Are You Sick of Hearing About FanstRAvaganza?!

Do you feel like the three time wife who was still a virgin? The first time her husband died at the altar, the second time her husband died en route to their honeymoon destination, and the third time she married a salesman who sat on the side of the bed every night and told her how great it was going to be. I promise I’m not going to keep you forever in suspense. It’s almost here. Almost, almost, almost. Sometimes I hate that word. It can strike such fear or generate a meltdown of anticipation and all the while remaining aloof. Damn! it’s amazing how something so nebulous can have such an effect, but there it is and so many other things in life as well. Someone slap me before this piece strays from the subject to all this philosophical crap (which all of us can relate to but would rather not think about) and of course digressing would justify you in thinking I’m merely messing with your head about FanstRAvaganza!

It’s really, really coming, but you don’t have to trust me. Just listen to this mesmerizing voice beckoning you to be there. Put it on repeat and I’m sure you’ll be with us on Monday. :D

Seductive voice brought to you by CDoart. But sure to check out her blog during FanstRAvaganza!

And there will be more to thrill your ears. My topic is Richard’s voice work, so I hope you will stay around to hear what’s coming, and I haven’t even talked about all of the other wonderful subjects that will be explored by the participating bloggers! More good stuff. Trust me.

From Strike Back, Episode 2 where Porter is trying to calm Katie Dartmouth and gain her trust:

By the way, if you think you’re sick of hearing about FanstRAvaganza, how do you think I feel typing that mother of a word over and over? The one who thought of this name is sadistic, and fortunately, I know who you are. :D

Note to my fellow bloggers: it’s very interesting to be in this group. There are times such as now when I’ve had an idea and then had to possibly rethink it a little or even can it because another blogger ran with it before I did. I do that so the repetition doesn’t bore everyone, but I left my picture selection, which is very similar to Servetus’ recent post, to make a point. I hope none of you get disheartened by these situations, because frankly, they just make us sharp and make for better posts, and I welcome the challenge. I remember learning to draw as a kid. My mother gave me a set of pencils with no erasers. She meant to get me a nice gum eraser but never did. So I learned how to draw without ever erasing. This was key to unlocking my creativity with a pencil, and it’s amazing the drawings that have come out of that exercise. Some of my best evolved from a seemingly out of place mark I could not erase but felt I had to change, so hallelujah! for changes.

Take care, and I hope everyone is still having a great time with this!

Screencap courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.Com


  1. It IS a mother of a word to type, isn’t it?? LOL I for one am looking forward to Franstr–er, it.

    Oh crap, I never sent you a voice post, did I? (Sigh)

    While I always had erasers available, I didn’t like to use them when I was drawing. And when I really wanted to challenge myself–ink! :D

  2. LOL! I love your posts, funny and philosophical at the same time. Awesome teaser.

    Oh hell, was I supposed to send in an audio? Eeeek!

  3. Seems to be a lot of that going around, Judiang. ;)

  4. Not tired of hearing about it! Can’t wait till the 14th!!!

    I’ve taken to calling it Fanstrav2011…

  5. Fitzg, It just seems like it’s taking forever for it to get here. Looking forward to all of the other bloggers’ posts.

    No problem, Angie. It’s not too late! :D

    Judi, the audio is completely up to you. Some have sent me files and some haven’t. I know everyone is busy, so do what you can. I’ll take whatever I can get. LOL!

  6. RAF, voice blurb is coming your way.

  7. Got it; sounds great!

  8. We are experiencing technical difficulties on this end–a stroppy microphone and two very tired middle-aged people. Will resume effort tomorrow, hopefully. Over and out . . .

  9. Whose awesome voice is on the first audio clip!? Okay, fine, don’t tell me… I’m guessing it’s top secret info. All I know is that I feel very intimidated now and am even more aware of my dorkiness!!! You may or may not be forbidden to use my clips now. Oh golly gee whiz. Oh fiddlesticks. Oh, what the hay… go ahead and use them. People already think I’m a dweeb.

    Um, can we pretend I’m one of those with a cool accent?

  10. ;o) I love your comment about FanstRAvaganza and the word itself. It sounds so extravagant, absolutely right to indulge in this kind of fan-extravagance with such a wonderful actor at the center of all the turmoil.

  11. @Nat, LOL! They’re going to love it. Trust me. :D

    I’m going to edit the post to reveal the speaker unless she would rather I not. I can understand the intimidation. She has a very beautiful voice, and she’s not the only one.

    @Angie, Do what you can, but if it becomes too much work, you know the drill — can it.

    @everyone, this is supposed to be fun. If it quits being fun or if you’re uncomfortable, please, please don’t feel you have to make a recording or even have me publish if you already have made one although I hope you relent. However, I’m completely flexible and don’t ever want to make someone feel uncomfortably exposed.

    Oh, I feel a post coming on about the angst and humor concerning these recordings. Not sure I’ll inflict during FanstRAvaganza. Maybe a wrap up. Yeah, I think we’ll need a wrap up after all of this. LOL!

  12. Oh. MY. Gosh!!!! That voice! It’s almost as gorgeous as The Gorgeous One! The way she said FanstRAvaganza (you’re right, it took me about 5 mins. to type it out slooowly as I said it outloud so as not to miss one single syllable). I just said “Fans…oh heck you know” and it sure didn’t sound nearly as exotic!! Must go practice saying that word…you know the one….

  13. I usually just copy and paste FanstRAvaganza, if it’s available for copying. Har har har

    I didn’t know about sending in a voice clip. Do you want me to do it as well? What does one have to say in the clip.

    My voice isn’t as nice as hers, by the way.

  14. @Kada, Of course I would love to have a clip from you!

    Maybe I shouldn’t have put CDoart first. She is so goooood. :D

    But the main thing is to have fun with this! I’ll send you a note.

  15. I KNEW that was German accent!!! Wow!

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