Richard Armitage Laughs

I adore laughing. It truly is great medicine. A little something to cheer you if you need it:

Hope everyone has a great week!

And another one for good measure. :D

edit: Check this out. See, see, I knew it was good medicine. I’m adding the public service tag.


  1. Laughing from the diaphragm! It’s good for us

  2. Oh god, I think my ovaries just exploded.

    I did need that – I may spend the rest of the day watching it over and over. Although the Up Next links from YouTube are equally tempting.

  3. LOL! @Stressed. I’d love to know what’s up next where you are.


    Yeah, even the laugh is well done. :D

  4. Oh great! Now I have to try to go to sleep with THIS on my mind. Thanks loads Frenz! Really too cute!

    @ Stressed….breathe honey, breathe. Been there. Done that. They’re all tempting!

    Off to beddybye…right after I watch this one more time…..

  5. I’d better go to bed too. But I probably wont. I’m glued to the screen again tonight

  6. Thanks, I’ve been in a less than wonderful mood today–a lot of frustrations, gloomy weather, etc. But Richard Armitage laughing, with the laugh reflected in those lovely blue eyes of his is a guaranteed tonic for what ails a girl. *grin* As my dear old daddy always used to say, “A little laughted in life!”

  7. make that “laughter” . . . like I said . . . LOL

  8. LOL! I need to put this on my phone, since I use it to wake up. :D

  9. Uh, I meant put the video on my phone, but hey, I like laughted! LOL!

  10. I love those videos….but….you put Richard Armitage in the post title again!!!!

  11. Hee, put a smile on my face. I’ve not been able to find the original RH interview online. Do you know where it is?

    BTW, what is RA saying in the outtake? “Please stop. I can’t bear it. It’s so–” what?

  12. Frenz, I clicked on the Twitter link to the page about Aidan and Dwarfen Prosthetics. LOL! I love his facial expressions. Sure wish I could see Richard’s photos, too!

  13. Thank you.

  14. Although I had seen this video many times before, it would not hurt to see it again. I love the way he laughs. Exhilarated me. I really needed it. Thanks.

  15. @Kaprekar, The attention whore is starting to take over my normally sane self. :D

    @Angie, Surely Richard’s pictures will be put up as well. Picture several of us scouring the net. LOL!

    @Judi, I have the original somewhere in my files, but sadly, I didn’t index it and some others, so I’m not sure which file. However, it is in YouTube with Russian subtitles. Here:

    @Servetus, You’re welcome. :D

    @Karima, He does have an exhilarating laugh — among other things!

  16. Chuckles, guffaws, even a deep-throated giggle. Chocolate poured over a crisp profiteral…

  17. LOVE the laughing vid. :)

  18. Yes! These vids are great! Thank You :*

  19. Is it wrong that him saying, “Stop, please stop” was , erm, interesting too? *innocent smile*

    Love his chuckles..

  20. @fitzg…Profiteral/profiterole=new word!!! Cream puff pastry is the closest thing I can think of. Delicious description!! ;)

    LOL, Ann Marie!!!

  21. Thanks for the link RAF. I’ve been looking for it for months. Can anybody translate what RA is saying in the outtake? “Please stop. I can’t bear it. It’s so–” what? Can’t make anything out of it.

  22. @NB – thanks! :) Words on screen just don’t look the same to me as words in print; have taken to keeping the OED beside me!

  23. You all are cracking me up. I love it!

    Judi, I’m not sure, but I know some Russians; maybe they can help. :D

  24. @everyone, FYI, I added an article to the post which you might find interesting.

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