Timeout for New Zealand

Last time I had a timeout was for something devastating in Queensland, Australia. I’m sorry to say that this is something devastating as well. Since Richard Armitage is in New Zealand, I am probably more aware of what’s going on there than I would be. However my sensitivity came about, my thoughts and prayers are with those in Christchurch who have experienced a significant earthquake.

And it is a testament to our present age that I and many others could learn so quickly about this through first Twitter and then YouTube. I hope that speedy knowledge will help facilitate aid to those people.

I don’t know what’s going on in NZ, but I saw this video not long after the quake, and it looks pretty bad:

There are reports that people are possibly trapped under the rubble.

edit: Sadly, death’s have been confirmed.

I will update with any information about sending aid.

For those looking for friends and loved ones, Google has set up an application to help.

Update: here is a link to TheOneRing.Net’s piece about helping those in New Zealand.


  1. Oh, my heavens, I had no idea. I’ve been laid up with Even Worse Knee. Thank you for sharing this, Frenz. Thoughts and prayers going out now.

  2. Our closest friends left for a week in Christchurch and Queenstown on Sunday and we have no way of discovering if they are okay.

  3. I”m so sorry, Mesmered. There are some texting services available to possibly contact people. Could you access one of those at all?

  4. @ mesmered

    This was posted on twitter (can’t vouch for how good it is)

    Anyone with concerns for family or friends in Christchurch ring DFAT on 1300 555 135 #eqnz

  5. It was just on the TV news. I do hope you hear from your friends very quickly, Mesmered.

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Amanda Jayde, RA Addict. RA Addict said: Timeout for New Zealand http://bit.ly/eSaCHY #NZquake #thinkofwaystohelp […]

  7. Oh my!! thinking of my RL friends out there too; anybody! There goes another set back …

  8. I saw it on the news earier this evening. I hope the damage is as minimal as possible given the scope of the tragedy.

  9. Very sad news about New Zealand. Thanks for posting this Frenz.

  10. Google has set up a page for trying to locate people:


  11. I’ve been watching this since lunchtime as we have full TV coverage. Unfortunately it is devastating for Chrischurch and now it is almost night time. We know people travelling over there – we will ring their parents tonight to see if they have heard from them :)

  12. My thoughts and all the best wishes to everyone in New Zealand. I don’t know where on the fair isles the Hobbit is being filmed, but I hope they’re all okay too. (I totally feel like my mum right now. “Richard! Get in touch and tell us you’re okay! We’re worried about you!”)

    I was expecting an earthquake in that part of the world to “complete the set of elemental disasters” so to speak, but I thought it’d hit Australia. I mean, there’s been Water (floods in QLD), Air (cyclone in QLD) and Fire (bushfires in WA), so there was only Earth (such as an earthquake or mudslide) left. And here we are. Horrible. :(

  13. by the way the OTHER Richard Armitage was in Christchurch for a conference and is reported alive.

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  15. People are amazing — good AND bad. I actually received a negative note about this post. Unreal. Whatever. Get over it. Hey, I’ve received negative notes about various and sundry posts since I started. I realize that goes with the territory. But one about this completely mystifies me. I guess by highlighting what’s going on that I’m somehow offensive. I don’t get it, and please, if you are offended, keep it to yourself. I really don’t want to hear from you. Yes, I really said that. You are wrong and need to get over your sanctimonious self.

  16. sorry to read that, Frenz. I hope it wasn’t because I closed comments on my post; I just knew I wasn’t going to have time to do much discussing this aft. I’m glad you posted.

  17. It’s reality–a natural disaster of large proportion–and not a rumour or some sort of idle gossip.. Why would anybody be offended by THAT?? Ah well, it takes all kinds, doesn’t it?

    I’ve made my donation to the NZRC and will keep these folks in my thoughts and prayers. That’s something all of us can do, surely.

  18. There are people in the world who make trouble, and they are either a) miserable or b) don’t have enough to think about. I think this was a case of both.

  19. Amen, Frenz. You said it. And misery does love company.

  20. Negative comment about such a post relating to a major disaster?? Where better than on a fan blog with its empathatic community?

    Ah well, water under the bridge.

  21. Sometimes the world and its people are just a little off their nutter aren’t they?

  22. I saw this on the news too. I so feel for those in New Zealand. Someone there said it was their 9/11. It does look bad, very devastating. I hope they get a lot of help. This is horrible. I can’t believe that anyone would post a negative comment. Yes, we like lighthearted stuff but we can’t be so blind to real life and the pain and suffering of others. I hope everyone’s friends and relatives are okay. I feel for those in The Hobbit cast and crew who may have family in Christchurch.

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