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Did we just get another one of RA’s voices? I think we did. I’ll be making another FanstRAvaganza post about his voice work later today, but it will focus on voice work only. Yesterday, we got another wonderful example of it in his screen work. He plays a German! Okay, yeah, I already knew that, but I hadn’t heard him speak with a German accent until yesterday. It’s these kinds of things that really show me how much I’m in the bag for Richard Armitage. The clip of him in the Captain America trailer is what? about two seconds long? And yet I’ve watched it, oh, maybe 50 or 60 times. Of course I have to say 50 or 60 times because anything less sounds like a lie, and anything more might scare you. LOL! But however many times I’ve played it (I really don’t know), I’ve done it all sorts of ways — slowed down, frame by frame, tiny view, huge view, and now I really do sound like a nut. Glad my kids don’t read this blog. LOL! Next time I make a tuition payment and have to chew on them about goofing off, it wouldn’t hold much weight. No, seriously, they’re good kids. One of them carries a 3.9 and the other a 3.85, so I have nothing to complain about, but I’m not going to take any chances. That’s why they have no idea what this blog is called, and if you don’t think that’s been a feat, phew, think again. I’m a techie, and the apples don’t fall far from the tree. If they wanted to find this, they could. I’m just glad they’re so busy they don’t care enough to do it!

Did you see how smoothly I worked in bragging about my kids? I had to say something about them. I am proud of what they’ve done, and I can’t help but talk about it sometimes even more than RA. ;-)

Okay, back to the topic at hand. Man, I cannot wait to hear more of his German accent. I wonder if he will actually speak German. I LOVE the German accent by the way, which is a very good thing since SO’s family are very, very German. His grandmother even spoke with a distinct German accent. Her last name was Schmidt, and her maiden name was Hinman. I dare not tell you SO’s last name. I will say this, it means on patrol, on guard, or watchman. LOL! Oh, sorry. I’m having trouble staying on topic. :D

I wasn’t going to post the new Captain America trailer, but I’ve actually had people ask me about it. I figured most of the people who read my blog are die hard fans who know where to find all the news about RA, but I guess there are some who come here first. Wow. I’m bowled over. So here it is:

Heinz Krüger is on about 1:41. On a slightly related note, I love Tommy Lee Jones. I’ve loved him since “Coal Miner’s Daughter.”

Before I forget, here is an audio clip of just RA’s part in the trailer:

And speaking of news, is there a possibility that RA could be in this at all?

RSC 50th birthday celebrations see Robin Hood ride into Warwickshire

By Marion McMullen, Entertainment Reporter
Mar 24 2011

IT’S bow and arrows at the ready as Robin Hood rides into Warwickshire as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 50th birthday celebrations.

Family show the Heart Of Robin Hood follows the recent big screen version of the Sherwood Forest outlaw starring Russell Crowe and the BBC1’s TV series featuring Coventry-trained actor Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne.

The new production, written by RSC associate director
David Farr, will be the Christmas special at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford and the first large-scale family show to be staged in the recently-opened theatre.

The swashbuckling show tells the tale of the notorious Robin Hood and his outlaws.

Read the rest here.

emphasis mine

Screencaps and audio are courtesy of my stash, but to keep up with news, I often go to RichardArmitageNet.Com.


  1. Let me be on record as saying I LOVE the German accent. Yummmm. OK, I know he’s playing a Nazi, and I have no love for Nazis, but I surely do like the way Mr. Armitage is sounding in that clip.

    Which of course will have me now attempting to mimic said accent. ; )

    Now, if I can just hear him doing a southern accent . . . *sigh*

    That Christmas special sounds like so much fun!

    And you should brag about your kids, Frenz. That’s what mamas are supposed to do!

  2. Oh, and I also love me some Tommy Lee Jones. Good southern boy from Texas. :D

  3. N B checking in on Teeny Weeny Laptop aka TWL…Frenz, so glad you’re back online. Catching up is hard to do. Hubs and I in N Carolina. Did feedlot tour, Yay. Love this post. Kids are great! RA is great. All is well. Interesting info on CA and the RH thingy. Not sure where that’s leading but am sure y’all will ferret it out? How cool that your crazy week last week results in Fantrav extension!!!! Sorry for your crazy week but glad for our continuing education. Off to walk. Over and out.

  4. LOL, whut? Oh, very sly how you wove your kids in. I see what you did there and right you should have. Sorry, couldn’t understand RA soundbite. Interpreter please?

    As for the RSC blurb, the only thing I can parse is they are borrowing Crowe’s version of RH and RA’s version of Guy in an original mash-up. Seems a bit misleading though.

  5. OR, it has nothing to do with either but literally follows in time as the latest production of RH, and the reporter engaged in some name-dropping. Sigh.

  6. Hey, NB. Hope NC is good. One of my favorite states!

    Judi, I think you’re right about the name dropping since this is the Coventry paper, but then I wasn’t sure. Just thought I would float this to see.

    Oh, yeah, Angie, love those Texas boys. :D

  7. @Judiang,

    RA is saying, “The first of many” in that sexy German accent. I believe CA has just asked him “Who are you?”
    And yeah, the RH thing during the holidays is likely nothing to do with Richard. But it’s fun to imagine him sporting those extensions, clad in his Gisborne best, swaggering in . . . *sigh*

  8. Frenz,

    Tommy Lee also played a baddie in one of the Batman movies, as I recall.

  9. It is always good to hear the voice of RA, regardless of accent ;-)

  10. I love RA’s retro glasses! Hope we hear and see more of him as the movie promo rolls on.

  11. Yeah I think you are right about the accent which I can just about detect too. But I think the RH story is just name dropping, but it’s good they dropped Richard’s name not Jonas (say) though I guess the local connection helped. We just got a copy of that Russell Crowe RH movie so I will watch it one of these days.

  12. i can’t detect the german accent yet but then perhaps at 3 times of viewing the trailer I’m not there yet? But I’m excited about seeing Willoughby!! Yeah! aka Dominic Cooper!

  13. I just love his voice, period.

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