Sexy Back 3

Interrupting my FanstRAvaganza posts for a public service announcement. :D

I’ve said it before: watching Heather’s Sexy Back videos is a rite of passage as a Richard Armitage fan. Some of us have been waiting three years for her next Sexy Back video, and now….

the wait is over!

If video shows as ‘private,’ reload this page; have a bucket of water handy. Video download available here.

Thank you, Heather! It’s a pleasure to showcase your video, which oh, maybe one or two fans have been wanting to see. LOL!

For the uninitiated, here’s the one that started it all:

And its equally entrancing sequel:

If you haven’t checked out Heather’s channel, do it now. Lots of other things there that are great. I also have an interview with her.

Yeah, the drum roll was cheesy, but I’m having fun with sound files and can’t seem to stop. :D


  1. OMG! Yay, finally! :D

  2. By sheer coincidence, I was just conversing with Heather by message at YT regarding a favor and she told me she was uploading a new vid. *squee* And that it’s been a while since she made one, but she has been taking care of herself and is doing really, really well now. Which I loved to hear!

    Hooray for Sexy Back 3 and Heather! Justin Timberlake, watch and weep, little boy . . ..

  3. Uh-huh! Yeah baby, that was awesome. Thanks for the drumroll to set up HeathRA’s new Sexy Back vid!

  4. Heather was nice enough to let me debut it. The least I could add was a drum roll! LOL!

    @Heather, definitely worth the wait! the quality of that video is wonderful!

  5. hahahahaha I liked the drum roll!

  6. You can’t imagine how nice a coming home gift THIS was, Frenz!! WooHoo and YeeHaww!! After 10 days of NO vids, this was like a slap in the face. I am now completely awake. And in need of a cold shower.

  7. AAAHHH! Can I exhale now?

  8. I had to let it buffer due to my not-so-high-speed internet and could hardly wait to view it . . . now it’s downloading to my computer. Which is also taking forever, but oh how lovely it will be to be able to enjoy all that hotness whenever I want to!! Hopefully my laptop won’t suffer a meltdown!

    I am sorry, I know my co-worker thinks Justin Timberlake is freakin’ hot, but I think of these videos by Heather, and say–look at the cute boy with the high voice. Then look at the gorgeous MAN with the deep, deep, delicious voice. NO contest for me.

  9. Glad you all like it!

    @ Fitzg, Maybe. :D

  10. I just have to wait for the download and cannot see the others right now due to big S. But I love her video “Fix you” and on both my computers I have RA collages she made as background images.
    I cannot wait for the download to finish, why does it take so long …
    Thank you RAFrenzy, for letting us know about the new video made by Heathra.
    This announcement really was worth the drum roll !

  11. I just knew it wouldn’t be long before one of the blogs posted this! LOL Congratulations on being the first to showcase this long awaited and much heralded video of RA awesomeness!
    I also like that you have included the first 2 vids as I was wanting to compare them.
    They keep getting better, don’t they?…or maybe it’s just HIM!
    Nah! How could he possibly get any better?!!

  12. Just when I think I’m losing interest … Can’t wait to have my DOUBLE chocolate first thing AM with my coffee; meaning this reel on my TV besides my usual deal in the am :-)

  13. I nearly squeed when I saw this post. Thanks for the heads up!

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  15. LOL Love the drum roll!! Thanks for featuring it RAFrenzy! ;-) So, glad everyone is enjoying it!! YAY!! Thank you!!

  16. Phylly, This is still so much fun! Although I was thinking about the rough week you had. ;-) Hope you post some pictures.


    Just go ahead and squee! :D


    Well, I had to do something. LOL! Thanks for letting me debut it. I really appreciate that. What a blast! My husband and kids were around when I was drafting the post, and then when I loaded up the video, they started laughing at me listening to it. I said, “Hey, I’m not dead!”

  17. Christine,

    Fix you is my favorite too although there are some close seconds. I love the Shinedown video of John Porter. Good stuff!

    NB, Yeah, that one will wake you up. LOL!

    Traxy,, bccmee and Kada, It just doesn’t get old! I would have thought it would be by now, but I was so wrong.

    Angie, Wait ’til you see it on your computer. I’m so spoiled to that.

  18. Girl,

    You have to be either dead or comatose not to respond that THAT! (and I suspect it might just bring you out of a coma . . . RA as medical therapy strikes again . . .)

  19. Oh, Frenz,

    You know as soon as it downloaded I popped that baby open to enjoy on my HD screen . . . smokin!!!! A girl has got to have priorities.
    And no, it really never gets old for me.

    Heather’s done so many good vids, it is hard to pick a single fave. But I really do love her Shinedown vid with JP. It rocks!

  20. Oh, you’re right about coming out of a coma. LOL!

    For those who don’t know which video we’re talking about, it’s this one:

  21. I am really grateful for the opportunity to download great vids like this. I have gotten a lot of good vids from Elvira’s site. With my Slowpoke Rodriguez connection out here, watching vids is basically a pain on YT. So when I can download, whoopee!

  22. LOVE Elvira, and no, it’s not just because of all of her help, but I do appreciate that.

  23. FYI…at 6:06 when I watched SB.3 the first time, there had been 10 hits. Just checked and it’s had 204! And bags are not unpacked. Dirty clothes sit awaiting me. Kitchen is trashed. And what am I doing? uh yep, watching vids. sigh!!

  24. The SB vid is wonderful! I’m so in awe of the talent of these vidders and the mastery of the technology which makes such art!

  25. 831 views!!! WHAT have you gals been doing all day besides watching this?! I cannot believe how messed up your priorities are. Tsk tsk. Now tear yourself away from that screen and go wash those clothes, scrub those toilets, sew on those buttons. And I’ll just sit here and watch FOR you and make sure nothing goes wrong with the vid. I promise. =0D

  26. @NovemberBride
    You have not even counted the hits of those who like me could not see the video directly over YouTube and had to download it over the link ;o)

  27. Awwww, you can’t watch it on youtube?! How come? That stinks!! It’s up to 1181 now. I swear you girls must not do anything but sit around and gawk at this thing. Wasn’t me…I was in the kitchen all day! :) (just an observation but did the man’s looks get double good in those Lucas-in-the-blue-suit shots?! Holy enchiladas! Please pass the picante sauce!)

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