been working on (off & on) for ages.

    @RAFrenzy: Still wondering how many treats you found so far. I’m sure nobody will guess my favorite, hehe.

  11. @Bccmee,

    I could never imagine writing all the fanfic I’ve done for any other actor’s characters. Never before have I been so inspired and energized by a performer. I do consider him my muse, that’s for sure! *grin*


    I am about ready to send another cat your way. Lucky, the big old tom we inherited from my late FIL, first threw up his kibble (I held my copy of Rolling Stone under his head, hooray for slick and glossy covers), then proceeded to go to a corner and start pooping the vilest crap you’ve ever smelt. As if we didn’t have FOUR little boxes for him to choose from. While I was cleaning THAT up, he starts barfing again on top of the chest of drawers, This time a Family Circle got it. Good thing I read a lot of mags. *sigh* He suffered some head injuries when he was younger and I think he’s had some small strokes,so I try to be kind. But REALLY!!

  12. “Litter” boxes. A couple of them quite large, since he is the size of a small bobcat.

  13. @bccmee, actually, my small world is fine. I just like complaining. News junkie, too. And I have been loving your vids. Hope to see more on Fan2011 next month. Please continue using The Muse for your talents.

    @Angie, don’t you dare send up a feline! I will require a visa at the border and a thorough scrutiny of its background. Don’t need more furballs. (Sneeze) Not to mention the stereotype of little old lady librarian with CATS!! Where, oh where, is my Irish Wolfhound/Newfie/Great Dane? Woe is me.

    Poor old Tom. He is one reason we do take in pets (as long as we know we can care for them, so Newfies and that ilk are not realistically in my realm any more – have had to call in the marines – son/neighbours, whatever, to help carry several successive ailing dogs to car to get to vet. Och aye, life goes on, and adaptation rules. :)

  14. Even considered the OPP and RCMP, but they have their hands full with the people pop..

  15. Yeah, it’s been crazy busy with me too Frenz and that little vid perked me up as well.
    Completely briliant work bccmee! Thanks for that!

  16. Grr! Forgot the extra “l” in brilliant. This type is too small for me to read properly. Or maybe it’s the new glasses with the progressive lenses… :)

  17. This is wonderful. I found a goodie to add to my fave list: I Am Not A Whore. Hee!

  18. Forgot to mention, fantastic job bccmee!

  19. ROTFLOL!! bccmee, what a hoot! I’d like to see what you could do if you expanded this a whole minute! Thanks bunches for the creation and thanks Frenz for posting it. My tired body needed a good laugh. =0)

    BTW, 2 of my creative grandsons got awards tonight for farm conservation posters they made at school. Yep, I’m a braggin’!!!!! Just wanted to pass the glory on.

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